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of being hosted at TrainWeb

You might wonder why you would want to host your rail related website free at TrainWeb rather than with any other free web hosting service on the internet. Here are the reasons:

  • Tens of thousands of people with an interest in rail visit TrainWeb each month. Over 300,000 rail related pages are viewed per month at TrainWeb. Your website would be promoted by TrainWeb to these visitors via links to your website from several sections of TrainWeb, including:

  • TrainWeb will feature links to your website from many other
    TrainWeb sections that relate to the topic of your website!

  • EVERY PAGE at your website will be thoroughly indexed by, the most comprehensive search engine for rail in existence!
    Other rail related websites are welcome to submit pages to, but we only index one level down from the URL of each submitted page. Sites directly hosted on the TrainWeb servers automatically have EVERY PAGE thoroughly indexed and are included in search results above sites that are neither TrainWeb Sponsors nor hosted on the the TrainWeb servers. Your website will be included in both the "Internet" and the "TrainWeb" RAILsearch databases. Only TrainWeb hosted sites and sponsors are included in the RAILsearch "TrainWeb" database. The databases are updated about once per month. During the update, any pages that you have added or modified on your website are automatically re-indexed and links to deleted pages are removed.

  • A free clickable banner ad for your website will appear over 2000 times per month throughout TrainWeb and other websites hosted at TrainWeb.

  • Your website will be announced in TrainWeb's "What's New" section. Your website may also be the featured highlight in various sections of TrainWeb from time to time.

  • Most rail related websites that have moved to TrainWeb experience an immediate and significant increase in the number of visitors to their website.

  • Most websites that have moved their web hosting to TrainWeb have noticed a dramatic increase in performance of their website. TrainWeb has plenty of bandwidth because we only provide free websites to those individuals and organizations with websites related to rail.

More features:

  • Disk Space: You will be given 10 Megabytes of disk space initially. However, we automatically grant requests for additional web space as long as it is for additional material of interest to some segment of the rail community (even lots of photographs!).

  • Bandwidth: We do not have any hard rules or restrictions about bandwidth. Generally, it takes thousands of visits per day to a website to generate any significant traffic load. Very few rail related websites generate the amount of load that would be a problem and thus we have not set a specific limit. However, serving any significant amount of "live" video from your website could cause a load problem and we would appreciate a discussion of such ideas with you before you begin to provide such services. These issues will probably become mute as the overall internet bandwidth increases and costs continue to fall.

Additional featuers coming soon:

  • There will be a new What's New At TrainWeb Hosted Sites? section at TrainWeb where you will be able to add links to pages at your own website whenever you have new features, pages, pictures or articles to announce!

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