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TrainWeb Y2K Coverage

Join us for TrainWeb's special coverage as we enter the new millennium!

TrainWeb will provide continuous coverage of the first day of the new millennium! Reporting will start 30 minutes before the first time zone enters the year 2000, which will be at 1:30 AM Pacific Time (4:30 AM Eastern Time) on Friday, December 31, 1999. Starting at that time, you will find links relating to Y2K problems and events throughout the world on this page. You are welcome to add your own reports, comments and links relating to Y2K problems and events using TrainWeb's Special Y2K Forum!

We are not expecting catastrophies as the clock strikes midnight, but we don't believe every Y2K problem in the world has been found and corrected. There are bound to be numerous reports of problems resulting from Y2K bugs that were not found and corrected. Hopefully, most of these will be humorous or a nusance rather than tragic. An example is the insurance company that sent letters to all their agents assuring them that the company had finished making everything Y2K compliant. The letter also told the agents that they would find their new calendar for 1900 enclosed! Either way, we will be reporting Y2K problems and situations via TrainWeb's Special Y2K Forum.

Would you like to help us provide coverage?

The staff of TrainWeb will provide coverage around the clock from 1:30 AM Pacific Time, Friday, December 31, 1999 to 1:30 AM Pacific Time, Saturday, January 1, 2000. If events continue to develop after that, further items will be posted as time permits. It will not be easy for the limited staff of TrainWeb to cover that 24 hour period, but we will manage if necessary. If you'd like to volunteer for a block of hours in that interval, even just 1 or 2 hours, it will be of great help! All you have to do for the hours that you volunteer is to monitor a major news source, such as CNN's Headline News or a news radio station and/or scan for Y2K events being reported on the internet. Post those items that you think would be of interest to others to TrainWeb's Special Y2K Forum. There is a field in the forum posting form where you can include the URL and title of any web address that might be associated with each news item. Just leave those fields blank if a web address is not mentioned.

If multiple people volunteer for the same hours, that is fine! The more people that monitor the news and post, the more comprehensive the coverage will be. If you'd rather that we tell you what hours we need to have covered, then let us know what hours you are available and how many hours you wish to volunteer. We'll let you know what hours we need covered. As we get contributors lined up, we'll post their name, e-mail address and the hours they have volunteered to cover. We'd like multiple volunteers for each hour, so don't hesitate to volunteer for a timeframe even if you see that someone else is also covering the same timeframe that you are available!

Click here to volunteer. Please include in the message what hours you would like to cover. If you want to help us fill in the gaps, click on the "Contributors" link below and volunteer for hours that are not yet covered by at least two people.

Click here to view the current Contributors & Coverage Assignments

If you cannot volunteer, you are still welcome to post Y2K news and events to TrainWeb's Special Y2K Forum or to comment or expand on postings that you find in that forum! We hope not only to provide you with Y2K coverage, but to also turn this into an interactive event with visitors posting their own reports, views and replies to TrainWeb's Special Y2K Forum!

Various members of the TrainWeb staff will be at the TrainWeb office upstairs in the Fullerton Santa Fe Depot Amtrak / Metrolink Station at various times throughout the day from 9 A.M. Friday, December 31, 1999 through 1:30 A.M. Saturday, January 1, 2000, Pacific Time. We'll be there not only to provide the coverage mentioned above, but also to handle any Y2K problems that might might arise related to our own operations. Although we have made every preparation available to ready our computers and network for Y2K, there are no guarantees that every possible problem has been found. If additional problems do come up, we'll be there to do our best to deal with them.

As long as we are going to be at the TrainWeb office for the New Year, we figured we might as well party! In the evening and through midnight I expect to be there with my wife and two daughters. Other TrainWeb staff that expect to be there through midnight so far include: Shivam Surve and Matt Melzer. Ray Burns will be there during much of the day but will be leaving before evening as he already had made commitments for New Year's Eve. I am still waiting for feedback from the rest of the staff as to who might be dropping by.

There will be food, drinks and party items at the office to ring in the new year. If you will be in the area of the Fullerton Santa Fe Depot, you are welcome to drop in on us. Stop by anytime during the day or welcome in the new millennium with us at night! We decided to drop the RSVP requirement. Just come on down! If we get too crowded, we'll just boot some people out the door and they can celebrate the new year in downtown Fullerton! First Night Fullerton will be celebrated right around the corner from the station! There will be over 100 events for all ages right up to midnight to be capped off by fireworks! Admission is $12 at the door for adults and $8 for children 12 and under. So come visit us and also celebrate the new millenium at First Night Fullerton!

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