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Acela Regional Changes Name to Regional

Despite the challenges of the last year, Acela Express continues to be a popular service. Passengers like it because it's fast and has lots of desirable amenities on board. Many also like Acela Regional because it offers a good value, providing reliable service for a reasonable price.

But we know that confusion over the two names persists. Consequently, we are going to drop the name Acela from the Regional service, and simply call the service by one word: "Regional," effective March 17.

Frankly, we all heard our customers. The sharing of the Acela brand name was confusing. Change, in this case, is certainly necessary. So, going forward, there will be the following service options in the Northeast Corridor from Newport News, VA to Boston:

Acela Express. Our popular premium service offers reserved First class and Business class seating. All passengers enjoy food and beverages in the Caf? Car, and make use of RailFone? service and electrical outlets. First class passengers enjoy complimentary at-seat meal and beverage service and hot towel service. Business class passengers benefit from personal audio entertainment and adjustable reading lamps.

Metroliner. With all seats reserved, Metroliner passengers traveling between New York and Washington may choose between First class and Business class seating. All passengers have access to a Caf? Car, RailFone?, halogen reading lights, and electrical outlets. First class travelers are served complimentary at-seat meals and beverages.

Regional. Passengers aboard the Regional Service will continue to enjoy Business class and Coach class options from Boston to Newport News. Business class passengers enjoy reserved seating and a complimentary non-alcoholic beverage in the Caf? Car. The Caf? Car is open to all passengers and offers a selection of food and beverages. Electrical outlets are also available.

The commuter services will continue to be known specifically by their own names - the Keystone (between New York and Harrisburg) and Clocker (serving the corridor between New York and Philadelphia) - and offer value, convenience, and reliability.

Transitions and changes in name don't take place overnight. Over the next few weeks, you will see a gradual transition from Acela Regional to Regional, in signage and other areas.

To help you assist our passengers with this transition, we will be providing northeast stations and customer service representatives with ticket stuffers describing the choices passengers have from Newport News to Boston. Passengers will also read about the service options on the Amtrak Web site and in Arrive magazine. The changes will be reflected in the new April timetable, Solari boards and monitors in stations, "Julie" (VRU), and ARROW.

Sometimes the mark of a good business isn't making the best decision out of the gate, but having the wherewithal to listen to our customers and make changes when necessary. Please help us communicate this change and the outstanding train services we continue to offer to our passengers.

-source: AMTRAK

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