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About Steve's Rail Travelogues

Almost ALL of my rail travelogues are written and all the photos taken while I'm riding the train. Much of my rail travel has been done while I was traveling alone and I prefer writing while travel rather than socializing with other rail passengers. Thus, my rail travelogues tend to be filled with my experiences, observations and thoughts while rolling down the rails.

My rail travelogues are probably not what you normally expect in a travelogue. I tend to write about things that I discover or that intrigue me about my trip. Many of the items are quite trivial, but some items may enhance your own journey beyond what you would have experienced if you did not learn about these items. I also tend to write about topics that come to mind while I'm on the train even if those thoughts are not related to the trip itself.

Most of my writing is about my experience and discoveries on the train itself. So, if you are looking for detailed descriptions and historic information about tourist attractions along the routes of Amtrak, you will not find that here.

I feel there is already an overwhelming amount of information about specific cities and states in the travel section of your local library, bookstore, and many online web sites. The Auto Club also has extensive travel information about both the attractions in each city and the hotels and restaurants in those cities. Before every trip, I get all the information I can about the places that I will be visiting from other online websites. Since writing about this aspect of my rail travels neither interests me nor is my forte, I will not attempt to duplicate what can be found from many other sources.

So just what are my travelogues about? That you will have to find out for yourself. I hope that you get some idea of what fascinates me about rail travel once you have read some of my travelogues. If you become fascinated by what you read here, then I hope it will encourage you to travel by rail if you are not already an avid rail traveler.

Whether or not you find my writing style and content interesting, please do visit and where you will find rail travelogues and photos by MANY other rail travelers! Each rail travel writer has their own style of writing and each includes what aspects of rail travel interest them. Find the writers you like and be sure to check back as they continue to post new stories!

The following are some of my favorite books related to rail travel. Some of them do cover what you will find along the route, the sights, the history, and even the social life aboard the train. I'd suggest clicking on each of the links for more information about each book and then purchase the ones that contain the information that you are seeking:

The following book is a classic no longer in print but does have a minute by minute description of everything that you can see out your window from just about every Amtrak route in the United States as well as most every passenger train route in Canada. It is a bit out of date, but in its day, it was the bible of serious rail travelers: Rail Ventures.

For a more up to date guide to just about all of the Amtrak Routes it would be well worth your while to also visit the: web site.

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