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including Photos

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  1. ★★★ Santa Fe 3751 Steam Locomotive

  2. - ATSF Santa Fe 3751 Steam Locomotive Many photos, video clips, and reports of the Santa Fe 3751 Steam Locomotive including 8 days of riding round-trip behind the engine from Los Angeles to Railfair'99 in Sacramento... Read More>>

  3. ★ Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Class 4-8-4's
    History of the ACL Railroad's R-1 4-8-4's.

  4. - Atlantic Coast Line Railroad. Class R-1 4-8-4's, the "1800's" by Hugh Odom. Atlantic Coast Line No. 1808 from the H. L. Broadbelt collection. This page provides an overview of some of my favorite steam locomotives used in the United States, the Class R-1 4-8-4's of the Atlantic Coast Line (ACL) Railroad... Read More>>

  5. Baldwin Locomotive Works Web Site
    Baldwin Locomotive Works Web Site.

  6. www.trainweb.US/baldwin - Baldwin Locomotive Works The official unofficial BLW website where you will find photos and info of several of the locomotives... Read More>>

  7. ★★★ Bob's RR Pix

  8. - Bob's RR Pix Dozens of photos and information of steam locomotives... Read More>>

  9. ☆☆☆ Railroad Crossings by Brett Wirick - 3751 Section

  10. www.trainweb.US/brettrw - Railroad Crossings by Brett Wirick has been developed to help the railfan enjoy the western railroading scene. To make this easier, pages are developed following the host railroads own breakdown of its track, IE by subdivision. This segmenting applies mainly to the UP and BNSF, the dominate railroads in the west. In all cases, pictures and information are disseminated following a geographical format. This should help you to locate and duplicate what you find here on-line during your next trip... Read More>>

  11. ★ Rip Van Winkle Railroads - Catskill Mountain

  12. - Rip Van Winkle Railroads The Rip Van Winkle Railroads, a nickname given to them, were a consortium of four little railroads that operated in the Catskill Mountains of New York for nearly forty years. The four railroads, the Catskill Mountain Railway, the Otis Elevating Railway , the Cairo Railroad, and the Catskill & Tannersville Railway were all interconnected narrow gauge (3 ft.) devoted to the transportation of vacationers to the Mountaintop... Read More>>

  13. ★★ Delaware & Northern Railroad

  14. - Delaware & Northern Railroad (D&N) The D&N was a 37-mile long pike that operated between East Branch and Arkville, NY. Originally chartered as the Delaware & Eastern Railroad in 1904, it was... Read More>>

  15. ★ Golden Spike Chapter, Railway & Locomotive Historical Society

  16. - Golden Spike Chapter, Railway & Locomotive Historical Society is part of the national organization Railway & Locomotive Historical Society. The current major project of the GSR&LHS is the restoration of D&RGW #223... Read More>>

  17. ☆ In Steam - Photographs of Working Steam Locomotives

  18. www.trainweb.US/insteam - In Steam Photographs of Working Steam Locomotives. A collection of photographs of working steam locomotives taken over a period of some 40 years... Read More>>

  19. ★ CNR Locomotive 6167

  20. - CNR Locomotive Fencing and Security Around Locomotive 6167 in Guelph, Ontario. Should a Fence Be Constructed Around The Recently Restored Locomotive 6167?... Read More>>

  21. ☆ Kjellgesen's Rail Pictures

  22. www.trainweb.US/kjellsrailpix - Kjellgesen's Rail Pictures Pictures of Norwegian locomotives, rolling stock and stations including Steam, Diesel, and Electric locomotives... Read More>>

  23. ★ McCloud Rails

  24. - McCloud Rails This website seeks to document the life and times of the rail lines owned and operated by three principle companies in the life of McCloud, the McCloud River Lumber Company, the McCloud River Railroad Company, and the McCloud Railway Company... Read More>>

  25. ★ New Zealand Railways Steam Locomotives

  26. - New Zealand Railways Steam Locomotives This site portrays the locomotives that were used on the New Zealand Railways network. The period covered is from 1870 until 28 October 1971 when the last steam locomotive dropped its fire and was withdrawn from service... Read More>>

  27. ☆ Steam Trains in Paraguay

  28. www.trainweb.US/olgiati-in-paraguay - Steam Train in Paraguay You will find here some pictures of what may be the last days of steam in Paraguay. Some were taken in the year 2000 and 2001, when the trains were still running out of the San Francisco Central Station in Asunción. The engines pictured were all wood fired; some of them were... Read More>>

  29. ☆ Pax Bellum

  30. www.trainweb.US/paxbellum - Pax Bellum Pictures of Utah's Ogden Union Station 4-8-4 Steam Locomotive... Read More>>

  31. ☆ Philadelphia Bethlehem and New England

  32. www.trainweb.US/pbne - Philadelphia Bethlehem and New England Dedicated to the memory of Bethlehem Steel's in-plant Railroad. This site is by Phil Baggley who models the PBNE in HO (1:87) scale. The material on this site is from my own collection but I owe an enormous debt to... Read More>>

  33. ★ Rahway Valley Railroad (RVRR)

  34. - Rahway Valley Railroad (RVRR) Chronicles 95 years of history. Here you will find a story of... Read More>>

  35. ☆ Mike Raia's Photographs

  36. www.trainweb.US/raiaphotos - Mike Raia's Photographs This website was created to display some of the pictures I have taken over the years including the Ohio Central Photographer's special in 2002, Canadian Pacific in the Canadian Rockies in 2002, Duluth, Eire Mining in the late 90's and 2004, Algoma Central, Soo Line 2-8-2 #1003 photo charter in 2004, Santa Fe 3751 photo charter in 2002, EBT Photo Trip in 2005, 2816 Photo Charter in 2006, and Canadian Pacific Division Street Job... Read More>>

  37. ☆☆☆ Ohio Rails

  38. www.trainweb.US/railmaster - Ohio Rails Photos around Ohio of Conrail, CSX, Hocking Valley Scenic Railway, Indiana & Ohio Railway, Maintenance Of Way, Norfolk Southern, Ohio Central, Steam Locomotives and other historical rail photos. Also audio recordings, radio frequencies, locomotive rosters and more... Read More>>

  39. ☆☆☆ Randy's Railroads

  40. www.trainweb.US/randysrr - Randy's Railroads Thousands of photographs from my collection. I took approximately 15,000 slides of northeast railroads in the early 80's. There is also a large selection of Western Maryland photos from my collection including early diesel and late steam... Read More>>

  41. ☆ Riverview & Twin Lakes Railroad

  42. www.trainweb.US/riverview - Riverview & Twin Lakes Railroad A 15" gauge 3"=1' scale layout with over 5300's of track located near Riverton Wyoming. Web site features layout plan, track construction method, rail design & fabrication, foundry casting, locomotive &... Read More>>

  43. ★ Golden Spike Chapter, Railway & Locomotive Historical Society

  44. - Golden Spike Chapter, Railway & Locomotive Historical Society is part of the national organization Railway & Locomotive Historical Society. We generally meet every 3rd Saturday - see website for date, time and place. Besides our major project restoring the D&RGW #223, we work closely with the Ogden Union Station Foundation in their efforts to operate and maintain the Utah State Railroad Museum... Read More>>

  45. ★ SAR & CR Railways

  46. - SAR & CR Railways. A website dedicated to modeling the South Australian Railways (SAR) and the Commonwealth Railways of Australia (CR). These two railway systems serviced some of the remotest areas of Australia and employed a diverse range of... Read More>>

  47. Save The Steamers

  48. Save_the_Steamers/Welcome.html - Save The Steamers. This site was founded in 2010 when I began to realize through extensive research that many of the world's remaining steam locomotives are in grave danger. Most are... Read More>>

  49. ★ The Railroads of the Schoharie Valley

  50. - The Railroads of the Schoharie Valley. The Pride of the Valley. The Schoharie Valley Railway (SV) and the Middleburgh & Schoharie Railroad (M&S) were two little railroads that together only... Read More>>

  51. ☆☆☆ Screaming Eagles

  52. www.trainweb.US/screamingeagle - Screaming Eagles. Missouri Pacific Railway. A huge collection of photos of Steam Engines, Switchers & Slugs, 1940's Streamlines, 1940's-1970's EMD Power, 1980's Post Merger Power, Rolling Stock, plus much much more... Read More>>

  53. ★ Semo Rails

  54. - Semo Rails. Hot spots, operations, tips, and more for railfanning within Missouri. Photos, multimedia, news, railfan locations, rosters, steam, signals and more... Read More>>

  55. ☆ Shay #12 Knowledge

  56. www.trainweb.US/shay12 - Shay #12 Knowledge. "Three Foot Rails for shay #12 Through History. Narrowguage Class C Shay geared logging locomotive. This model represents builders serial number 3302 operated on the West Side Lumber Co. railroad operations as Number 12 out of Tudumne in the state of... Read More>>

  57. ★ Smoky Mountain Railroad

  58. - Smoky Mountain Railroad. Knoxville, Slow & Easy: Slide show of Knoxville, Sevierville & Eastern Ry (1907-1921); Knoxville & Carolina RR (1921-1926); Tennessee & Northern Carolina Ry (1927-1938); Smoky Mountrain RR (1938-1961)... Read More>>

  59. ★ The Spiral Tunnels and the Big Hill

  60. - The Spiral Tunnels and the Big Hill. On the Canadian Pacific Railway, Centennial Edition, by Graeme Pole, Mountain Vision Publishing. This compelling account chronicles the tales, the triumphs, and the tragedies of railway operations in Kicking Horse Pass from 1885 to the present day. Revised and expanded for the 2009 centennial of the... Read More>>

  61. ☆ The Tennessee, Alabama & Georgia Railway

  62. www.trainweb.US/tagrailway - The Tennessee, Alabama & Georgia RailWay This site is dedicated to the history of the Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia Railway, and its rolling stock, motive power, and structures that supported a railroad that ran from Chattanooga, Tennessee, through Georgia, and into Gadsden, Alabama. The TAG ceased to exist in 1971, when it was... Read More>>

  63. ★ Tim's Canadian MSTS Locomotives List

  64. - Tim's Canadian MSTS Locomotives List Includes photos of steam, BC Rail, Canadian National, Canadian Pacific, VIA Rail Canada, O.N. Rail, Special, Electric, MSTS Links, CN Blackfoot Sub, Northwest Line and more... Read More>>

  65. ★ The Ultimate Steam Page

  66. - The Ultimate Steam Page Despite their apparent demise over 40 years ago, steam locomotives continue to work productively in remote locations around the world. Numerous serious attempts have been made to bring steam locomotives back into general railway use... Read More>>

  67. ★★★ Ulster & Delaware Railroad

  68. - Ulster & Delaware Railroad "The Only All Rail Route Through The Catskills". The Ulster and Delaware Railroad (U&D) (later the Catskill Mountain Branch of the... Read More>>

  69. ★ Unadilla Valley Railway

  70. - Unadilla Valley Railway "The Dilly-Dally Line". The Unadilla Valley Railway was an interesting and colorful shortline just west of the Catskills in the scenic Unadilla Valley region. Originally called... Read More>>

  71. ★★★ Western New York Railway Historical Society

  72. - Western New York Railway Historical Society, Inc. was founded to ensure that what remains of our Railway Heritage is preserved for present and future generations. Our primary goal was achieved in... Read More>>

Steam Locos Related Reports & Photos:

Aug 6, 2019 - Midwest Rail Rangers - Behind the Scenes with the UP Big Boy #4014. Robert & Kandace Tabern. For many, the most memorable "train experience" of 2019 will go down as seeing the Union Pacific Big Boy #4014 steam locomotive in action. After many years of hard work by Union Pacific's "Steam Team", the world's largest operating steam locomotive made... Read More>>

Steam Locos Related Reports & Photos
by Chris Guenzler:

  1. July 28, 2018 - The Durbin Rocket: Report & Photos by Chris Guenzler The Durbin Rocket operates out of Durbin, WV, from May to October. During July and August, there are two daily services Thurs-Sun, one leaving at 10.00am and one at 2.30pm. The rides are very popular, particularly on weekends and during Fall runs... Read More>>

  2. July 27, 2018 - C&O Railway Heritage Center: Report & Photos by Chris Guenzler The Chesapeake & Ohio Railway traces its origin to the Louisa Railroad of Louisa County, Virginia, begun in 1836, and the James River & Kanawha Canal Company begun 1785, also in Virginia. The C&O of the 1950s and 1960s at its height before the... Read More>>

  3. Oct 2, 2017 - Milwaukee Road 261 Minneapolis Jct to Glencoe: Report & Photos by Chris Guenzler Milwaukee Road 261 is a 4-8-4 "Northern" type steam locomotive built by the American Locomotive Company, (ALCO), in Schenectady, New York in July 1944 for the... Read More>>

  4. June 3, 2017 - Milwaukee Road 261 Breckenridge to Kindred: Report & Photos by Chris Guenzler Sleeping in is a rare event for me. After getting last night's story completed, I called Elizabeth and told her it was done. After a good breakfast I wrote the Rollag story then put it... Read More>>

  5. June 2, 2017 - Milwaukee Road 261 Davenport to Lisbon: Report & Photos by Chris Guenzler After Dalton we drove to Leonard and set up along the Red River Valley & Western Railroad and waited for the Milwaukee Road 261 to come to us on its afternoon trip to Lisbon. We met... Read More>>

  6. June 2, 2017 - Lake Region Pioneer Treshersmen Association and Bonanzaville USA: Report & Photos by Chris Guenzler When the first threshing machine was invented, it was considered the greatest labor saver for threshing grain. Horses and steam engines that powered threshing... Read More>>

  7. June 2, 2017 - Western Minnesota Steam Threshers: Report & Photos by Chris Guenzler Every Labor Day weekend since 1954, generations of threshermen & women get together to relive the tradition of the good ol' days and bring the past to life for the enjoyment of young and old alike. Stop by... Read More>>

  8. June 1, 2017 - Getting to the Milwaukee Road 261: Report & Photos by Chris Guenzler I decided after getting a E-mail from the Friends of the Milwaukee Road 261 in early April about two train trips on the Red River Valley and Western Railroad at a good price so I got tickets for... Read More>>

    Additional Reports & Photos of Steam Locomotives by Chris Guenzler:
  1. 4449 West The World Fair Daylight
  2. Arrowhead Vacationeer pulled by Soo Line 2719, NRHS
  3. ATSF 3751 West I Finally Rode over Tehachaphi
  4. ATSF 3751, Summer of Steam Part II
  5. A Bell Garden's Railroad
  6. Black Hills Central Railroad
  7. Burnaby Central Railway
  8. Cadillac Fall Colors Steam Limited Alma to Cadillac
  9. California Western Railroad with Steam Train
  10. Camp 5 Lumberjack Steam Train
  11. Canadian Pacific 2816 Shoreham to Thief River Falls
  12. Canadian Pacific 2816 Thief River Falls to Winnipeg
  13. Canadian Pacific Empress 2816 The Four Day Trip Minneapolis to Portal
  14. Cass Railfan Weekend 2007
  15. Cass Railroad Trip to Bald Knob
  16. Chehalis-Centralia Railroad Steam Trip
  17. Chehalis-Centralia Steam Charter
  18. Chelatchie Prairie Photo Freight
  19. Cincinnati Limited Dennison to Newark, NRHS 2006
  20. Coal Mine and Northeast Missouri Old Threshers Steam Engine
  21. Colorado Railroad Museum, NRHS 2016 Convention
  22. Colorado Railroad Museum
  23. Cripple Creek & Victor Railway
  24. Cripple Creek & Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad Story
  25. Cumbres & Toltec Railroad East to West
  26. Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad
  27. Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad and the Durango Silverton Railroad
  28. Delaware River Railroad
  29. Descanso, Alpine & Pacific, Campo then on to the Poway Midland RR
  30. Double Headed Through the Foothills
  31. Durango & Silverton Railroad
  32. Durango & Silverton Railroad
  33. East Board Top Railroad
  34. Essex Steam Train Trip
  35. Fillmore and Western Railroad
  36. Fillmore and Western 7/3/1993
  37. Fillmore Railfest 2011
  38. Folsom Valley Railway
  39. Georgetown Loop Chase Bus Trip, NRHS 2016 Convention
  40. Georgia Agrirama Living History Museum
  41. Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village
  42. Hesston Steam Museum
  43. Hillcrest Farms Hillcrest & Wahtoke Railroad
  44. Huckleberry Railroad
  45. Iowa City Steam Trip, Train Festival 2011
  46. Iowa Interstate QJ Trip Des Moines to Council Bluffs
  47. Iowa Interstate Steam for Flood Relief
  48. Lake Region Pioneer Treshersmen Association
  49. Lehigh Rambler Duryea to Port Clinton, NRHS
  50. Little Rock Express Kansas City to Jefferson City
  51. McCloud Steam Trips
  52. Midwest Old Threshers: Midwest Central RR & Midwest Electric RWY
  53. Milwaukee Road 261 and UP 3985, Summer of Steam 2002 Part I
  54. Milwaukee Road 261 Breckenridge to Kindred
  55. Milwaukee Road 261 Davenport to Lisbon
  56. Milwaukee Road 261 Grand Excursion 2004
  57. Milwaukee Road 261 Milwaukee to Chicago 6/22/2004
  58. Milwaukee Road 261 Steaming to Duluth
  59. Milwaukee Road 261 to Duluth
  60. Milwaukee Road 261, Round In Circles with SD inside #2
  61. Milwaukee Road 261,Off to Minneapolis for Fun with
  62. Mount Washington Cog Railway
  63. N&W 611 moving, My First Live Encounter
  64. N&W 611 The Blue Ridge Special
  65. Nevada Northern
  66. Nickel Plate Railroad Trip Fort Wayne to Lafayette and Return
  67. Nickel Plate Railroad 765, TrainFestival 2009 Day 2
  68. Nickel Plate Railroad 765, TrainFestival 2009 Day 3
  69. Niles Canyon Railway Winterail Photo Special
  70. Niles Canyon Railway Winterail Steam Special
  71. Norfolk & Western 611 The Virginian
  72. Norfolk Southern Steam Program Nickel Plate 765 Youngstown to Ashtabula
  73. NRHS 1992 San Jose Convention
  74. NRHS Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad NRHS
  75. NRHS Convention 2001, My Trip To
  76. NRHS Summerville Steam Trip
  77. Old Threshers Reunion, 2009
  78. OR Coast Scenic RR First Annual Post Winterail Steam Excursion Sunday
  79. Ozarks Rail and Water Tour: Silver Dollar City NRHS 2014
  80. Pioneer Tunnel Coal Mine & Steam Train
  81. PLA'S 2012 Winterail Photography Special
  82. Pocono Express, NRHS
  83. QJ Rocket to Des Moines
  84. Rio Grande Scenic Railroad
  85. Riverside and Great Northern Railway
  86. Riverside Live Steamers, Steamy Sunday at
  87. Roaring Camp and Big Trees Narrow Gauge Railroad Trip
  88. Royal Hudson Trip to White Rock
  89. San Bernardino Railroad Days 2013 and the Santa Fe 3751 Chase and Ride
  90. Santa Fe 3751 Chase to San Bernardino 4/21/2012
  91. Santa Fe 3751 San Diego Steam Special
  92. Santa Fe 3751 to San Bernardino
  93. Santa Fe 3751 Westbound San Bernardino to LAUPT
  94. Santa Fe 3751, Chase and Riding behind
  95. Sierra Railfan Trip 2005
  96. Sierra Railroad Railfan Excursion
  97. Silver Creek and Stephenson Railroad
  98. Southern Pacific 2472 San Luis Obispo to Tangier 5/7/1994
  99. Southern Pacific 2472 Tracy Dry Bean Festival Run
  100. Southern Pacific 4449 Excursion to Bend, Oregon
  101. Southern Pacific 4449 Portland to Tacoma, NRHS
  102. Southern Pacific 4449 Tacoma to Portland, NRHS
  103. Southern Pacific 4449, SP&S 700
  104. Southern Pacific Stampede Pass, NRHS
  105. Southern Railway No. 154 Photography Charter Photo Freight
  106. Steam at Poway-Midland Railroad
  107. Steam Doubleheader Trip with the 261/2816
  108. Steamarama on the Soo Line Part 1 Glenwood
  109. Steamarama on the Soo Line Part 2 Dresser
  110. Steamtown, A Visit to
  111. Strasburg Railroad
  112. Strasburg Railroad
  113. Summerville Steam Trip, NRHS
  114. Sumpter Valley Railway 6/18/2011
  115. Tanana Valley Railroad Museum, NRHS 2013
  116. Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum
  117. Texas State Railroad Trip
  118. The Buckeye, NRHS 2006
  119. Timbers to Tidelands Steam Special Tacoma Rail
  120. Tiny Town & Railroad, World Famous
  121. Train Festival Day 1
  122. Travel Town Railroad Collection
  123. Union Pacific 3985 First Public Excursion The Pyro Express
  124. Union Pacific 3985 Over Sherman Hill
  125. Union Pacific 3985 West The Pacific Limited 1992
  126. Union Pacific 844 and 3985 double heading down the Feather River Canyon
  127. Union Pacific Historical Society Convention in Cheyenne, Wyoming
  128. West Virginia Rail Festival 2010
  129. Western Maryland Scenic Railroad
  130. Western Star Mainline Steam Trip to Wishram
  131. Williams Grove Historical Steam Engine Association
  132. Yosemite Sugar Pine Railroad, Iron Horse Roundup, Railtown 1897
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