Amtrak travelogue written by 14 year old Joshua Trower.

This is the travelogue of the fith and last segment of the 5 day
Amtrak journey Dad and I took, this segment took us from Washington
back to Raleigh via the Carolinian.

Baltimore-Dads friend dropped us off at Baltimore Penn Station so we
could take the Marc back to Washington D.C., the commuter ride was
pretty much uneventful.

Washington-We had a while before the Carolinian would be departing,
the Carolinian is a New York to Charlotte coach and dinette train that
also now runs with a special Custom class coach. To kill time we
watched trains from the parking deck, this vantage point gives you a
good view of the entire terminal. They soon announced the track our
train would be leaving on, there was a very long line at the gate,
there was also a lot of confusion because the Cardnal was to depart on
the track next to us and people were getting in the wrong lines. After
waiting in that line we were looking forward to a nice relaxing trip
home, no deal! Amtrak had over booked the train, Dad and I could not
get seats together! I was placed next to an elderly woman who was
traveling with some family, I was not too happy, these trips our
father and son excoursions and Amtrak has us sitting in different
seats, I could not even see Dad. I later heared Dad arguing with the
car attendant, it seems we were in the Custom class car by mistake, us
and about nine other people were kicked out. We were all placed in an
area in a coach that did not have any seats in it. We were all soon
placed in the dinette car, this was not two enjoyable because we could
here all the noise coming from the seating area. At leased Dad and I
were given seats together. 

Richmond-We decided to stroll out to the platform to seehow all this
could have happened, this train was pretty short, here is the consist:
one Genesis unit, one dinette, two coaches, one Custom class coach,
and one baggage car. We think that if there was one more coach there
would not have been any problems.

The rest of the trip was uneventful and we got back to Raleigh twelve
minutes late.

-Joshua Trower

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