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Important Notice To
Non-commercial Websites
Hosted Free At
trainweb.COM rather than trainweb.ORG

Long, long ago when TrainWeb first started offering to host non-commercial rail web sites for free, we gave them a URL (web address) of where ??? is whatever suffix the webmaster wanted to use. After a short while, we started instead to provide URLs (web addresses) of . In other words, we switched from using trainweb.COM to trainweb.ORG for the free web sites.

There are only a few websites using the prefix. We are going to need to move those websites from to . If this applies to your web site, don't panic! We will leave a placeholder that will automatically forward anyone that visits your old URL to your new URL.

There is a major reason why we must make this change. As you are probably aware, there is a special header and a special footer on every web page at . We will soon start using a special program that will automatically place the TrainWeb header and footer on every page on the as the page is served. This new program will allow us to eliminate the CGI routines that we currently use to display the TrainWeb header and footer which will in turn greatly reduce the overhead on our server. Our server will run faster and pages will display faster.

The server will automatically put the TrainWeb header and footer on every page that has a URL. You probably don't want our TrainWeb header and footer on the web pages of your website, so that is why we have to move your site to a URL with the www.trainweb.ORG prefix instead of the www.trainweb.COM prefix.

Unfortunately, there may be some changes that you will need to make to the pages of your own website. If you make any direct references to other pages in your own web site hosted at, you will need to change those references to Or, better yet, change those references to be relative instead of absolute so that you don't even need to mention the base URL of your website.

If you are using "frames" in the design of your website, we strongly suggest that you redesign your website without using frames. Click here for more information about having your website hosted with a prefix and the incompatibility with frames.

We don't know exactly when we will be making this change, but it will be sometime within the next few weeks or next few months. If you find that you can no longer log into your website and you find that you are automatically forwarded from your website to your website, contact us by e-mail for new access information to your account.

Instead of changing from a prefix to a prefix you would rather use a URL that you select for yourself (for example:, then click here for more information.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but this step was necessary to continue to improve the performance of both the web site and all the sites hosted at TrainWeb.

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