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URL Suggestions

URL is the abbreviation for "Unique Resource Locator". Your URL is your web address. It is also sometimes called your "Domain Name".

When you select a URL for your web site, you should select one that relates to the name of your business, is easy to remember, and is short. Sometimes it is not possible to satisfy all three of these suggestions. If you have to decide between one or more ideas for your URL, you should go for whichever one will be easiest for people to remember.

We think it is very important that you get a URL that incorporates the full name by which your customers and prospects know you. It is better to get a URL that is the full name of your business than to use a shorter abbreviation that visitors will have to guess. For example, the URL of the "Fullerton Santa Fe Cafe" is They could have selected any number of shorter URLs, such as:,, or any number of other combinations. Someone who knows the Fullerton Santa Fe Cafe has a website, but forgot the URL, would have a very difficult time trying to guess at the URL. The most obvious guess is to just try the full name of the business by adding "www." before the name and ".com" after the name. Thus, we believe that every business should try to register their name ".com".

A business can have as many URLs as they wish to register. Registration of a URL generally costs between $16 and $35 per year depending on the Registrar that is used. All the registered URLs for the business can all lead to the same website. If you want to register more than one URL for your business, we suggest that one URL should be the full name of your business ".com". The others can be abbreviations or other shortened versions of your name by which you might be known.

Depending on where your website is hosted, you might have "www." at the front of your URL, or it might be omitted. Websites hosted on the TrainWeb server can be accessed with and without the "www." at the front of the URL. We do this so that anyone attempting to access your website will not have difficulty just because they added or omitted the leading "www.". If your website is not hosted on the TrainWeb server, you should ask your web provider to make sure that your URL can be reached both with and without the leading "www.".

If you find that another business has already taken the URL that you desire, you can also try to use your business name with a ".net" extension instead of a ".com" extension. There are many other possible suffixes for you to use, though we do not believe they are as desireable as ".com" and ".net" at this time. Some of the other available extensions include: ".org", ".ws", ".tv" and ".la". Some others that will be available soon include: ".biz" and ".info". Whether these will become as popular and as common as ".com" and ".net" is not known at this time. We suggest that you try to find a URL with either the ".com" or ".net" suffix.

How visitors capitalize your URL does not matter. For example, "", "", and "WwW.tRaInWeB.cOm" will get visitors to our website. However, do keep in mind that anything you type beyond the URL does have to be capitalized properly. For example, "" will get you to this web page while "" will not.

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