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Amtrak Capitol Limited
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Welcome to Amtrak's® Capitol Limited featuring the ultimate in First Class train travel -- Superliner® sleepers. If you've traveled with Amtrak before, you're sure to notice that on the Capitol Limited we're offering many new amenities in First Class, and throughout the train.

Please take advantage of the special services available to you as a First Class passenger including exclusive dinner seating, a hot shower in the morning, and complimentary non-alcoholic beverages throughout your trip. Of course, all of your Dining Car meals are complimentary with your First Class ticket.

There's plenty to do on board your Superliner train. Take in a first-run, full-length moviein the Lounge Car. Make new friends over a drink during the Hospitality Hour: Watch America roll by the large panoramic windows. And most of all, have fun!

TIME ZONE CHANGES: During this trip, you'll experience a time zone change. You may want to reset your watch at the following times: Eastbound Travel: Late October through early April, set your watch ahead one hour after departing Hammond-Whiting; April through October, after departing Waterloo. Westbound Travel: Late October through early April, set your watch back one hour after departing Toledo; April through October, after departing Elkhart.


Should you need anything throughout your trip there's a crew member ready to assist you. Here's a brief description of what we do, so you'll know which one of us to call on:

Your Sleeping Car Attendant offers personalized service, such as turning down your bed, leaving a bedtime sweet and making up your room the next morning. If you'd like a wake-up call, morning newspaper or refreshments,just ask.

The Chief of On-Board Services supervises the On-Board Service Crew to ensure a quality experience. You'll find your Chief is dedicated not only to making your journey more comfortable, but most enjoyable!

In the Dining Car, the Lead Service Attendant is in charge and oversees the Service Attendants who bring your meal to the table. Amtrak Chefs expertly prepare your food on the lower level.

In the lower level of the Superliner® Lounge, the Lounge Car Attendant has available a variety of snacks, sandwiches and beverages for your enjoyment throughout the day.

The Conductor and Assistant Conductors are responsible for the safe operation of the train, collecting tickets and helping passengers.

Finally, the Engineer and Assistant Engineer are in the locomotive handling the actual operation of the train.


We hope you enjoy the extra amenities of First Class. Should you desire magazines or complimentary coffee, tea, juice, soda, or bottled water, please ask. A light breakfast is also available in your room instead of a full breakfast in the Dining Car.

If you are traveling in a Deluxe Bedroom, you'll find the shower in your toilet annex. For Economy and Special Bedroom passengers, a shower is located on the lower level of the car. In your room is a complete complimentary shower amenity kit along with linens, towels, soap, a copy of Express Magazine, a timetable and a route guide.

When you are ready to retire, your Attendant will turn down the beds. For the comfort of all passengers, smoking is not permitted in the sleeping cars; only in designated sections of the Lounge Car. (Steve's note: The Capitol Limited now has a special "Smoking Lounge". It is downstairs in one of the Coach Cars. The ventilation is separate from the rest of that Coach Car so that smoke does not escape into the rest of the Coach Car. Smoking is not permitted anywhere else on the train, including not being allowed in the Sightseer Lounge Car.) If you'd like to look at some of the other sleeping accommodations, please ask your Attendant:

NOTE: Sleeping accommodation upgrades may be available for an additional charge. Ask the conductor or your attendant for more information.


In the Superliner Dining Car, you'll dine on fine cuisine prepared by our trained, skilled chefs. One section of the Dining Car is reserved for you as a First Class passenger. Crisp white linens and fine china await your arrival.

Your on-board dining experience begins with a delicious appetizer, along with your choice of complimentary wine, soda or other hot and cold non-alcoholic beverages. Next, you'll be served a crisp garden salad and your choice of freshly prepared entrees. Finally, you'll have a choice of tempting desserts accompanied by coffee or tea. Of course, throughout your meal, you'll be treated to the ever-changing view that makes dining on board a Superliner such a delightful experience.

As a First Class passenger, all of your meals are complimentary and you will be given a voucher to show in the Dining Car. If you prefer, you may also use your voucher to receive a sandwich, snack and beverage in the Lounge Car instead of a full dinner or breakfast in the Dining Car.

Reservations will be taken for dinner; a member of the crew will ask for your preferred time, and an announcment will be made requesting your presence in Dining Car.

If you are traveling with children, ask about our special meals for kids!


This Lounge is the social center of your train -- a great place to meet people or simply enjoy a change of scene. The upper level features comfortable, casual seating and wrap-around windows for a spectacular view of America by day, and the stars at night. The lower level includes a limited number of table booths and a Cafe selling sandwiches, snacks, beverages, souvenir blankets, playing cards and postcards.

Feature movies are also shown during the evening, and a Hospitality Hour offers complimentary snacks, as well as specialty drinks for sale. The Chief of On-Board Service will announce the starting times of these enjoyable on-board events. While smoking is permitted in designated sections of the Lounge Car, it is not allowed when movies are being shown. (Steve's note: Smoking is no longer allowed anywhere in the Southwest Chief except for the special Smoking Lounge located on the lower level of one of the Coach Cars. This special Smoking Lounge has a separate air system to prevent the smoke from going to any other part of that Coach Car.)

STOP BY AMTRAK'S METROPOLITAN LOUNGE® AFTER YOUR TRIP. You may not be aware that you're entitled to make use of our exclusive Metropolitan Lounges in Washington, D.C. and Chicago. There, you'll enjoy a private waiting area with a staffed reception desk, complimentary beverage center, television, telephone and other amenities available for First Class passengers only. Please stop in when you arrive at your destination ... or enjoy the comforts prior to your next First Class trip. (Steve's note: This is the first written confirmation I have ever seen that you are entitled to use the Metropolitan Lounge® AFTER the completion of your trip! I've specifically been told by train staff that I was not entitled to use that lounge once my train arrived. From that staff person, you could imply that you were not entitled to use the Metropolitan Lounges® if you are coming off a Sleeping Car and transfering to another train where you only have a coach seat. The above statement implies the opposite! If you expect to have such a transition and would like written proof to show to the Metropolitan Lounge® Attendant that you are entitled to use the lounge, then send a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope to: TrainWeb, 4175 E. La Palma Ave #200, Anaheim, CA 92807. I'll make a copy of the original and send it to you so you can try to use that as proof of your entitlement to such use of the lounge.)

Service and route subject to change without notice.


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To help you find your way through the train more easily, the order of the cars is typically as follows:

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