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Sponsoring A TrainWeb RAILcam

The following information is provided for those interested in sponsoring a TrainWeb RAILcam. Not only are the RAILcams the most popular and visited section of the entire TrainWeb website, but they are also the most costly segment of our operation to maintain! A computer and camera has to be purchased for each new location plus there are monthly telephone or high-speed internet connection costs to be covered. TrainWeb also has to continually increase the number of web servers and the bandwidth at our end as both the number of RAILcams and the number of visitors to these RAILcams increase.

TrainWeb has already lined up several locations where we can immediately set up new RAILcams, but we will require additional and continuous funding for these new locations. To meet this requirement, we have created the RAILcam Sponsorship Program.

Thousands of images are viewed from each RAILcam each month. For example, more than 50,000 images are viewed per month from the Portland RAILcam, more than 60,000 images are viewed per month from Fullerton RAILcam #2, and more than 90,000 images are viewed per month from the Santa Ana RAILcams.

As a TrainWeb RAILcam Sponsor, you will select an available position on one of the TrainWeb RAILcams. Your clickable banner will appear in that position on that RAILcam page to all visitors for the duration of your sponsorship. Visitors that click on your banner will be sent directly to your own website. You will be able to check at the end of each month how many visitors clicked-through on your banner.

A 200x40 pixel banner (under 3,000 bytes) is $100 per month. A 468x60 pixel banner (under 10,000 bytes) is $200 per month. Regular TrainWeb Sponsors ($895 per year) may deduct 50% from these prices and pay only $50 and $100 per month respectively.

On pages with a single RAILcam image, there will be 4 small fixed banner positions and one large fixed banner position available. On pages with two RAILcam images, there will be 1 small fixed banner position and one large fixed banner position available. One banner in rotation will also appear on each RAILcam page just as banners appear in rotation on all other TrainWeb pages.

If you are not already a TrainWeb Sponsor ($895 per year), you might want to consider becoming a TrainWeb Sponsor before becoming a RAILcam Sponsor. To be a TrainWeb Sponsor and a RAILcam Sponsor with a small banner is $1495 per year. To be just a RAILcam Sponsor is $1200 per year. Thus, for just an additional $295 per year, you get ALL the benefits of being a TrainWeb Sponsor as well as having your banner on a RAILcam page! For more information about the benefits of being a TrainWeb Sponsor, click here!

As new RAILcams are installed, seniority will be used in making this new space available to existing RAILcam Sponsors. Existing RAILcam Sponsors will be given first opportunity to move their banner or place a new banner on new RAILcams. Banner positions that are made available by such moves will be offered first to other existing RAILcam Sponsors based on seniority of when they became RAILcam Sponsors. Thus, the sooner you become a RAILcam Sponsor, the sooner you will be able to have your banner displayed on the most visited TrainWeb RAILcams!

(Note: Due to reasons beyond our control, any RAILcam may be discontinued at any time. If your banner appears on a discontinued RAILcam page, you will be given priority when a new RAILcam banner position becomes available.)

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