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Girl Scouts of Kennebac, ME Council
Cadette / Senior Troop 1848 Travelogue to Savannah, GA
Amtrak Regional and Silver Meteor

This troop of eight girls (Ashley, Devon, Jamie, Joan, Katie, Megan, Melissa, and Nicole) and three adults (Gladys, the leader; Lori, co-leader; and Cindy, parent) is going to Savannah, Georgia from Litchfield, Maine. We will be traveling by Bus and Train.

Oct 10, 2003 5:45 am
We met at Gladys' house to leave for the bus station in Portland, Maine. We arrived at the Concord Trailways and Amtrak station at 6:45 am.

7:00 am We boarded the bus to Boston. We had to take the bus because the Downeaster only go to the north station and we needed the south station for the train. It was easy to take that so that we wouldn't have to travel across Boston to get the Train. We walked around the corner and took the elevator to the second floor.

9:35 am we arrived in Boston with a two hour wait for the train. The girls will be doing homework and getting a snack to hold them over until we get to New York. There was a big room with small tables lots of eatery places to choice from.

At the Amtrak station it was confusing for us at first but Gladys took care of that. She went to ask to be boarded first so that we would not be forgotten.

11:10 am A man with a red cap Which is what they are called (Red Cap) - Amtrak personnel to help with passengers' things and to make sure that they are on the right train. We got on the Amtrak Regional train to New York. We will be on this train for about four hours. Most of the girls were a little scared because this was their very first long trip with the girl scouts.

11:35 am we are moving on the tracks now. This train went slow at first, then fast. We made many stops on the way to New York. We saw many different homes, and the girls was not happy about seeing all the trash along the train track in some areas. But for most of this part of the trip it was beautiful.

Devon was very excited about the movement of the train and how fast it can go.

Ashley like the picturesque sites like the Connecticut River boat launch or yacht landing and the birds. She did not like to walk in the aisles of the train becasue it made her fell that she was on roller skates and she was going to fall down.

Joan, Megan and Jamie were listening to their music by headphone. Jamie thought that the bathrooms were cool in how small they were.

Melissa thought that the seats were comfortable but the rock and rolling train ride was not fun at all. She would not use the bathroom unless she had to.

Nicole found that the train ride was very interesting, watching the different people come on the train and get off. She liked to walk in the aisles of the train.

The leaders like the train for a change becasue they got to see the sencery this time and not worry about the driving.

We arrived at Penn Station in New York at 4:01 pm. We will be here for three hours and we will be getting some food for supper. First, we need to check our bags in at the baggage check-in. They we be on the train with us. We almost missed the train becasue the red cap didn't come to get us so Gladys checked the track and got us downstairs just in time to get on the train. We will take the Amtrak Silver Meteor, train 97.

7:01 pm We are leaving Penn Station now, we will arrive in Savannah, GA at 9:30 am on Oct 11, 2003

We made several stops along the way to Savannah Ga.

We got the train got to sit together in the middle of the train. Most of the girls was comfortable in the bigger seats and roomy cubicles. We were given a small travel pillow to sleep with. Next time we would recommend to bring a small blanket to cover up while on the train.

8:41pm Philly PA more people getting on and off

Next stop Wilmington, Delaware.

Most of the girls are sleeping now, they are very tired. Especially Devon because she said that she was not going to sleep at all. She slept the most.

The Leaders are now finally relaxed enough to sleep a little.

We will make a stop in Richmond, VA.

The Leaders woke at about 6 am and got some breakfast for the girls from the lounge car.

7:30 am Cocktails anyone? We drank apple juice from the plastic cocktail glasses after a long night on the train. Ashley was getting silly again - too much apple juice.

8:17 am Kingstree, South Carolina there is a Piggy Wiggly store for real. There was lots of rubbish around and an abandoned building. We are now one hour behind becasue of the speed restrictions in certain areas.

10:35am We arrived in Savannah, Ga. Janis from the Tooty Tours was there to greet us. We will be here until Oct 15, 2003. While in Savannah Ga. we will be visiting different places.

Oct 11, 2003
Visiting Savannah, Ga. Downtown
Telfair Museum

Oct 12, 2003
Laura Grovel Cemetery Visit
Andrew Low House
Dolphin Cruise
Ride around the town at night.

Oct 13,2003
Ties Island, Ga.
Fort Jackson , Ga.
Carriage Ghost Ride

Oct 14, 2003
Girl Scout Birthplace visits
Ghost Walk

Oct 15, 2003
Seabrook Village
Sea Marsh

Oct 15, 2003
Arrived at the Savannah, Ga. Amtrak Station at 5:50 for the 6:30 pm departure for New York, Amtrak Silver Meteor train 98.

Most of the girls are tried from the long day. I think most of the girls will be sleeping on the way home.

Most of the girls played cards on the train until about 9:00 pm. The girls liked the night time view from the train. It was very beautiful and different, with the sky being purple and orange. All the lights make the cities look beautiful at night.

9:30 pm Leaders are enjoying a good cup of coffee. It turned out to be very strong coffee, keeping them up for a while.

10:30 pm Ashley is now eating her pizza from her supper becasue she was sleeping off a upset stomach.

12:00 am Oct 16, 2003

We are all now going to sleep. We have lots of room in this train because it is a mid week day.

7:00 am Lori and Gladys went to get milk, hot chocolate and coffee because we had cereal from the hotel, and bananas.

11:30 am We arrived at New York Penn Station. We ate lunch and waited for the red cap to come get us for the Boston (Amtrak Regional) train at 12:30 pm.

12:30 pm Leaving New York Penn Station bound for Boston.

Girl are playing cards, listening to music and talking about Savannah.

Beautiful sites along the way home.

Arrived in Boston 4:45 pm.

We will eat supper at Mcdonald's first then walk over to the bus station for the bus ride to Maine with a 6:10 pm departure.

We arrived in Portland Maine at 8:05 pm. Family members were there to meet the girls.

Devon, Ashley, and Nicole will most likely use the train again. But for long trips I will recommend having a sleeping berth.

Melissa will use the train for short distances only, less than 2 hours long.
Joan and Jamie are undecided.
Megan is definitely no way, no more train.

For the Leaders
Gladys will do it again with a sleeping berth next time.
Lori wants to go first class next time.
Cindy, short trips only.

This troop wants to thank for all their support and making this trip happen for us.

Ashley, Devon, Jamie, Joan, Katie, Megan, Melissa, Nicole.

Gladys, Lori, Cindy

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