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Photographic Use Policy at TrainWeb - Policy on the use of railroad photographs that are posted on TrainWeb. Please read before using any of the photos that you find posted at TrainWeb.
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Photo Use Policy At TrainWeb


Creative Commons License
Photographs at TrainWeb.com are licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

You may post TrainWeb photos to other websites or use them in print media without charge and without any further permission from TrainWeb. However, "TrainWeb.com" must be printed either on or near the photo, or in another area where credit is provided to photos used in your material or on your website. You may use small font sizes as long as the credit is readable. Web Sites must include a link to "www.trainweb.com". Your cooperation is appreciated.

If the photos will be used in print and you are providing credits for all photos in that publication in a location that is not directly on or next to each photos, that is acceptable, but less preferred than placing the credit right on or by each photo.

Before using a photograph from TrainWeb, examine the page where you found the photograph. Make sure there is a TrainWeb copyright at the bottom of the page where you found the photo and make sure that there is no other indication on the page that the photo belongs to someone else. When TrainWeb uses photos from others on our pages, we do so with permission and make it very obvious that we do not own the rights to those photographs. The above free use policy applies only to photos owned and copyright by TrainWeb. There are many railroad related web sites hosted on the TrainWeb server. If you do not see a TrainWeb copyright at the bottom of the web page, then we do not own the photos on that page and the free use policy does not apply to those photos.

Almost all photographs at TrainWeb have been captured with a digital camera in two levels of resolution. Our "thumbnail" photos are usually 320 x 240 pixels. When you double-click on them, they will bring up a higher resolution image. The highest resolution that we have of older photos is 640 x 480 pixels. Newer photos are often captured and posted at higher resolution levels. The images that are posted are the only images available. We DO NOT have higher resolution copies of the images offline. If you can't download a higher resolution from our website, then we don't have it offline either. Please do not e-mail us about negatives or positives or higher resolution copies of what you find posted at TrainWeb. The images posted at TrainWeb are in the ONLY resolution that we have of those photos. You can download either the 320x240 or the higher resolution images by bringing up the desired image in your web browser, right clicking your mouse and selecting "Save Image". (If you are using a MAC or if these directions don't work for your web browser, select the "Help" feature of your web browser).

At last count, there were over 100,000 railroad related photos posted to TrainWeb.
Click here for an index of all the photos available on TrainWeb!

TrainWeb photographs have appeared in official Amtrak publications and have even appeared in independent national publications. If you do decide to use one of more photos from TrainWeb, I'd greatly appreciate if you could send us an e-mail and let us know when and where you have used it. Also, although not required, please send us a copy of the material in which the photograph appears. If you use it on your web site, send us the URL of the page on your website where it appears.

Here is our contact information:

Trainweb, LLC.
100 East Benton Street
La Plata, MO 63549

The following uses RAILsearch.com to search just rail related websites:
Google Custom Search
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