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SouthwestChief.com - Photographs, travelogues, accommodations, and other information about train travel on the Amtrak Southwest Chief route.
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The Amtrak Southwest Chief® provides daily passenger rail travel between Chicago, Illinois, and Los Angeles, California, with major cities along the route including Kansas City and Albuquerque. The route of the Amtrak Southwest Chief® has a stop in La Plata, Missouri, the home of the American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundaton (APRHF), an Exhibition of Amtrak History, the Rail Lookout Cabin & Deck, and the Depot Inn & Suites in the heart of Silver Rails Country.


Following the below links leads to far too many travelogues, photos, and other information to view in just one visit. Be sure to bookmark this SouthwestChief.com page to make it easy to return to enjoy all that has been posted here by so many Amtrak rail travelers!


Please click to visit each of the following
Amtrak Southwest Chief® Pages:
TrainWeb / Amtrak / Wikipedia / RailPassengerUSA.com
Timetable / Route Guide / Outside The Rails / Railroad Radio
Towns & Cities Along The Route

Travelogues & Photos:
(listed alphabetically by first name)
Carl Morison / Chris Guenzler / Dan Chazin / Darlene Banning / Dutch Myers
Geno Dailey / Henry Kisor / Jack Turner / Lauraine Symons / Matt Melzer
Ray Burns / Steve Grande / Steven Reynolds / Tony Escarcega / Others
Slide Shows: 2006 CHI-LAX / 2012 FUL-LAP / 1997 FUL-CHI
Photos by Lorraine Symons: 2006-Jan-18 / 2006-Jan-27 / 2006-Jan-29 / More

First trips to Silver Rails Country in La Plata, Missouri,
via the Amtrak Southwest Chief® with extensive photos:
Ray Burns / Steve Grande

Save The Chief! (PDF Color Flyer)
COLORAIL (Facebook)
Colorado Rail Passenger Association (COLORAIL.ORG)
Southwest Rail Passenger Association (SWRAIL.ORG)
Keep Amtrak Southwest Chief on Current Route (Facebook)
Amtrak Southwest Chief Re-Route Coalition (Facebook)
Arizona Rail Passenger Association (AZRAIL.ORG)
Colorado Rail Passenger Association (COLORAIL.ORG)

Click Here for the Current Location of the Amtrak Southwest Chief®
     (See boxes labeled "3" [west] and "4" [east])

Outside the Rails

Due to planned abandonment of tracks on a segment of this route by the BNSF railroad, an alternate route is being considered for this train which could end service to a number of towns along the route. Such a change would also terminate travel over some of the most historic and scenic rails. These changes are a topic of hot debate by the towns and states that could lose service, by the towns and states where the train would be re-routed, and by both train enthusiasts and passengers who rely on travel by the Amtrak Southwest Chief®. News items related to the proposed route change as well as all other news related to the Amtrak Southwest Chief® will be posted to the Facebook Southwest Chief Page. Please LIKE this page on Facebook and join the discussion!


Note: Southwest Chief® is a Registered Trademark of the National Rail Passenger Corporation (NRPC / Amtrak®).
Please click here for information regarding use of the SOUTHWESTCHIEF.COM domain name by TrainWeb LLC.

Amtrak Southwest Chief® Photo couresy of Carl Morrison (TrainWeb.org/carl)

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