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Important Notice To
Non-commercial Websites
Hosted Free At TrainWeb
That Have Their Own URL

This page only applies to you if you have a non-commercial website hosted for free at TrainWeb. This page does not apply to TrainWeb's commercial and trade clients.

There are a few non-commercial rail web sites hosted for free at TrainWeb that are using their own URL rather than a suffix after the URL. Generally, we have not allowed sites to be hosted with their own URL, but we did make a few exceptions on a case by case basis for specific reasons.

We will grandfather these sites in by continuing to host them for free at TrainWeb. However, all policies that apply to websites using the URL prefix will also apply to the non-commerical websites that are using their own URL. Just like the prefix websites, sites using their own URL will soon have an inch of TrainWeb content automatically displayed at the top of every page. Click here for more information about this content.

Once you have read that additional information, you will see that we are making this change in order to be able to afford to continue to offer free web hosting. You will also see how this change will greatly increase the exposure of your own website and drive more visitors to your own website. If you haven't read that information yet, please click here to do so now.

If you are currently hosted free on the TrainWeb server and are not using your own URL, would you like to do so? We will be happy to host your website at TrainWeb under your own URL for $5 per month, but payment must be made in one prepayment of $60 each year. Payment can be made by most major credit cards.

Other than getting to use your own URL, there are no differences between this web hosting program and the free web hosting that we provide to sites using the URL prefix. The one inch of TrainWeb content described above will still appear at the top of every page of your website and your own clickable banner ad will still appear throughout much of the TrainWeb community. Technical support will still be extremely limited and requests for additional disk space will still be considered and granted case by case.

If we can get 200 rail websites to use a URL of their own chosing, that will generate an extra $1000 per month for TrainWeb. That will go a long way to cover the cost of adding another full T1 and increase the performance off all websites hosted at TrainWeb! So, if you are currently using a URL with the URL prefix and would like to switch to using your own URL for $60 per year, please contact me at Or, if you don't have a website hosted at TrainWeb but would like us to create a new web account for you using your own URL, please also contact me.

Note: The $60 per year does not include the annual cost of registration for your URL. We do not handle that. You have to register your URL yourself. There are many registrars where this can be done and the price ranges quite a bit. We use and recommend They charge only $16 per year to register your URL. They will charge you $32 for the first 2 years, but you can renew one year at a time after that. They also accept most major credit cards. If you plan to register your own URL and host it at TrainWeb for $60 per year, please contact us before you contact . There is some information that we need to provide to you that you need to use when you register your URL.

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