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Santa Fe 3751 Steam Locomotive
From Railfair'99, Sacramento back to Los Angeles, California
Steve's Travelogue - June 30, 1999

Santa Fe 3751 at the end of the journey at the Amtrak Redondo Yard

This segment of my travelogue covers our jouney in the Overland Trail private lounge car pulled by the Santa Fe 3751 steam locomotive from Barstow to Los Angeles, California, on our way back from Railfair'99.

The crew on the Santa Fe 3751 - Photo at Fullerton Santa Fe Depot, California

The passengers on the Tioga Pass and Overland Trail private cars

Signs on Bill Hatrick's Overland Trail private lounge car

Bill Hatrick and Bill's family

Ray Burns and Ray's family

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If you have any difficulty with the above links, please send e-mail to me about which link is broken. Since I am uploading all these files from the hotel each night, I do not have the time to review them all. I have selected just the video clips that I thought were worthwhile, but I have not had the time to filter which photos are not worth posting. Thus, for now, I have posted all of the photos that we took.

As most of you who are frequent visitors to TrainWeb already know, you can click on any photo on this page to display a larger image of that photo.

YEAR MON DA DAY Actual-Departure-Time (Scheduled-Departure-Time) Time Zone

1999 JUN 30 WED 11:40 Pacific Time Barstow CA

Moved for about 30 seconds.

1999 JUN 30 WED 11:44 Pacific Time Barstow CA

Moving again.

1999 JUN 30 WED 12:08 Pacific Time MP 08.5 CH 72 (161.190)

1999 JUN 30 WED 12:26 Pacific Time MP 28.5 CH 72 (161.190)

1999 JUN 30 WED 12:52 Pacific Time

Stopped on the bridge over the Mojave River.

1999 JUN 30 WED 13:02 Pacific Time Victorville CA

"Steam Engine. Hot Rail #2, Victorville."

1999 JUN 30 WED 13:25 Pacific Time Victorville CA Departure

1999 JUN 30 WED 13:51 Pacific Time MP 48.5 CH 72 (161.190)

1999 JUN 30 WED 14:09 Pacific Time Summit

We are experiencing problems with the end of train device. They were having problems communicating with it from the steam locomotive. The BNSF diesel was had circuit continuity at first but then lost it. Evidently they were able to get the problem fixed so that we could proceed.

1999 JUN 30 WED 14:44 Pacific Time MP 64.1 CH 72 (161.190) 90 degrees

1999 JUN 30 WED 14:50 Pacific Time MP 64.1 San Bernardino Yard

Water and servicing. Lots of railfans and other people who have come out to see the 3751 are in the station!

1999 JUN 30 WED 14:58 Pacific Time San Bernardino


1999 JUN 30 WED 15:59 Pacific Time San Bernardino

Whistel blowing and moving!

1999 JUN 30 WED 16:00 Pacific Time San Bernardino Depot

Lots of people here!

1999 JUN 30 WED 16:10 Pacific Time San Bernardino Depot Departure

1999 JUN 30 WED 16:19 Pacific Time MP 06.0 CH 36 (160.650)

1999 JUN 30 WED 16:50 Pacific Time MP 32.0 CH 36 (160.650)

1999 JUN 30 WED 17:15 Pacific Time Fullerton CA Arrive

At the Fullerton Santa Fe Depot we dropped off Bill Hatrick's wife and children and Kirk Shneider. There were a great number of railfans and other people in the depot who had come to see the 3751. As at most stops, many had still and movie cameras, including several mounted on tripods. A lot of people were waving. I waved back and took pictures of the depot and of quite a few people at the depot.

Ray Burns came to the train and took a number of photos. As soon as the train departed, he headed to the van to drive it to meet me in Los Angeles so that we could unload all our materials from our display booth.

1999 JUN 30 WED 17:21 Pacific Time Fullerton CA Depart

1999 JUN 30 WED 17:33 Pacific Time MP 150.7 CH 36 (160.650)

The locomotive is whistling a lot on its way into Los Angeles!

1999 JUN 30 WED 17:57 Pacific Time Hobart Tower

1999 JUN 30 WED 18:05 Pacific Time Amtrak Redondo Yard, Los Angeles, CA

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