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  1. American Flyer "S" Gaugers of the St. Louis Area
    Home of the American Flyer "S" Gaugers of the St. Louis Area.

  2. - American Flyer "S" Gaugers of the St. Louis Area. Three local American Flyer model train enthusiasts founded the club in 1975. Since then the club has... Read More>>

  3. ★ American Flyer Trains
    American Flyer Trains with videos from Tracks Ahead Episodes featuring American Flyer Segments.

  4. - American Flyer Developed at the Gilbert Hall of Science. 3/16" Scale Trains. Read More>>

  5. Baltimore Area American Flyer Club
    An American Flyer club focused on the mid-Atlantic region.

  6. - Baltimore Area American Flyer Club A non-profit model railroad club dedicated to American Flyer Trains. Our club is centered in the Baltimore/Washington metropolitan although our membership extends from Pennsylvania to Virginia... Read More>>

  7. ★ Badgerland S Gaugers

  8. - Badgerland S-Gaugers A Social Club for the promotion of model railroading - especially S gauge including American Flyer, high rail, scale and other facets - BSG Charter... Read More>>

  9. ★ Chicagoland Association of S Gaugers (CASG)

  10. - Chicagoland Association of S Gaugers CASG, one of the largest S gauge clubs in the world, began in 1969, when members gathered at the Illinois Institute of Technology on Chicago's south side to talk about S scale model trains... Read More>>

  11. American Flyer and other S-Gauge Trains

  12. www.trainweb.US/cbtrainnut - American Flyer and other S-Gauge Trains Since I was two and a half years old I have been mesmorised by the sight of an electric train running on tracks... Read More>>

  13. ★ Metrowest Model Railroad Society

  14. - Metrowest Model Railroad Society We are a group of O scale model railroaders from the western suburbs of Boston. Mostly, we model in 2 rail O scale, but we do have some members who have hi-rail equipment. (hi-rail is 3 rail O scale, built to scale dimensions). Several of our members are also interested in narrow gauge, both On3 and On30... Read More>>

  15. ☆ Minnesota Heartland Railroad

  16. - Minnesota Heartland Railroad The Prairie Products Line. The MHRR traces its roots to the decision by the Great Northern Railroad to terminate its Lake Wobegone branch at Lake Wobegone, Minnesota... Read More>>

  17. ☆ Maine-S-Gaugers

  18. www.trainweb.US/msg - Maine-S-Gaugers Our membership includes American Flyer operators and collectors, Hi-railers, and S-SCalers. We meet regularly the second Saturday of every month at our member's homes. We like to keep our meets informal and use them as an opportunity to.... Read More>>

  19. ★ Miami Valley S Gaugers

  20. - Miami Valley S Gaugers An active S gauge modular club serving the Southwest Ohio area. The group currently has around 35 members, both AF collectors and operators, and S scale modelers. There are usually about 12 attending any given meeting... Read More>>

  21. ★ North Penn S Gaugers

  22. - North Penn S Gaugers We were established in March of 1998 to encourage S gauge model railroaders in the North Penn area. The North Penn area was so named by the Reading Company Mainline from Philadelphia to Bethlehem. Today we have members along the North Penn mainline in Philadelphia and... Read More>>

  23. ☆ The Pines and Praries S Scale Workshop

  24. www.trainweb.US/PPSSW - The Pines and Praries S Scale Workshop An informal, social, Twin-Cities based club dedicated to promoting and enjoying S-Scale (1:64) model railroading in all its many forms: Scale, Hi-Rail, American Flyer, and Sn3. Meetings are held most Thursday evenings at members' homes with... Read More>>

  25. ☆ An Introduction To P64

  26. www.trainweb.US/proto64 - An Introduction To P64 Welcome to the Proto:64 Special Interest Group's (SIG's) presence on the world wide web. This site should answer all of your questions about Proto:64 modeling, who's doing it, and... Read More>>

  27. ★ Rochester Area S-Gaugers

  28. - Rochester Area S-Gaugers We are located in Rochester, New york and are dedicated to S scale (1/64 scale) model railroading. Members are interested in S scale model railroading, including standard and narrow gauge models, hi-rail, and American Flyer operating and collecting. Memberships are... Read More>>

  29. ★ S-Displays

  30. - S-Displays. Public S-Gauge Operating Displays including New Hampshire, Bethlehem -- Crossroads of America, New Jersey, Clermont -- Flyertown, Ohio, Cincinnati -- Cincinnati History Museum, Pennsylvania, Lancaster -- All Aboard Railroad, Pennsylvania, Strasburg -- Toy Train Museum... Read More>>

  31. ☆ Paul Yorke's S-Trains / S-Gauge / S-Scale

  32. www.trainweb.US/s-trains - Paul Yorke's S-Trains Paul Yorke's S-Trains / S-Gauge / S-Scale. If you like model trains you may find it interesting. I have enjoyed sharing my interests with folks from all over the world and have learned more about my interests from others... Read More>>

  33. ☆ Delaware SeaSide RailRoad Club

  34. www.trainweb.US/seaside - Delaware SeaSide RailRoad Club. Photos from events of the club and member layouts including O Gauge, S Gauge, and HO Guage. This is an archival website with photos from the years 2004 through 2008... Read More>>

  35. ★ South Jersey S Gaugers

  36. - South Jersey S Gaugers Based on A.C. Gilbert Inc. American Flyer trains, "S" scale modeling has grown into a wide multi-faceted hobby. Many of our members are collectors and collector/operators of classic American Flyer trains. Others, who had a start with American Flyer trains have turned to other aspects... Read More>>

  37. ★ Susquehanna S Gaugers

  38. - Susquehanna S Gaugers. An archive website including club info, club videos, photos of club events, photos of members' layouts, club archives, miscellaneous S archives, members' web pages, and more... Read More>>

  39. ★ Steamtown USA 2001

  40. - Steamtown USA 2001. Photos from National Association S-Gaugers (NASG) 2001 Annual Convention, Dedicated to the memory of Connecticut S Gauger's founder Bill Krause... Read More>>

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