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  1. ★ Rahway Valley Railroad (RVRR)

  2. - Rahway Valley Railroad (RVRR) Chronicles 95 years of history. Here you will find a story of... Read More>>

  3. ☆ Mike Raia's Photographs

  4. www.trainweb.US/raiaphotos - Mike Raia's Photographs This website was created to display some of the pictures I have taken over the years including the Ohio Central Photographer's special in 2002, Canadian Pacific in the Canadian Rockies in 2002, Duluth, Eire Mining in the late 90's and 2004, Algoma Central, Soo Line 2-8-2 #1003 photo charter in 2004, Santa Fe 3751 photo charter in 2002, EBT Photo Trip in 2005, 2816 Photo Charter in 2006, and Canadian Pacific Division Street Job... Read More>>

  5. ☆☆☆ Railroad Art by R.S. Gilbert

  6. www.trainweb.US/railartist - Railroad Art by R.S. Gilbert Welcome railroad fans, railroad artists, art lovers and all others to RAILARTIST INC. I hope you will enjoy my original railroad paintings as well as this site in general. Some of... Read More>>

  7. ☆☆☆ RailBlazer

  8. www.trainweb.US/railblazer - RailBlazer Photos of the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad from trackside and the cab. All photos on The RailBlazer web sites were taken by Mike Bateman and copyrighted under The RailBlazer name unless otherwise noted. You may use the photos on other websites as long as you keep The RailBlazer copyright in the photo and proper credit and a link to... Read More>>

  9. ★ Houghton's RailImages Railroad Matchcover Collection

  10. - Houghton's RailImages Railroad Matchcover Collection Largest on-line railroad matchcover website! This is where you will view a by-gone era of railroad advertising and art work... Read More>>

  11. ☆ Rail Engineering

  12. www.trainweb.US/railengineering - Rail Engineering This website is dedicated to the theory and practice of Railway Engineering. This site includes the disciplines of electrification, track, and signalling... Read More>>

  13. Δ Leo's Siding

  14. - Leo's Siding. A western Canadian railfan's adventures... Read More>>

  15. ☆ Railfan Chicago

  16. www.trainweb.US/railfanchicago - Railfan Chicago Railfan photos of trains in Chicago... Read More>>

  17. ☆ Railfaning St. Louis

  18. www.trainweb.US/railfaningstl - Railfaning St. Louis This site has pictures and movies of trains I have taken around the St. Louis area and some other parts of the country including BNSF, CSX, Norfolk Southern, Union Pacific, Amtrak and light rail... Read More>>

  19. ☆ Railfanning Utah

  20. www.trainweb.US/railfanning-utah - Railfanning Utah Since 1869 with the driving of the golden spike at Promontory Point, railroading has been a large part of Utah. Combine the beauty of Utah landscape with all the railroad action, and you are in railfanning paradise... Read More>>

  21. ☆ Railfanning Bourbonnais

  22. www.trainweb.US/railfanningbourbonnais - Railfanning Bourbonnais Founded originaly as Waldron, IL; Aroma Park is a peaceful small community right off of the Kankakee River. As far as I can work out, it's never been the hot-spot for trains. However, it does have an interesting history nonetheless. Back in the... Read More>>

  23. ☆ RailKerala

  24. www.trainweb.US/railkerala - RailKerala, the rendezvous point for Kerala Railfans on the Web to share information, emotion, and passion for rail-happenings in Kerala. Feel free to roam around for a brighter insight into Indian Railways' history, success stories, and challenges... Read More>>

  25. ☆☆☆ Ohio Rails

  26. www.trainweb.US/railmaster - Ohio Rails Photos around Ohio of Conrail, CSX, Hocking Valley Scenic Railway, Indiana & Ohio Railway, Maintenance Of Way, Norfolk Southern, Ohio Central, Steam Locomotives and other historical rail photos. Also audio recordings, radio frequencies, locomotive rosters and more... Read More>>

  27. ☆ RailMation - Animated Railroad Art

  28. www.trainweb.US/railmation - RailMation - Animated Railroad Art This site features railroad theme, computer generated animations including Railroad Hand Signals, TrainGifs, Animated Cursors, and more... Read More>>

  29. ☆ RAILNET Web Site of Trains

  30. www.trainweb.US/railnet - RAILNET Web Site of Trains. There's a large photo gallery of trains, train sounds and NOW VIDEOS, railroad radio,and more... Read More>>

  31. Δ RailNet - The Railroad Network for you

  32. - RailNet - The Railroad Network for you. A new website without any content yet other than a single model railroad photo... Read More>>

  33. ☆☆☆ Photos by John Kuehl (Assembled by Dan Ainsworth)

  34. www.trainweb.US/railnewspb - Photos by John Kuehl. Website assembled by Dan Ainsworth. John is an 'old hand' at the game. Many of his photos were in various publications over the years and were scanned by others for this website. All photos known to be by him are included... Read More>>

  35. ☆ Western Mass Chapter of Trains-R-Us

  36. www.trainweb.US/railnuts - Western Mass Chapter of Trains-R-Us CSX throughout Western Mass and New York State. Info on CSX operations in Mass (Boston Line) with foreign power sightings, AC powered units, maps and other helpful info for the railfan wishing to visit or just... Read More>>

  37. ★★★ RailPhot

  38. - RailPhot Pierre-Noel Rietsch's Website for the friends of the swiss and european railways. Thousands of photographs and other information about locomotives, trains and railways from 1978 to the present. Text in French, German and English... Read More>>

  39. ☆ LCSO's RailPics

  40. www.trainweb.US/railpics - LCSO's RailPics Foaming in the Great Northwest. Here you'll find the best pictures of my vast collection now estimated at 2000 pictures of trains... Read More>>

  41. ☆☆☆ Stan's RailPix

  42. www.trainweb.US/railpix - Stan's RailPix Over 2,400 railroad pictures at this website... Read More>>

  43. ☆ Railref - Railway Archive Reference System

  44. www.trainweb.US/railref - Railref - Railway Archive Reference System. The Problem: For those enthusiasts interested in historical railway rolling stock, information is fairly well organised and adequately indexed at many collections around the country. This is... Read More>>

  45. ☆ Railroad Research

  46. www.trainweb.US/railroadresearch - Railroad Research. RailRoad Research aims to put the resources of the Library of Congress and National Archives at your service by helping you organize your search and pinpoint the records that have your desired rail or other information... Read More>>

  47. ☆ Railscanning in the Toronto Area

  48. www.trainweb.US/railscan - Railscanning in the Toronto Area This site is dedicated to railscanning in the Toronto area. Scanning the railroad frequencies is an interesting and useful hobby. It can be used by photographers to set up shots and prepare for oncoming trains, railfans use it to get a 'feel' for traffic patterns on the line and obtain train numbers - its a whole other aspect to an already fascinating hobby! Owing to the large... Read More>>

  49. ☆☆☆ Rails in Toronto

  50. www.trainweb.US/railsintoronto - Rails in Toronto Trains in Toronto including Canadian National, Canadian Pacific, GO Transit, rail maps and rail attractions in Halton and Peel Regions, West End, Central, East End, and a stone's throw away... Read More>>

  51. Δ Railtrack Productions

  52. - Railtrack Productions. A railfan who takes pictures of railroads near to Valleyfield, QC... Read More>>

  53. ★ Rail Trek NY

  54. - Rail Trek NY Photos of Charlotte / Port of Rochester including the historic rail bridge and a CSX locomotive... Read More>>

  55. ★ Rail Trip America

  56. - Rail Trip America A guide with photos to traveling in America by Amtrak, specifically for those who can read Chinese. This website is a only in Chinese... Read More>>

  57. ☆ Railway Station Loudspeakers

  58. www.trainweb.US/railway-loudspeakers - Railway Station Loudspeakers Mechanical drawings of enclosing protective post-top (poles' top mounted) cages and supports for outdoor loudspeakers housing... Read More>>

  59. ☆ Railway Lighting Post-Top Luminaires

  60. www.trainweb.US/railway-platform-posttop - Railway Lighting Post-Top Luminaires. Successful Designs, Full-Open Mechanical Drawing Details including lighting fixtures, luminaires components, luminaires examples, post top, overhead, poles, and mastarms. Post-Top Luminaires featured here... Read More>>

  61. ☆ Railway Lighting Bell-Saucer Luminaires

  62. www.trainweb.US/railway-yard-lee - Railway Lighting Bell-Saucer Luminaires. Successful Designs, Full-Open Mechanical Drawing Details including lighting fixtures, luminaires components, luminaires examples, post top, overhead, poles, and mastarms. Bell-Sucer Luminaires featured here.. Read More>>

  63. ★★★ GO Transit Motive Power Website

  64. - GO Transit Motive Power Website GO Transit F59PH History, Under the Hoods, F59PH Diagrams, Where are the F59s now?, Locomotive Roster Stats, F59PH Photo Gallery and more... Read More>>

  65. ★ RailWest - West Country Railway Archives

  66. - RailWest: West Country Railway Archives ...the 'ACE' site for historical information about the railways of the South-West of England. There are portions to all West Country destinations... Read More>>

  67. ★ Railworld

  68. - Railworld Extensive photos of Indian Railways and photos of railways from touring America and more... Read More>>

  69. ☆ Rallec Railroad

  70. www.trainweb.US/rallecrr - Rallec Railroad Backyard 1/8th scale live scale including a few photos... Read More>>

  71. ☆☆☆ Randy's Railroads

  72. www.trainweb.US/randysrr - Randy's Railroads Thousands of photographs from my collection. I took approximately 15,000 slides of northeast railroads in the early 80's. There is also a large selection of Western Maryland photos from my collection including early diesel and late steam... Read More>>

  73. ★ Rochester Area S-Gaugers

  74. - Rochester Area S-Gaugers We are located in Rochester, New york and are dedicated to S scale (1/64 scale) model railroading. Members are interested in S scale model railroading, including standard and narrow gauge models, hi-rail, and American Flyer operating and collecting. Memberships are... Read More>>

  75. ★ Railwayana Collectors' Network

  76. - Railwayana Collectors' Network RCN provides an email contact list for the use of railwayana collectors. Members can advertise items for sale, exchange or wanted, publicise events, warn and be... Read More>>

  77. ★ Re2

  78. - Re2 Dozens of photos of Swiss engines types Re 4\4" and Re 4\4". Text provided in French, German and English... Read More>>

  79. ★ RVEX (Red Valley Express)

    Welcome.html - RVEX (Red Valley Express)
    Over the years I have built several layouts and ran a lot of model trains. I have a current layout in the garage of my home and I model the NKP (Nickel Plate Road) and my fictional railroad, the RVEX (Red Valley Express). Give my layout a tour... Read More>>

  81. ☆☆☆ Steven Reynolds

  82. www.trainweb.US/reynolds - Steven Reynolds. My Amtrak Travel, Photo Gallery, Railroad Sounds, Favorite Links, and About Me. Includes extensive Amtrak travelogues with photos and railroad scanner recordings... Read More>>

  83. ☆ Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac (RF&P)

  84. www.trainweb.US/rf&p - Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac (RF&P) RF&P Photos, RF&P Resources, Model Forum, Modern CSX Ops, Tales of the RF&P, and more... Read More>>

  85. ★ The Rio Grande Southern

  86. - The Rio Grande Souhtern. An Eastern Garden Railroad Designed, Engineered and Operated By Ken Brunt of West Grove, Pennsylvania. I suppose that any railroad buffs who see this title will assume that this railroad represents the actual Rio Grande Southern railroad that... Read More>>

  87. ★★★ Richard Elgenson RailNews Network Site

  88. - Richard Elgenson RailNews Network Site. Rail news, travelogues and photos especially of Amtrak, the Alaska Railroad, Operation Lifesaver Officer-on-a-Train, National Train Day, Santa Fe 3751, Union Pacific Family Days, and more... Read More>>

  89. ★ Rail Travelogues and Photo Essays by Rick Chase

  90. - Rail Travelogues and Photo Essays by Rick Chase. Rail travel and railfanning photos and reports especially on Amtrak anc commuter rail... Read More>>

  91. ☆ River Run Road "Route Of The Bricks"

  92. www.trainweb.US/riverrun - River Run Road "Route Of The Bricks". To those familiar with the Nickel Plate and Wheeling & Lake Erie, the River Run will become a... Read More>>

  93. ☆ Riverview & Twin Lakes Railroad

  94. www.trainweb.US/riverview - Riverview & Twin Lakes Railroad A 15" gauge 3"=1' scale layout with over 5300's of track located near Riverton Wyoming. Web site features layout plan, track construction method, rail design & fabrication, foundry casting, locomotive &... Read More>>

  95. ★ Golden Spike Chapter, Railway & Locomotive Historical Society

  96. - Golden Spike Chapter, Railway & Locomotive Historical Society is part of the national organization Railway & Locomotive Historical Society. We generally meet every 3rd Saturday - see website for date, time and place. Besides our major project restoring the D&RGW #223, we work closely with the Ogden Union Station Foundation in their efforts to operate and maintain the Utah State Railroad Museum... Read More>>

  97. ★ Rail-Marine Information Group (RMIG)

  98. - Rail-Marine Information Group (RMIG) is an organization of people from around the world with a common interest in the history of the transportation of railroad equipment across water... Read More>>

  99. ☆ Rochester Model Rails

  100. www.trainweb.US/rmr - Rochester Model Rails. Sponsored by Rochester Model Rails model railroad newsletter for the promotion of quality model railroading. Back issues can be viewed on this site... Read More>>

  101. ☆ Jeff's Triple Crown RoadRailer Home Page

  102. www.trainweb.US/roadrailer - Jeff's Triple Crown RoadRailer Home Page. For modelers and railfans brought to you by Jeff Cole... Read More>>

  103. ★ The Robber Barons

  104. - The Robber Barons The growth of America's most important railroads during the 19th century can be characterized by a number of larger-than-life luminaries. Some were simply honest, astute business men, while others were clearly unscrupulous tycoons, commonly known as The Robber Barons. This website catalogues those individuals, providing a brief bio as well as identifying the railroad(s) with which they are most clearly associated... Read More>>

  105. ☆ Robert's Layout Web Page

  106. www.trainweb.US/robertsrailroadlayout - Robert's Layout Web Page. Features layout plans, planed equipment, how-to-pages, dealers I purchased from, train links and more... Read More>>

  107. ★★★ Exploring Adventures and Travel by Robin Bowers

  108. - Exploring Adventures and Travel by Robin Bowersl Train Travel Trip Reports and Photos including Little Gems in Our Neighborhood, Fullerton Railroad Days, Circus Train, Green Mountain Railroad, Amtrak Surfliners, and more... Read More>>

  109. ★ The Rock

  110. - The Rock Have your Rock Island slides digitized and scanned onto dvd for free. I have created this website to "advertise" this free service that I am offering to anyone who would like to have their Rock Island Railroad slides scanned onto a disk (DVD). The disks can... Read More>>

  111. ★ Class III Shortlines

  112. - Class III Shortlines Welcome to CLASS III Shortlines, a locomotive roster and photo site for the shortlines in the western half of Canada and US. Select a state or province to see which rosters are available... Read More>>

  113. ★ Roundhouse

  114. - Roundhouse. This is the source for the web sites of the Hagerstown Roundhouse Museum, Inc. and the Hagerstown Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society... Read More>>

  115. ★ Philly Railfan Pictures of the Week

  116. - Philly Railfan Pictures of the Week A personal collection of photo essays related to rail and transit subjects around the Philadelphia area including sightings of SEPTA, MARC, Amtrak, UP, CSX, Soo, Canadian Pacific and more... Read More>>

  117. ★ Railroad Adventures

  118. - Railroad Adventures. Our Railfanning photographs from around the world - From Scale Models to Narrow Gauge to Standard Gauge; from Steam to Diesel; from Freight to Passenger; it's all here... Read More>>

  119. ★ Dan's Railroad GIF Roundhouse

  120. - Dan's Railroad GIF Roundhouse. Largest Collection of Steam Locomotive Gifs on the Net! I personally enjoy drawing steam locomotives and... Read More>>

  121. ☆ Railroad Link Station

  122. www.trainweb.US/rrlink - Railroad Link Station Railroad timetable information for Burlington Northern Line, Santa Fe Line, Montana Rail Link including BNSF Yellowstone Division, Willmar Division, Denver Division, Powder River Division, Alliance Division, Galesburg Division, McCook Division, Lincoln Division, Bakersfield Subdivison and Stockton Subdivision, and more... Read More>>

  123. ★ Railroads of NW Ohio

  124. - Railroads of NW Ohio Covering railroad info of NW Ohio, SE Michigan, and NE Indiana. Includes photos, maps and archives... Read More>>

  125. ☆ The Railroads of York, Pennsylvaniak

  126. www.trainweb.US/rrofyork - The Railroads of York, Pennsylvania. Railroads & Railfanning in & around York. Ever since the construction of the Northern Central Railway's line into York in 1837-38, York County has had an... Read More>>

  127. ☆ Ravenna Railroad Historical Society

  128. www.trainweb.US/RRRHS - Ravenna Railroad Historical Society Founded in late 1998 by 16 year-old Ryan Fitzpatrick. The society never touched off until Fitzpatrick met Dave Mangold, a Norfolk Southern (ex-Conrail) employee. From there the two established a... Read More>>

  129. ☆☆☆ Rich Kimmel's Amtrak Travelogues

  130. - Rich Kimmel's Amtrak Travelogues. Reports and photos of Rich Kimmel's Amtrak trips including the Amtrak Silver Meteor, Amtrak Capitol Limited, Amtrak Empire Builder, Amtrak Southwest Chief, Amtrak Three Rivers, Amtrak Texas Eagle, Amtrak Coast Starlight and more... Read More>>

  131. ☆ The Railroad Shutterbug

  132. www.trainweb.US/rrshutterbug - The Railroad Shutterbug A website showcasing my railroad photos... Read More>>

  133. ★ Railroad Snowfighting Equipment

  134. - Railroad Snowfighting Equipment Information and rosters on all the railroad machines that help fight the snow... Read More>>

  135. ☆ Railroad Sounds

  136. www.trainweb.US/rrsounds - Railroad Sounds. Ground shaking train sounds: Trains at track speed, horn blasts, and sounds you could sleep to... Read More>>

  137. ★ RSHS Depot Email List

  138. - RSHS Depot Email List Provides a forum for subscribers for the exchange of information related to railroad depots, stations, and other railroad structures. The list will also disseminate information regarding the Railroad Station Historical Society... Read More>>

  139. ☆ Richard's Railroad Page

  140. www.trainweb.US/rszx - Richard's Railroad Page. I am no expert on railroads or railroad safety, but can speak based on my 20 plus years of experience watching trains. Based on my being witness to or reading about the dangers of railroading and train watching, I have become big on railroad safety and educating the fellow railfan on how to be safe while watching trains... Read More>>

  141. ★ Southern California Rail Travel Meetup

  142. - Southern California Rail Travel Meetup. Not a passenger rail advocacy group nor a nuts & bolts railfan group. We are just a bunch of people that like to get together and discuss our rail travel experiences in a relaxed atmosphere over some food and drinks... Read More>>

  143. ★ RailTour Network

  144. - RailTour Network. This is a free email group for anyone wishing to receive/submit information about railtours and specials on Britain's national rail network. Subscribers can advertise tours, provide information about timings, last minute alterations, cancellations, etc... Read More>>

  145. ☆ Roman Litarchuk Railroad Photos

  146. www.trainweb.US/russian - Roman Litarchuk Railroad Photos. I have been an active CN, CP, VIA and shortline railfan for a few years. During that time I've managed to keep a decent gallery of my best photography online... Read More>>

  147. ☆ Rusty Rails

  148. www.trainweb.US/rustyrails - Rusty Rails. Welcome to Rusty Rails, a website dedicated to abandoned and active railroads. This site is primarily for sharing information and photographs of abandoned railroads that I have explored... Read More>>

  149. ☆ Merle Haggard - My Love Affair With Trains

  150. www.trainweb.US/rwy - Merle Haggard - My Love Affair With Trains. This album by Merle Haggard that I found while shopping for records with my girlfriend Dusty. Here are a few songs for you to listen to from this wonderful album. Enjoy... Read More>>

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