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Web Service Information

If you sell products or services of interest to train travelers, railfans, collectors, model railroaders or the rail industry, then your web site should be at TrainWeb!

TrainWeb features four highly publicized rail directories on the web. Two of the directories are the TrainWeb White Pages and TrainWeb Yellow Pages. These feature products and services of interest to train travelers, railfans, collectors and model railroaders. The other two directories are the TrainWeb Rail Industry White Pages and the TrainWeb Rail Industry Yellow Pages. These feature products and services of interest to those involved in the professional Rail Industry.

If you are involved with trains or the rail industry in any manner, then you should have an address on the Internet World Wide Web and you need to be listed in one of the TrainWeb Rail Directories!

Promote Your Rail Business Via
The Internet World Wide Web

TrainWeb offers you the path to promote your business to the rail community world wide! Businesses and individuals are connecting to the Internet throughout the world at a very rapid pace to take advantage of the immense and growing resources of the World Wide Web.

When people turn to the Internet seeking the rail related products or services that you provide, will they find your business? If you have not yet placed your business on the Internet, then you are missing opportunities and sales. TrainWeb can put your business onto the Internet World Wide Web today. TrainWeb's specialization and expertise in rail will give your company the widest possible exposure to the rail community on the Internet World Wide Web.

Thousands of pages are viewed EACH DAY at TrainWeb by tens of thousands of visitors each month and those numbers are growing rapidly! The visitors to TrainWeb are not disinterested people that are just exploring the web. Instead, they are people who have come specifically to TrainWeb in search of rail related information, products and services. If you become a TrainWeb Sponsor, you will be entitled to a "clickable-banner" which appears on every major page at TrainWeb including our highly popular Fullerton Santa Fe Depot live webcam pages! This has proved very effective in directing many of our rail visitors to the web sites of our sponsors.

How do so many people interested in trains find their way to TrainWeb? TrainWeb is listed in every major Internet Directory and Search Engine. Most rail related sites on the internet have prominent links to TrainWeb. Most rail publications have their own web sites hosted from TrainWeb and use the TrainWeb address in the prefix to their own web sites. That brings many of their readers to TrainWeb. Many rail advocacy and hobby organizations host their web sites at TrainWeb. That brings many of their supporters and members to TrainWeb. Because of the extensive coverage of rail travel at TrainWeb, many passenger rail providers, including Amtrak themselves, have prominent links to TrainWeb from their own web sites. Most web clients of TrainWeb use the "" prefix in their own web address which produces cross-traffic for all of our clients and will drive more rail related visitors to your own web site on the TrainWeb server. For this reason, TrainWeb is the most logical place for your own rail related web site!

What Does It Cost?

If you already have a web site and are interested in having your web address promoted at TrainWeb, click here. If you don't already have a web site and are interested in the benefits of becoming a TrainWeb Sponsor and having your web site hosted at TrainWeb, read on!

TrainWeb Sponsorship:

Your business can have its own entire site on the World Wide Web for just $500, $600 or $700 per year plus a one-time $100 set-up charge! Placing your own web site on the TrainWeb web server qualifies your company for all the benefits of being a TrainWeb Sponsor. For convenience, you can charge the annual fee and set-up charge on your credit card.

Your own web site allows you to place many pages of information and dozens of full-color photographs onto the World Wide Web. A web site allows you to place your entire catalog of products or services onto the web along with detailed descriptions and full-color photographs! You can change and add information to your web site at any time.

Typset of your main page on the web along with posting a photograph or graphic is included with your web site purchase. You can design and post additional pages to your web site yourself or we can provide you with web professionals experienced in designing web pages for the rail industry.

What Are Other Advantages?

TrainWeb Sponsors are not only promoted throughout the TrainWeb site, but also have their clickable banners appear on dozens of other web sites. TrainWeb hosts without charge the websites of many non-profit railroad information and educational organizations including rail museums, clubs, historical societies, advocacy groups and rail professional organizations. TrainWeb also provides free web sites to individuals who wish to share their rail photographs, travelogues, model railroad layouts and other rail related information. As a TrainWeb Sponsor, your clickable banner ad will appear on these other web sites as well as on all the pages at TrainWeb itself!

Having your own web site on the TrainWeb server allows you to post a lot more information about your company and your products or services than will fit in a conventional print ad. Continue to advertise as you are doing now, but include your web address in every ad. Use your print, radio or television ads to obtain the interest of your audience, but then use your web address to deliver the "rest of the story!" You can fit all the information into your web pages that cannot fit into other types of ads.

Keep in mind that with Web Marketing, you are often presenting to a "follow-up" audience. Many of the people that come to your web pages have seen your web address elsewhere and made a conscious decision to come to your pages. They are interested in finding out more about your company and your products or services. They will carefully read what you present on your web pages and will be ready to order if you have what they are seeking.

Your own web site on the TrainWeb server allows you to give your customers and prospects full background information about your company and a complete description of everything you offer. Without any printing costs you can provide your customers with on-line full-color flyers, brochures, catalogs, etc. Unlike printed information, a web site provides your customers with up-to-date dynamic information. You can get changes or new information to your customers quickly without the costly expense of printing and mailing!

Why Should I Use TrainWeb?

TrainWeb not only has the expertise to place your company onto the Internet World Wide Web, but also has an extensive understanding of the Rail Industry. Our staff have backgrounds in many aspects of the rail industry. Don't trust your web implementation to designers that have no experience in rail. Come to TrainWeb where you will find web professionals with the background in rail needed to understand your business!

Vendors that select TrainWeb as their web provider benefit from cross-promotion. Since most vendors at TrainWeb uses "" prefix in their own web address, advertising by each vendor brings additional prospects to all vendors at TrainWeb. This is the basic "mall" concept where the traffic generated by each vendor benefits all vendors in the mall. Since TrainWeb is dedicated to trains, vendors in the rail business will benefit by locating in the TrainWeb Mall much more than having their site at a web mall that features general merchandise.

TrainWeb is also actively advertising in many rail related publications and maintains an ongoing publicity effort. Because rail played such a central role in the growth of this nation, America has always had a love affair with its trains. Current events have focused on recent rail mergers and funding of passenger rail travel is a hot political item. For these reasons, TrainWeb continues to receive its fair share of free exposure in the media. As a vendor at TrainWeb, your business benefits from the traffic generated by this publicity.

Survey of visitors to TrainWeb has shown that we get a great number of visits from overseas, especially from Europe, England, Australia and Japan. Visitors to the United States from these areas find it more natural to tour our country by rail than even Americans! Travel by rail in many of those areas is a natural mode of transportation and many of those travelers assume the same is true of the United States prior to their first visit. TrainWeb features an extensive resource on American rail travel which attracts visitors worldwide who are interested in American rail. TrainWeb brings these prospects from across the world to your door!

We have engaged in an extensive effort to make sure TrainWeb appears in every Web Directory and every Web Search Engine. By making sure that people looking for information on trains on the web find TrainWeb, we are making sure they find your company too. If you were not located at TrainWeb, you would have to engage in this extensive effort yourself to make sure that you are taking full advantage of having your company on the Internet World Wide Web.

Advanced Features:

Many other options are available to enhance your web site including audio, full-motion video and multimedia presentations. You can even offer "live radio" and interactive live seminars over the web. Please call Ray Burns at 714-773-9393 for further details and a specific quote to implement the custom features that you desire on your web site.

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How Do I Get Started?

Contact Ray Burns today at 714-773-9393 or click here to send e-mail to You can have a web address for your company today and immediately start to benefit from the rapidly growing audience of the Internet World Wide Web!

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