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California Zephyr 1988 Guide to Onboard Services

Welcome Aboard

The California Zephyr - Desert Wind - Pioneer


All Aboard Amtrak!

You're traveling on Amtrak's Superliner train-the California Zephyr-or one of two connecting Superliners that join the Zephyr in Salt Lake City: the Desert Wind or the Pioneer.

While on board, you'll be experiencing the utmost in train travel, and some of our country's most spectacular and well-known scenery: the Rockies and Sierra Nevadas; the snow-topped mountains and breathtaking river gorges of the Northwest; the exciting golden sunset of the West; the inrivaled beauty of the desert in the Southwest.

The enclosed Route Guide will point out many of the sights-both old and new-you'll see along the way, and also identify which train (the California Zephyr, Desert Wind, or Pioneer) you are traveling on. Please be sure to refer to the information on the particular route that you are traveling.

To help you enjoy your train trip even more, we have prepared this brochure which lists the many services and activities available to you on board the train. You might want to take a few minutes right now to look through it and see what we have to offer. Services and activites may vary by season. Announcements will be made throughout the trip. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask your attendant or On-Board Service Chief.

Amtrak and your crew are proud to host you on board the California Zephyr/Desert Wind/Pioneer, and we'll do everything we can to ensure that you enjoy your trip.

The Fun Starts Here!

The California Zephyr, Desert Wind Pioneer feature several on-board activites the whole family will enjoy. Listen for announcements for the specific time and location of activities, and most of all-have fun!

Movies in the Sightseer Lounge Car.*

Feature lenght films and other video presentations, including features for children during summer months, will be shown in the Sightseer Lounge Car. Also. to add to your sightseeing memories, short-subject travelogues about the various destinations along the route may be shown. Listen for announcements of this trip's features and show times.

Hospitality Hour.

Join your fellow passengers in the Lounge Car for drinks and complimentary snacks. Enjoy good company with old friends and new, and don't forget to ask about your train's regional specialties.

On-Board Guides

Guides from the California State Railroad Museum will provide a Narrative of Scenic Highlights and historical information between Sacramento, CA and Reno, NV. This is a seasonal program. Listen for announcements for the time and location of presentation.


Usually conducted in the Dining Car. Small prizes will be rewarded. Listen for announcements for exact time and location. Come on down and jooin in the fun!

Meet the Crew That Makes the Magic Happen!

The Conductor is in charge of all train crew members and is responsible for the collection of tickets and the safe operation of the train. The Chief of On-Board Services supervises the on-board service crew and oversees the quality of service to ensure passenger's comfort on board the train.

Enjoy On-Board Accommodations That Pamper and Please!

Roomy Coach Seats

Stretch out in the comfort of your reclining Coach Seat. Your Coach Attendant will see to your needs, provide a pillow, tell you when the train nears your station, and assist you in detraining, Since your Coach Seat is assigned for the length of your journey, please do not change seats without first consulting a crew member. Smoking is permiited only in the rear six rows of the upper level of each Coach.

Private Sleeping Compartments

Amtrak's Superliner Sleeping Cars contain four types of bedrooms: Economy, Family, Special and Delux. Each offers yo comfortable seating by day and relaxing sleeping accommodations by night. Special and Delux Bedrooms include private bathroom facilities within the room, and each Delux Room has a private shower.

Your Sleeping Car Attendant is here for your convenience and will prepare your room for daytime or nighttime use, as well as help you with luggage and bring room service orders from the Lounge. In the morning, your Attendant will provide a wake-up call, the morning paper, and beverage.

Individual speakers bring you recrded music and train announcements. To enjoy taped music in your room, turn the channel selector near the reading light to Channel 2 or 3. Train announcements are heard on Channels 1 and 2.

Each first-class passenger receives additional amenities as well as complimentary meals served in Dining Car.

When space is available, sleeping accommodations may be purchased on board the train from the Conductor.

Dining Car Service

The Dining Car features complete meals in a comfortable setting. Enjoy freshly prepared disshes, including regional specialties, as you watch America's countryside from wide picture windows. Dinner reservations may be required. A member of the crew will contact you to make reservations. In the Dining Car, the Steward will seat you and present a menu-check on which you will mark your meal selection. Major credit cards are accepted for meal service. Consult your enclosed sample menu for selections and prices. Sorry, there is no smoking in the Dining Car. Listen for annnouncements of Dining Car hours.

Spectacular Sightseer Lounge Car*

Enjoy the Magnificent Scenery along the way from the large picture windows in the Sightseer Lounge Car, and don't forget the sandwiches, snacks and beverages that are available for purchase, too. The Lounge Car is the perfect place to socialize, meet fellow passengers, play games, watch a movie, read, or do some sightseeing! Smoking is permitted in certain designated sections. Lounge Car hours generally from 6 a.m. to 12 midnight.

Entertaining Games to Play Along the Way!

To add to your enjoyment, the Sightseer Lounge Car also sells a variety of games and souvenir item. Trivia Card Games-topics include sports, movies, TV, music. Playing Cards-with colorful Amtrak scenes. Postcard-set of four Amtrak vistas.

Scenic Photo Tips

Outside Shots:

Medium-speed films (ASA 64 or higher) are recommended for shooting scenery through the train window. If your shutter speed is adjustable, set it at a higher speed (1/125 or 1/250 sec.), if light conditions permit, for the clearest results. Hold your lens as close to the window as possible to eliminate glare and reflections. Because of their very short range, flash units are not effective for outside scenery shots. Your Route Guide provides a wealth of information on sights along the way.

Inside Shots:

Flash is recommended for most inside shots. Do not point the flash directly at the windows in order to avoid glare and reflection. Try some shots of life on the train: your Coach or Sleeping Car, family aaanf friends in the Lounge Car, etc.

Other Superliner Adventures Await You!

The Southwest Chief, traveling between Los Angeles and Chicago, by way of Flagstaff, Albuquerque and Kansas City. Amtrak's Southwest Chief travels along the historic Santa Fe Trail-past some of the same wonders first glimpsed by the early settlers as they made thier way west-the Painted Desert, the Petrified Forest, the Rockies, Rio Grande River and Red Cliffs of New Mexico. Alon the way, don't miss the chance to visit the Grand Canyon, Albuquerque or Santa Fe.

The Sunset Limited, traveling between Los Angeles and New Orleans, passing through Phoenix, Tucson, El Paso, San Antonio and Huston. Travel the Sunset Limited and you'll experience the extraordinary variety of the great Southwest, from Texas oil fields to blue bayous; Indian prairies to mountain ranges; the Alamo to the Superdome.

The Empire Builder, traveling between Seattle or Portland and Chicago, by way of Spokane and St.Paul/Minneapolis. The Empire Builder will take you through rivers, gorges, ranches, forts, and ancientIndian burial grounds untouched for generations.

The Eagle, taking you between Chicago and San Antonio, with through cars connecting with the Sunset Limited at San Antonio and operating to/from Los Angeles. On the Eagle, you'll travel America's heartland, viewing everything from the 110-story Sears Tower and the St.Louis Arch, to riverboats, ghost towns and longhorn cattle.

The Coast Starlight travels between Los Angeles and Seattle, taking you through Santa Barbara, Oakland/San Francisco, Sacramento, Eugene and Portland. The Coast Starlight will provide you with front row seat past waterfalls, timberlands, vineyards, and orange groves. Not to mention Mt.St.Helens and the Pacific Ocean.

For more information about any of these trains, or hotel and tour availabilities along the way, just call 1-800-USA-RAIL, or call your travel agent. And start planning your next Amtrak Adventure!

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