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360 Image of TrainWeb Booth
Before Railfair 1999 Opens For The Day

This 360 by 360 degree image of the TrainWeb booth was taken as we prepared for the openning of Railfair'99 one morning. Our booth was located in the California State Railroad Museum roundhouse which was dedicated to the "Future of Rail".

Most of that area was occupied by the California Department of Transportation Caltrans Rail Program, more commonly known as "Amtrak California". In addition to display covering all of the California trains including the Amtrak Coast Starlight, the Amtrak San Diegans, Amtrak San Joaquins, and Amtrak Capitols, information was also provided on the California High-Speed Rail Program and on the Northeast Corridor Acela.

You can see the UP 7514 new locomotive to the right of our booth. If you look between our booth and the UP 7514, you will see the front of the cab-forward steam locomotive in the background. The locomotive was used for traveling through long tunnels so that the crew would not suffocate from the smoke from the engine.

As you move around the image to the right, you will find the booth of the California High Speed Rail Authority, the California Rail Program displays including an actual Amtrak California Coach Car in the background, a display for the Amtrak Coast Starlight, a museum display explaining how steam locomotives work, and finally you will be back at our booth! Although it is difficult to see because of the lighting, model railroads were on display all around the roundhouse on the balcony of the second floor. You can zoom in and out of any part of the image, but you will lose clarity for the greatest levels of zoom due to the resolution of the image.

To move around the 360 x 360 photo in any direction, use your mouse to display a pointing finger in the direction in which you wish to move, then click or hold down the left mouse button. The closer you place the finger to the edge of the image, the faster the view will move in that direction. Back the finger away from the edge and the image will move more slowly. If you wish to zoom in on an object, move the image so that object appears in the center of the view. You will see a "+" when you place your pointer at the center of the view. Hold down the left mouse button and the image will zoom in on that object. To zoom out, move the pointer to the side until you see a "-" appear. You can then hold down your left mouse button as the view zooms out! You will be able to look in all directions around the photo, including directly up and down. There is a TrainWeb logo usually at the bottom which covers the image of the tripod on which the camera was mounted.

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