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Amtrak Southwest Chief

The Amtrak Southwest Chief® provides daily passenger rail travel between Chicago, Illinois, and Los Angeles, California, with major cities along the route including Kansas City and Albuquerque. The route of the Amtrak Southwest Chief® has a stop in La Plata, Missouri, the home of the American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundaton (APRHF), an Exhibition of Amtrak History, the Rail Lookout Cabin & Deck, Depot Inn & Suites and the Silver Rails Vineyards & Winery.

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Photographing TRAINS Vol. 1 Amtrak's Southwest Chief by Carl Morrison (Kindle Edition) First in a Series of Long Distance Amtrak Train Photography Guides. This book tells you where and how to make great exterior and interior train photos along the route of the Amtrak Southwest Chief Los Angeles - Chicago. . This eBook includes tips for taking photos, not only of the Southwest Chief, but of tourist trains, rail museums, and private rail cars close to the Southwest Chief route. Carl gives many suggestions as to where to eat, and where to stay along the way. Includes over 350 photos by the author from over 20 trips on the Southwest Chief to illustrate proven photo concepts. All Photographs and Text, except where noted, By Carl Morrison... Read More>>

Nov 7, 2015 Latest Outside the Rails book includes glimpse of Galesburg The authors of "Outside the Rails," a series of informational guides about the Midwest's passenger train routes, visited The Galesburg Public Library Saturday afternoon for a presentation and book signing. Each of their books follows a specific train route, providing pictures of local attractions and factual information; their most recent edition, which follows the route from Chicago to La Plata, Missouri, includes information about Galesburg... Read More>>

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Amtrak Southwest Chief
Travelogues & Photos:

April 19, 2018 - An Excursion on the Patric Henry Private Railcars: Report & Photos by Steve Grande. My wife and I were one of the 3 couples that rode the Patrick Henry Private Railcars from Los Angeles, California, to Albuquerque, New Mexico. This report contains photos and text from that trip plus a couple of short video clips... Read More>>

April 20, 2018 - Amtrak Southwest Chief Albuquerque to Los Angeles: Report & Photos by Steve Grande The Ride Back From Albuquerque, New Mexico to Los Angeles, California, after the ride on the Patrick Henry Private Railcars. Mostly photos of the dining car and menus... Read More>>

July, 2016 - Southwest Chief No. 4 Los Angeles to Chicago: Report & Photos by Rick Chase Last July 2016, my daughter Kristen and I took the SouthWest Chief 4 from Los Angeles to Chicago. This was my second trip and Kristen's first. We flew into LAX the previous day to insure we wouldn't be delayed and... Read More>>

April 30, 2016 - A Taste of Silver Rails Country Photography and Report by Carl Morrison; the first event celebrating a taste from some of the wineries and food venues of Silver Rails Country plus report and photos of round-trip on the Amtrak Southwest Chief between California and Missouri... Tasting Event Slide Show>>  Amtrak Travel Slide Show>>  Report>>

Oct 14, 2015 - What I Learned On My First Cross-Country Trip on the Southwest Chief: Report & Photos by Rick Chase On October 14, 2015, my wife and I celebrated our 42nd wedding anniversary by taking the Southwest Chief, train # 4 from Los Angeles to Chicago. The lead GE P42DC was #15 followed by #118... Read More>>

Florida to New Mexico by Rail
Report & Photos by Jack M. Turner Read More>>

Unfinished Business: Completing the Amtrak Southwest Chief
Tim Helmuth account of riding from Chicago to Fullerton,CA Sep 27 & 28, 2015. Read More>>

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Travelogues & Photos:
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Carl Morison / Chris Guenzler / Dan Chazin / Darlene Banning / Dutch Myers
Geno Dailey / Henry Kisor / Jack Turner / Lauraine Symons / Matt Melzer
Ray Burns / Steve Grande / Steven Reynolds / Tim Helmuth / Tony Escarcega / Others
Slide Shows: 2006 CHI-LAX / 2012 FUL-LAP / 1997 FUL-CHI
Photos by Lorraine Symons: 2006-Jan-18 / 2006-Jan-27 / 2006-Jan-29 / More

First trips to Silver Rails Country in La Plata, Missouri,
via the Amtrak Southwest Chief® with extensive photos:
Ray Burns / Steve Grande
Save The Chief! (PDF Color Flyer)
COLORAIL (Facebook)
Colorado Rail Passenger Association (COLORAIL.ORG)
Southwest Rail Passenger Association (SWRAIL.ORG)
Amtrak Southwest Chief Re-Route Coalition (Facebook)
Arizona Rail Passenger Association (AZRAIL.ORG)

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