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Drew Mitchem's Trip on the Amtrak Cascades

This is a trip report for my trip to Vancouver, WA from Centralia, WA and Return on January 25, 2000

First Section Train #751 Centralia-Vancouver, WA

Departed Centralia 918am On time Train #751(Seattle-Portland Cascades Talgo)Amtrak 470(F59PHI) point, 13 Talgo Cars, Amtrak 387(F40PH) Rear..22 Axles)

Crossed Over Main 2 to Main 1 Centralia SouthMP 55.8

Detector MP 57.9 Main 1 No Defects 22 Axles

Detector MP 87.4 Main 1 No Defects 22 Axles

Met UP M-HKSE1-25(Hinkle, OR-Seattle Manifest) MP 89 UP C41-9W, UP C40-8, UP SD40-2 Main 2

Met BNSF M-VAWINB1-25(Vancouver,WA-Interbay Seattle Mainfest) at Ostrander MP 93.4 BNSF C44-9W H1, EMD SD60, 2 BN SD40-2's Main 2

Departed Kelso On Time 957am

Crossed Over Main 1 to Main 2 Kelso South MP 98.9

Power at Longview Jct: UP 912(GP 40), BNSF 2743(GP39E), BN 2159(GP38X)

Crossed Over Main 2 to Main 1 Longview Jct. South MP 102.6

Power at Kalama: ATSF 625(C44-9W), ATSF 696(C44-9W), UP 3439(SD40-2)

Passed UP GE-KANP1-25(Kalama-North Platte Grain Empties) UP 5057(SD50) Point,UP 4570(SD40T-2),UP 4228(SD40-2B) at Kalama MP 107.5 Harvest States Spur

Met Late Amtrak 750(Eugene-Seattle Cascades Talgo) at MP 111.0 Amtrak 468(F59PHI) Point, 13 Talgo Cars, Amtrak 90230 Rear(Cab Car) 22 Axles) Main 2

Detector MP 113.5 Main 1 No Defects 22 Axles

Passed BNSF X-TACPAS1-25(Tacoma-Pasco Grain Empties) BNSF 4710(C44-9W), BNSF 4814(C44-9W) at Felida MP 130.6 Main 2

Passed BNSF X-KALDIL9-25(Kalama-Dilworth,MN Grain Empties Critical Arrival) ATSF 830(C40-8W), BNSF 1058(C44-9W) at Felida MP 130.6 Main 2

Crossed Over Main 1 to Main 2 at Felida MP 130.6 50 MPH Crossover, Very Smooth!

Met BNSF G-LINKAL1-20(Lincoln,NE-Kalama Grain Loads) BN 9606(SD70MAC), BNSF 9840(SD70MAC Heritage 2) at Felida MP 130.6 Main 1

Crossed Over Main 2 to Main 1 Vancouver Jct. North MP 132.5

Spotted Lewis and Clark RR SW8 #81 with 2 Cars at Rye Jct. MP 133.0

Crossed Over Main 1 to 2 at Vancouver Center MP 136.5

Departed Vancouver 1037am 5 Minutes Late

Second Section....Vancouver, WA Train Action from 1037am-635pm

1050am Westbound BNSF M-PASLVJ1-25(Pasco-Longview Jct. Mainfest) Yard Office Lead to Main 2 Seattle Sub from Fallbridge Sub Main 2 BN 9448(SD70MAC), BN 8079(SD40-2) 102 Cars, 420 Axles Dropped off 17 Cars from Rear at Vancouver

1110am Southbound Herder(Vancouver-Portland Light Engine Move) Main 1 BNSF 8261(SD75M), LMX 8539(B-39-8), ATSF 800(C40-8W) 0 Cars, 16 Axles

1115am Westbound BNSF M-PASLYD1-25(Pasco-Lakeyard Portland Manifest) Fallbridge Sub Main 1 BNSF 7903(SD40-2), ATSF 5145(SD40-2U) 84 Cars, 348 Axles

1133am Eastbound BNSF X-KALDIL9-25 (Kalama-Dilworth,MN Grain Empties Critical Arrival) Main 2 Seattle Sub to Yard Office Lead..then to Main 1 Fallbridge Sub ATSF 830(C40-8W), BNSF 1058(C44-9W) 109 Cars, 448 Axles

Head Car: BNSF 474089 Rear Car: BNSF 474071

Last Report of this Train:

BNSF,474089,E,RADNOR ,MT,PS,01262000,111039,BNSF ,JEFFERSON,SD,01262000,104122,HD,JEFFERSON,SD,,,X KALDIL9 25,003,

BNSF,474071,E,RADNOR ,MT,PS,01262000,111039,BNSF ,JEFFERSON,SD,01262000,105151,HD,JEFFERSON,SD,,,X KALDIL9 25,111,

1158am Eastbound BNSF X-TACPAS1-25(Tacoma-Pasco Grain Empites) Same routing as X-KALDIL9-25 BNSF 4710(C44-9W), BNSF 4814(C44-9W) 110 Cars, 452 Axles

1220pm Southbound Main 1 UP GE-KANP1-25(Kalama-North Platte,NE Grain Empties) UP 5057(SD50), UP 4570(SD40T-2), UP 4228(SD40-2B) 104 Cars, 434 Axles

1236pm Westbound Fallbridge Main 1 Amtrak 27(Chicago-Portland Section Empire Builder) Amtrak811(P40-8BWH) 5 Cars(Sightseer Lounge, Coach, Coach Baggage, Sleeeper, MHC), 24 Axles Note: This Train was 3 Hours 25 Minutes Late!

1252pm Northbound Main 2 Amtrak 752(Portland-Seattle Cascades Talgo) Amtrak 387(F40PH) 13 Talgo Cars, Amtrak 470(F59PHI) 22 Axles 4 Minutes Late

121pm Southbound Amtrak #11(Seattle-Los Angeles Coast Starlight) Main 1 Amtrak 114(P42-8BWH), Amtrak 458(F59PHI) 10 Cars(Baggage, Transitional Sleeper, 2 Sleepers, Pacific Parlour Car, Diner, Sightseer Lounge, 3 Coaches) 48 Axles Departed On time

145pm BNSF Westbound Yard Office Lead to Fallbridge Main 1 H-EVEBAR1-24(Everett-Barstow High priority Manifest) BNSF 1054(C44-9W), BNSF 976(C44-9W), BN 8179(SD40-2), BN 7160(SD40-2) 54 Cars, 240 Axles

Head Car: ATSF 45798 Rear Car; NP 119734

Last Report of this Train:

ATSF, 45798,L,KASKELA ,OR,PS,01262000,065300,BNSF ,RIVERSIDE,CA,01302000,215100,AP,LILCUP ,CA,,,H EVEBAR1 24,005,

NP ,119734,E,KASKELA ,OR,PS,01262000,065300,BNSF ,METOLIUS ,OR,01272000,135900,ED,METOLIUS ,OR,,,H EVEBAR1 24,058,

158pm Northbound UP Main 2 LIL-50X1-25(Local-Interline Job 50 Extra Albina-Vancouver) UP 2539(GP38-2L), UP 2533(GP38-2L)(These 2 Units are listed as GP38M-3's, but was marked on locos as GP38-2L) 85 Cars, 348 Axles, 5,353 Feet To Vancouver Yard

208pm BNSF Eastbound-Northbound Herder(Portland-Vancouver Light Engine Move) Main2 Fallbridge to 8th Street, then Yard Office lead to Vancouver Yard, basically wyed the power) BN 7192(SD40-2), LMX 8560(B39-8) Cars, 10 Axles Note: This power was probably the P-LAUPTL1-23(Premium Intermodal-Laurel,MT-Portland) unit consist, which arrived earlier in the morning.

226pm UP Northbound (UP Eastbound) M-RVPT1-24 (Roseville,CA-Portland Manifest) Main 2 UP 9011(C36-7), SP 8503(SD40T-2), UP 6039(SD60) 84 Cars, 354 Axles Note: Does anyone know why this train went to Vancouver instead of Portland??

240pm BNSF Eastbound Fallbridge Main 2 M-PTLPAS2-25(Portland-Pasco Manifest Second Section) BN 7867(SD40-2), BN 3149(GP50) 99 Cars, 406

Axles Head Car: HLSC 2891

Latest Report of this Car: HLSC, 2891,L,PASCO ,WA,TA,01252000,215600,BNSF ,SOLON ,OH,01312000,042000,DD,STREATOR ,IL,NS ,,,003,

259pm UP Northbound Main 1 Z-MNSE1-21(Marion,AR-Seattle Trailers and Stacks Hot) CNW 8665(C44-9W), SP 9327(SD45T-2), UP 9090(C41-8), CNW 8705(C44-9W) 67 Cars, 228 Axles 4636 Feet

332pm BNSF Eastbound Seatle Sub Main 2 to Yard Office Lead to Fallbridge Main 2 M-TACSPO1-25(Tacoma-Spokane Mainifest) BN 8075(SD40-2), CSX 7342(ex-Conrail C41-8W, still in Conrail Blue with Conrail Quality on hood) 96 Cars, 396 Axles Note: This train was mostly Empty Woodchip Cars, rear 70 Cars or so.....all picked up at Longview Jct.

346pm BNSF Northbound Main 2 Extra Transfer(Willbridge-Vancouver Transfer Extra)BNSF 2746(GP39E), BNSF 2179(GP38X) 30 Cars, 128 Axles

424pm UP Northbound Main 1 GL-NPKA1-22(Grain Loads-North Platte,NE-Kalama)UP 5984(SD60), UP 9299(C40-8), UP 3162(SD40-2) 104 Cars, 434 Axles

437pm Northbound Main 2 Amtrak #14(Los Angeles-Seattle Coast Starlight) Amtrak 113(P42-9BWH), Amtrak 112(P42-9BWH) 10 Cars, 48 Axles 7 Minutes Late

453pm Southbound Main 1 Amtrak #753 (Seattle-Portland Cascades Talgo) Amtrak 90230(Cab Car), 13 Talgo Cars, Amtrak 468(F59PHI) 22 Axles 6 Minutes Late

455pm Westbound Fallbridge Main 2 to Yard Office Lead to Seattle Sub Main 2 U-ROOEVE1-25(Roosevelt,WA-Everett,WA Empty Garbage Stacks) BN 3147(GP50), BN 3120(GP50), BNSF 3017(GP40M) 74 Cars, 304 Axles

508pm BNSF Southbound Herder(Vancouver-Portland Light Engine Move)BN 7192(SD40-2), LMX 8560(B39-8)

509pm Eastbound Fallbridge Main 2 Amtrak #28(Portland-Chicago Section Empire Builder) Amtrak 811(P40-8BWH), 5 Cars,(Sightseer Lounge, Coach, Coach Baggage), Sleeper, MHC) 24 Axles Departed On Time, Arrived 9 Minutes early!! 514pm Westbound BNSF From Fallbridge Main 1 to Yard Office Lead to Seattle Sub Main 2M-PASTAC1-25(Pasco-Tacoma Mainfest) BNSF 8142(SD40-2),BN 2260(GP38-2), ATSF 5828(SD45-2U), BN2728(GP39-2), BN 7802(SD40-2) 103 Cars, 438 Axles

518pm Southbound UP Main 1 A-SENP1-25(Seattle-North Platte Automotive) UP 9113(C40-8), UP6325(SD60M), SP 9328(SD45T-2) 56 Cars, 242 Axles Last Report of this Train:

UP 9113 Load No Departed Lagrande, OR 01/26/00 10:37 Load No ETA Destination Nplteast ,NE 01/28/00 14:00

522pm Northbound UP Main 2 Z-APSE1-23(APL Chicago-Seattle Hot Stacks and Trailers)UP 7525(AC6000CW),NS 9165(C41-9W),UP 6026(SD60) 65 Cars, 172 Axles

535pm Westbound BNSF Fallbridge Main 1 Z-CHCPTL1-23(Chicago Cicero-Portland UPS/LTL Intermodal Hot Stacks)BNSF 1117(C44-9W),ATSF 7414(B40-8) 54 Cars, 146 Axles

540pm Southbound UP Main 2 M-SEHK1-25(Seattle-Hinkle,OR Mainfest) UP 9677(C44-9W), SP8120(C44-9W), UP 7522(AC6000CW) 86 Cars, 362 Axles

541pm Southbound BNSF Main 2 Y-VAW2271-25(Yard Job-Vancouver Job 227) BNSF 2259(GP38-2) 10 Autoracks, 1 Caboose, 48 Axles To Terminal 6

604pm Eastbound BNSF Main 2 Seattle Sub-Yard Office Lead-Main 1 Fallbridge Sub X-KALCLF9-25(Kalama-Clarkfield,MN Grain Empties Critical Arrival) BNSF 9840(SD70MAC H2),BN 9606(SD70MAC) 110 Cars, 452 Axles

Head Car: BNSF 472074

Latest Report of this Train:

BNSF,472074,E,LIBBY ,MT,PS,01262000,111142,BNSF ,CLARKFIEL,MN,01292000,050700,AP,CLARKFIEL,MN,,,X KALCLF9 25,003,

608pm BNSF Eastbound Fallbridge Main 2 X-RGTPAS1-25(Rivergate Portland-Pasco Grain Empties)BNSF 7903(SD40-2),ATSF 5145(SD40-2U) 108 Cars,444 Axles

623pm BNSF Northbound Light Engine Move BNSF 3529(SW1200) 0 Cars, 4 Axles

635pm Northbound Main 1 Amtrak 754(Portland-Seattle Cascades Talgo) Amtrak 468(F59PHI), 13 Talgo Cars,Amtrak 90230(Cab Car) 22 Axles Departed 2 Minutes Late

Note: Did not see it, but heard on Scanner that Z-PTLCHC2-25(Portland-Chicago Cicero UPS/LTL Interemodal Hot Trailers and Stacks Second Section) was departing Willbridge with the ATSF 800(C40-8W) on the point , LMX 8539(B39-8) and BNSF 8261(SD75M) Number of Cars unknown

Latest Repot of this train:

TTAX,553616,L,ROCCREEK ,MT,PS,01262000,120835,BNSF ,CICERO ,IL,01282000,140100,DD,CICERO ,IL,,,Z PTLCHC2 25,008,

Section 3 of this Trip: Vancouver-Centralia Amtrak 754 Same consist as last train spotted in Section 2

Departed Vancouver 635pm 2 Minutes Late

Met BNSF M-INBPAS1-25(Interbay-Pasco Manifest) at Felida MP 130.6 Units unknown

Detector MP 113.5(Woodland) Main 2 No defects 22 Axles

Passed BNSF M-PASTAC1-25(Pasco-Tacoma Manifest) at Longview Jct. MP 101.1

Met BNSF M-PASLVJ1-25(Pasco-Longview Jct. Manifest) at Kelso South MP 98.9

Departed Kelso 712pm 4 Minutes Late

Met UP U-SEGL1-25(Seattle-Gilliam,OR Loaded Garbage Stacks) at Ostrander MP 93.4

Crossed Over Main 2 to Main 1 Ostrander MP 93.4

Detector MP 87.4(Castle Rock) No Defects 22 Axles

Passed BNSF U-ROOEVE1-25(Roosevelt,WA-Everett Empty Garbage Stacks)at MP 85

Met UP LIC-55 1-25(Local Interline-Job 55, also known as the "Longview Local") at MP 85 UP 2363(GP38-2),UP 5757(GP60), UP 2534(GP38-2L)

Met UP I-SEBA1-25(Seattle-Barnes Yard Portland Intermodal Doublestacks) at MP 82.5

Met Amtrak 755(Seattle-Eugene,OR Cascades Talgo) at MP 79 Amtrak 470(F59PHI), 13 Talgo cars, Amtrak 387(F40PH) 22 Axles

Detector MP 57.9(Chehalis) No Defects 22 Axles

Arrived Centralia 757pm 10 Minutes Late

Departed Centralia 758pm 11 Minutes Late

Before I left the Centralia Amtrak Depot...... 800pm Southbound Main 1 BNSF X-TACMND9-25(Tacoma-Maynard,MN Grain Empties Critical Arrival)BN 8147(SD40-2),BNSF 3014(GP40M) 104 Cars, 426 Axles

Head Car: BNSF 472319, Rear Car: BNSF 474395

Latest Report of this Train:

BNSF,472319,E,CACTUS ,WA,PS,01262000,114346,BNSF ,MAYNARD ,MN,01262000,071917,HD,MAYNARD ,MN,,,X TACMND9 26,004,

BNSF,474395,E,CACTUS ,WA,PS,01262000,114346,BNSF ,MAYNARD ,MN,01262000,072240,HD,MAYNARD ,MN,,,X TACMND9 26,107,

You guys do the math, but in 8 hours at Vancouver, it was pretty busy!! I had a great time!!! Drew Mitchem, MP 54 BNSF Seattle Sub, Centralia, WA(CTL)

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