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Free Web Hosting For TrainWeb Sponsors

TrainWeb offers free web hosting to our Sponsors. As a TrainWeb Sponsor, you are not required to have your website hosted on our web server, but you are welcome to have it hosted on the TrainWeb server at no charge.

Many of our Sponsors have their website hosted with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that is local to their business. Others have their website hosted with a national internet provider or with a web service recommended by the company that designed their website. Sponsors that are happy with their current web hosting company often choose to keep their web hosting with their present provider. TrainWeb does not have a problem with that. You can advertise at TrainWeb and be a TrainWeb Sponsor and have your website hosted with another provider.

Some of the companies that become TrainWeb Sponsors do not already have a website at all! For those companies that are new to the web, we are more than happy to host their website without charge. We will also recommend a web designer to them that has created many websites for our other rail Sponsors.

If you already have a website and would like to save on your current cost on web hosting fees, then we welcome you to move your website to the TrainWeb server. There is no cost to you to have your website hosted on our server. If you own your URL, then you should be able to keep the same URL when you move to the TrainWeb server.

If your website is currently hosted elsewhere, there are a few factors that you should consider before moving your web hosting to the TrainWeb servers. If your current ISP is providing you with dial-up, DSL or cable access to the internet, you will still have to pay them for access to the internet. TrainWeb does not provide access from your home or business to the internet. If your website uses any web features beyond simple HTML web pages or .jpg and .gif images, then you should not consider moving your website to a TrainWeb server. TrainWeb does not support shell access, telnet, CGI, SQL, nor any other of the more advanced web design features. Most ISPs provide 24x7 technical support which TrainWeb does not. But, if you are just looking to have a simple website hosted, then the hosting services provided by TrainWeb is probably all you need, and we provide those for free!

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To advertise at TrainWeb, or for more info, click here to send e-mail to Ray Burns, or call Ray at 714-773-9393, 9 A.M. to 5 P.M., Monday through Friday, Pacific Time.

Payment can be made to Trainweb, Inc. by check or by credit card.

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