Amtrak travelogue written by 14 year old Joshua Trower.

Raleigh-Mom dropped us off at the depot plenty of time so we could
take 92, the Silver Star, to Washington D.C. The train status board
said she was running on time, but it arrived 14 minutes late. I
notticed that the train was being pulled by new Genesis units and
there were also Viewliner sleepers in the consist.

Rocky Mount-We decided to get some breakfest in the diner, a nice kid
on his way to his home in Washington from a soccer match in Sanford,
Florida was placed at our table, Dad struck up a long conversation
with him but I was more interested in the CSX motive power sitting in
a yard.

Petersburg[Va]-There are two stations in this town, a newer one that
Amtrak uses and an older one that is abandoned.

Richmond-Before arriving in Richmond we had to cross over the James
River,go through the center of a highway, and then pass a huge CSX

Fredricksburg-The Silver Star used to stop here but not any more, this
staition marks the begining of the Virginia Rail Express commuter line
to Washington.

Alexandria-For a while the tracks are right next to the METRO subway
line. I noticed that someone had painted German Swastikas all over the

Washington D.C.- I love this station! There are a lot of things to do
and lots of places to eat at. We had acouple of hours till we had to
catch the Capitol Limited to Chicago so we took the subway to the
Smithsonian, we were amazed to find out that it was free admission.

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