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Amtrak Superliner II Deluxe Bedroom

Amtrak Superliner Passenger Train Accommodations, including photographs and detailed descriptions of seats, rooms, train cars and services.

The Deluxe Sleeper is the top of the line accomodation on an Amtrak train! It costs about twice as much as the Economy Sleeper and gives you at least twice the room of an Economy Sleeper. It comes as close as you can get to a hotel room on wheels. The Deluxe Sleeper accomodates 3 people at night with a wide bottom bed for 2 people and a top bunk for 1 person. During the day with the beds put away, I'd say the room could easily accomodate 4 or 5 adults.

If you happen to be traveling with another party and you each get a Deluxe Sleeper, certain rooms can be connected together to form a Deluxe Suite! Usually rooms B & C and rooms D & E are the ones that can be combined together to form a Deluxe Suite.

The Deluxe Sleeper is configured with a long sofa and an arm chair during the day. The sofa is what converts into a wide bed for 2 at night. The chair appears to be freestanding and not attached to the floor. Thus, you can pretty much move the chair to anywhere that it fits in the room. While using this computer on-board, I found the most comfortable position to be directly facing the window of the train. That gave me more horizontal space on the pull-out table. The sofa looked like it could accomodate 4 normal adults or maybe 2 or 3 more hefty adults. Having traveled alone in a Deluxe Bedroom, I just used it to spread out my suitcase, equipment, and still had room to sit on the sofa when I got tired of the arm chair!

The view from the window is identical in size as that from the Economy Bedroom. The only difference is that you can only be on the side of the train with the even numbered rooms when you are in a Deluxe Bedroom. On the Coast Starlight, that means you can only be on the oceanview side of the train while heading north and not while heading south. Not a big problem on the Coast Starlight since you can go to the Parlor Car if you wish to enjoy that view both ways.

Here is Amtrak's own description of the Deluxe Bedroom with is pretty accurate: "The Deluxe Bedroom is the ultimate in Sleeping Car travel. These upper level private rooms offer a sofa and armchair, and convert to a wide lower berth and comfortable upper berth. They also include a private sink and vanity, and a fully enclosed private shower and toilet. Certain adjoining Deluxe Bedrooms can be combined into a Deluxe Suite.

DIMENSIONS: 6'6" X 7'6" (2M X 2.3M)
LOWER BERTH: 6'6" X 3'4" (2M X 1M>
UPPER BERTH: 6'2" X 2' (1.9M X 61CM)
Capacity for 2 suitcases"

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