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Rail Travelogues & Photos,
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Below you will find all of the railroad related stories, rail photos, rail travelogues and rail events that have been featured with a photo link on the main page of in 2015. Click on each of the below photo links to review the full reports. You will find there are a tremendous number of travelogues of Amtrak travel, rail travel on VIA Rail Canada, as well as rail travel on many other rail systems and tourist railways throughout the world.

Reports Posted in Prior Years

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Reports Posted In 2015:

Dec 11-14, 2015 - Christmas Shopping Amtrak Trip 2015: Report & Photos by Geno Daily. Buffalo To Schenectady, NY on Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited & Empire Service, Friday - Monday. Ride Train #48 to Schenectady, Albany at Night, Railfanning on Amtrak's Hudson Line, Stuyvesant, NY, Railfanning at... Read More>>

September 20, 2015 - Cruising Along The Pacific On Amtrak's Coast Starlight: Report & Photos by Jack Turner Sunday, September 20, 2015 kicked off with a smooth drive to Los Angeles Union Station. I dropped off my rental car at the underground parking garage below the station and a redcap picked up some other passengers... Read More>>

December 31, 2015 - Chris Guenzler End of Year Review 2015 I left you at home where I spent my New Years at home again. It felt funny being here but I needed a change in my life. It had been a great year in my life for most things, including Santa Ana Unified School District's Heninger Elementary School... Read More>>

October 10, 2015 - Elegant Dinner Train, Mid-Continent Railway Museum, Report & Photos by Brian Jakosz On Saturday October 10th, 2015 I had the distinct pleasure of riding the Elegant Dinner Train at the Mid Continent Railway Museum in North Freedom, Wisconsin... Read More>>

December 26, 2015 - The Forgotten Train Station Children's Book Pablo and his family are excited to start riding the metro when the first line opens in Madrid, Spain in 1919. Chamberi, their neighborhood station, is the start of various family outings. They eventually move away from the city center and are unaware of the station's closing in the mid-1960s. Many years later Pablo, with the help of his grandson, is delighted to rediscover the station now open as a museum... Click here to order at Read More>>

December 23, 2015 - Historic Chicago Union Station An Exclusive Hard Hat Tour of Areas Closed to the Public; Report & Photos by Robert & Kandace Tabern (Trip Taken: August 22, 2015 // Published: December 23, 2015)... Read More>>

December 14, 2015 - SoCal Rail Travel Meetup Group Annucal Christmas Party: Photos by Carl Morrison Photos from the 2015 Southern California Rail Travel Meetup Group Annual Christmas Party at The Old Spaghetti Factory across from the Fullerton Amtrak Station. Read More>>

December 11, 2015 - Metrolink 91 / Perris Valley Line Dedication Ceremony Report & Photos by of the event and a short train ride along the new route by Steve Grande... Read More>>

Nov 30, 2015 - Rail Fanning New Jersey Transit at various locations in New Jersey, Philadelphia and New York City: Report & Photos by Rick Chase A note on the photographs taken at 30th St. Station yards and Zoo Tower... I was escorted and accompanied by an authorized Amtrak representative at all times... Read More>>

September 15, 2015 - California Dreamin': Touring So Cal By Rail - Report & Photos by Jack Turner Following an overnight in Albuquerque I enjoyed a morning walk around the convention center... Read More>>

September 15, 2015 - An Evening on New Mexico's Rail Runner: Report & Photos by Jack M. Turner After checking in at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Albuquerque, it was time to make the short walk to the Alvarado Transportation Center to catch a Rail Runner commuter train to Santa Fe... Read More>>

Oct 14, 2015 - What I Learned On My First Cross-Country Trip on the Southwest Chief: Report & Photos by Rick Chase On October 14, 2015, my wife and I celebrated our 42nd wedding anniversary by taking the Southwest Chief, train # 4 from Los Angeles to Chicago. The lead GE P42DC was #15 followed by #118... Read More>>

Sep 30 - Oct 1, 2015 - The Coast Starlight from Los Angeles to Portland: Report & Photos by Tim Helmuth Part 3 of a 3 part jaunt across America on Amtrak. 6:30 AM came with a jolt, warning me to leave the La Quinta and order an Uber to the ARTIC for the 8:04 AM arrival of the 763 Surfliner to LAUS... Read More>>

Oct 31-Nov 1, 2015 - Train Station Turned Upscale Hotel An Inside Look at the Crowne Plaza Indianapolis Downtown Union Station By Robert & Kandace Tabern... Read More>>

Nov 7, 2015 Latest Outside the Rails book includes glimpse of Galesburg The authors of Outside the Rails, a series of informational guides about the Midwest's passenger train routes, visited The Galesburg Public Library Saturday afternoon for a presentation and book signing. Each of their books follows a specific train route, providing pictures of local attractions and factual information; their most recent edition, which follows the route from Chicago to La Plata, Missouri, includes information about Galesburg... Read More>>

11/12/15 Saturday 10amPT / 11amMT / NoonCT / 1pmET: Tune into Live from TrainFest 2015, America's Largest Operating Model Train Show...
Read More>>

11/07/15 Train Rider's Group Oakland Circle Trip: Report & Photos by Chris Guenzler I got an idea for a Train Travel Group train trip. We all could try Business Class on the Coast Starlight... Read More>>

Florida to New Mexico by Rail
Report & Photos by Jack M. Turner Read More>>

Unfinished Business: Completing the Amtrak Southwest Chief
Tim Helmuth account of riding from Chicago to Fullerton,CA Sep 27 & 28, 2015. Read More>>

Honeymoon In The Great North
Report & Photos by John C. Turner Read More>>

Midwest Fall Foliage Private Rail Trips
By Robert & Kandace Tabern of APRHF Rail Rangers. Read More>>

Robin Bowers Train Travel Trips
Rail Travel Reports and Photos by Robin Bowers. Read More>>

Buffalo To Schenectady & NY,NY on Amtrak's Lake Shore Ltd & Empire Service
Christmas Shopping Amtrak Trip, Friday-Monday, Dec 12th-15th, 2014, Report & Photos by Geno Dailey. Read More>>

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Highlighted Stories From TrainWeb's Past:

American Orient Express / GrandLuxe Rail Journeys Travelogues, car roster, brief history start to end, including hundreds of photos inside and outside plus travel photos... Read More>>

06/04/13-06/09/13: The Vino Train - Portland Wine & Roses Edition Inaugural Run from Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon. Read More>>

08/24/99: Scottish Thistle Rail Excursion - Los Angeles to Oakland, California Steve's Travelogue & Photos: Ray and I rode in The Scottish Thistle private railcar from Los Angeles to Oakland, California on the tail end of the Amtrak Coast Starlight. The Scottish Thistle has an open platform which provided an experience quite different from any of my previous journeys on the Coast Starlight... Read More>>

Train Travelers Robin Bowers & Chris Guenzler

More Chapters To Be Posted Soon!

June 2015

Chapter 1 June 11, 2015 - Lift Off: Report & Photos by Robin Bowers. After many months of looking at maps, train schedules and various tour books, the end has come. Stop !! Put the pencil down, raise your hands. Grading will now begin with final grade to be received in 27 days... Read More>>

Chapter 2 June 12, 2015 - Manhattan A: Report & Photos by Robin Bowers. Nine Hours in Manhattan. I certainly can't remember the time on that early morning the first day in New York State that we stumbled out of our hotel room. But our parking receipt states that we made the purchase at 05.21 AM. The rate is $3.75 for 16 hours. So the expiration Time/Date is 09.21 PM on... Read More>>

Chapter 3 June 12, 2015 - Manhattan B: Report & Photos by Robin Bowers. Going Uptown on the East Side. After a stroll around Battery Park and soaking in the great harbor views, I found my way back to the bus pick-up point. We would now be heading to Midtown Manhattan with several views of the East River... Read More>>

Chapter 4 June 13, 2015 - Walkway over the Hudson and trains in the Catskills: Report & Photos by Robin Bowers. After loading the car and leaving the motel, our first stop was for breakfast at McDonald's which was an easy find because it was across the road from the Subway shop. Then we were headed west towards Poughkeepsie, Walkway bridge and Marist College... Read More>>

Chapter 5 June 14, 2015 - Rutland to Smithville Photo Freight: Report & Photos by Robin Bowers. Our first morning in Vermont began shortly after 6:00 AM as we headed for the Day's Inn breakfast room; a cozy room with windows overlooking the front yard. There were the usual breakfast fixings to be had. The most popular spot was the do-it-yourself waffle iron... Read More>>

Chapter 6 June 14, 2015 - Vermont RR Depots and Covered Bridges road trip: Report & Photos by Robin Bowers. After our train ride, Chris and I jumped into our car and head to Proctor, VT for our first stop at Wilson Castle. Wilson Castle is a three-story house, home to five generations of the Wilson family. Located on an... Read More>>

Chapter 7 June 15, 2015 - Saratoga Springs to North Creek Passenger Train: Report & Photos by Robin Bowers. Today began with early breakfast in the motel's breakfast room. Today's adventure will begin at the Rutland VT Amtrak station with us boarding the Ethan Allen Express at 8:00 A.M. and arriving at Saratoga Springs at 9:37 A.M. After arriving in Saratoga Springs we... Read More>>

Chapter 8 June 16, 2015 - Green Mountain RR to Bellows Falls: Report & Photos by Robin Bowers. Today started with a nice breakfast in the motel's dining room. Our train left at 10:00 A.M., so we were not rushed as much today. After breakfast, we drove to the Rutland Amtrak station(RUD). The reason for today's later start was a. the Ethan Allen Express departs at... Read More>>

Chapter 9 June 17, 2015 - Heritage Tour - Vermont Products and Parks: Report & Photos by Robin Bowers. This morning started with breakfast in the motel's dining room. Then it was a short walk across S. Main Street ( US Rt 4) to the Holiday Inn to board the bus for today's tour. Heritage Tour - Vermont Products and Parks Tour was scheduled to leave the Holiday Inn at 7:45AM with... Read More>>

Chapter 10 Jun 18, 2015 - Rutland to Burlington Passenger Train: Report & Photos by Robin Bowers. Today's train departs at 10:00 AM from Rutland. After breakfast, with a couple of hours free to explore, Chris and I drove to the locomotive yard, location of the former car shop building, to see what... Read More>>

Chapter 11 Jun 19, 2015 - Omya plant, Shelburne Museum & Covered Bridges: Report & Photos by Robin Bowers. Rutland to Omya Passenger Train, Shelburne Museum and Covered Bridges. Today's train trip to the Omya plant will be broken into two parts This is due to lack of track space at the plant. Group One will depart Rutland by... Read More>>

Chapter 12 June 20, 2015 - Rutland to N Bennington & Hoosick Jct Passenger Train: Report & Photos by Robin Bowers. Rutland to Hoosick Junction Passenger Train. Chris and I arrived at the station 9:00AM. and a little early for our scheduled 10:00AM departure for New York State. Hoosick Junction is just a few miles west... Read More>>

Chapter 13 June 21, 2015 - Winnipesaukee RR, Hobo RR & Cafe Lafayette Dinner Train: Report & Photos by Robin Bowers. The crack of dawn was still ringing throughout the Green Mountains, when we skipped down the road out of Town Rutland. Our week's stay here was a once-in-a-lifetime... Read More>>

Chapter 14 June 22, 2015 - Mt Washington Cog Rwy, Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes RR: Report & Photos by Robin Bowers. Today's journey began after a quick breakfast in Lincoln and then we headed north on US 3. We continued on US 3 to Twin Mountain and the junction with US 302. We continued east now on... Read More>>

Chapter 15 June 23, 2015 - Conway Scenic RR, Silver Lake RR: Report & Photos by Robin Bowers. Conway Scenic Railroad, off SR 16 and US 302, offers nostalgic, narrated, round-trip train rides of varying duration. Excursions are powered by early diesel locomotives over tracks laid in the 1870's. Trains depart from... Read More>>

Chapter 16 June 24, 2015 - Wiscasset, Waterville & Farmington R'y Co. / Boothbay Railway Village / Belfast & Moosehead Lake Railroad: Report & Photos by Robin Bowers. The night passed with sporadic storms and showers. But sunrise brought blue skies and bright sunshine for our day's adventures. Chris and I were up early and on US 1 heading north to the village of... Read More>>

Chapter 17 June 24, 2015 - Penobscot Narrows Bridge, Fort Knox State Historic Site, Cole Land Transportation Museum, Augusta Capital Building, Gardiner, ME, and Bath, ME: Report & Photos by Robin Bowers. Continuing our day in Northeastern Maine, we drove north on US 1 and saw great vistas of the shore line and Penobscot Bay. Heading toward... Read More>>

Chapter 18 June 25, 2015 - Amtrak Downeaster, Maine Narrow Gauge Museum, Seashore Trolley Museum, Lowell National Historic Park: Report & Photos by Robin Bowers. Chris and I had the car loaded, checked out of Best Western and were headed north on US 1, while the crack of dawn was still reverberating in morning sky of Maine. Our first stop was... Read More>>

Chapter 19 June 26, 2015 - Freedom Train, Old Ironsides, Inner harbor & CapeFlyer: Report & Photos by Robin Bowers. Last night, Chris and I had a nice dinner at the Outback Steakhouse in Lowell, MA, then returned to the motel. Afterwards, I went to find a laundromat close and once I had located it and started to do the laundry, there was a car accident... Read More>>

Chapter 20 June 27, 2015 - Connecticut Eastern RR Museum, Essex Steam Train, Shore Line Trolley Museum, New Haven Line, Metro North Railroad: Report & Photos by Robin Bowers. After a good night's rest from our big day in Boston and a quick bit to eat, Chris and I were ready to start another day of adventure and exploring. We headed south to our first stop,.. Read More>>

Chapter 21 June 28, 2015 - Railroad Museum of New England, Connecticut Trolley Museum, Drive to Brattleboro, Shelburne Falls Trolley Museum: Report & Photos by Robin Bowers. After a good restful sleep at the Waterbury Quality Inn, Chris and I had some extra time this morning to grab a nice breakfast at the hotel breakfast bar. After eating we packed the car and... Read More>>

Chapter 22 June 29, 2015 - Empire Service, Streets of New York, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Virginia Service, Ride the Tide: Report & Photos by Robin Bowers. Before it became Walkway State Park, this massive 1.28-mile steel structure was know as the Poughkeepise-Highland Railroad Bridge, an industrial Age Superstar! When trains began rumbling over the bridge in... Read More>>

Chapter 23 June 30, 2015 - A Day in Norfolk, Virginia: Report & Photos by Robin Bowers. Riding the Tide, Visiting the Norfolk Southern RR Museum, Exploring the neighborhood and the Elizabeth River water front. Seeing the US Wisconsin and water front in twilight. Last night we checked into our room in the Tazewell Hotel and Suites, built in 1906 and a... Read More>>

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