Web Hosting Alternatives

The first place you should check is with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). If you have dial-up or DSL access to get onto the internet, then you have an ISP. What method are you currently using to access the internet? Do you get on through America Online (AOL), EarthLink, Compuserve, AT&T, your local phone company or through some other ISP? Almost all of these ISPs will provide you with simple web hosting at no extra charge beyond the monthly fee that you are already paying for dial-up, cable, satellite or DSL access.

If you have already checked out your ISP and decided they don't offer the features you are seeking, then we have other recommendations for you.

PowWeb: We recently ran across this web hosting provider. They only charge $7.77 per month and offer a tremendous amount of features for this low monthly charge. Their motto is: "The perfect hosting solution: one plan, one price." They have tried to come up with a single package that will meet the needs of everyone. In doing so, they have packed in almost every feature that anyone would want for one very low monthly fee. You can host your own URL, have up to 200MB of disk storage, upload your own CGI programs, and even have up to 100 POP3 E-Mail accounts! The number of features offered by PowWeb are too numerous to list here. For more details, click here.

www.400meg.com: This place charges more than twice as much as PowWeb, but provides twice the disk space: 400MB. The extra cost is probably not worth it unless you plan to have a really huge web site with tens of thousands of photographs! They allow 4000MB/month data transfer, 40 email accounts, Cold Fusion, Perl 5, PHP 4, FrontPage 2002/2000/98 Support, unlimited 24/7 FTP, a personal CGI directory, form to email CGI, log file access, flash and shockwave support, toll free technical support, a web based control panel, and better than 99.99% server uptime. This provider offers a lot, but I'm not sure it's anything more than PowWeb that you actually use. For more details, click here or call 888-420-0063.

ValueWeb: This company has been around for quite a while offering web hosting for $19.95 . It was considered one of the best values in the hosting industry until new companies like PowWeb came along. ValueWeb still gives you a lot for your money. For more details, click here.

Web Hosting Extra: For $19.95, this company's web hosting package comes with lots of free extras that you would pay for elsewhere, including telnet access, a shopping cart system, and a web based POP e-mail interface. For more details, click here.

Advanced Internet Technologies: This company offers a great range of web hosting options ranging from about $8 to $200 per month. All options starting with $18.95 per month and up provide you with Telnet access. For more details, click here.

InterLand: At about $50 per month, this company is relatively expensive compared to the others above, but it does offer even more features including telnet access and full secure shoping cart capabilities. If you have to have telnet access to your web account or plan to do a significant amount of sales over the internet, then this might be the right web hosting package for you. For more detail, click here.

TrainWeb does not get any commission when you sign up with any of the above web hosting companies.