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New Amtrak Bakersfield Station
Grand Opening Celebration - July 4, 2000
by Greg and Chuck Isaac (

The Story:

On Tuesday, July 4, 2000 Amtrak dedicated their new Bakersfield, CA station! This culminated a long term partership project between Amtrak, the State of California, and the City of Bakersfield. The new station is 0.9 miles East of the old station. Amtrak started service to Bakersfield in 1974 utilizing the old station facility. In the intervening 26 years, this station has become the fifth busiest (in passenger volume) in California and the twelfth busiest in the United States.

The old station was located next to the BNSF's yard office and adjacent to the BNSF's freight sorting yard. It was housed in a very small prefabricated building with a small parking lot and a small bus transfer area. Overnight train storage was limited to two trainsets. Lighting was minimal, but adequate.

The new station is large and quite impressive in appearance. Two large platform tracks are present, with one of these platforms having a long cover. There are fourteen parking spaces for buses immediately adjacent to the platforms. The bus facility also has a long cover over it. There is considerable landscaping in addition to multiple water fountains and a playground. The new station is very nice in appearance and is much larger than the old station. The new station and its adjacent facilities are beautifully lit at night. Three trainsets can be easily stored overnight.

The Grand Opening Ceremonies began at 10:30 A.M. on Tuesday, July 4, 2000. Bakersfield's Mayor, Robert Price, was Master of Ceremonies. State Senator Jim Costa represented the State of California. Gil Mallery, Amtrak West's CEO, represented Amtrak. Cowboy singing legend Buck Owens performed. A barbershop quartet also performed. A drawing for free Amtrak trips was held. Amtrak literature and timetables were handed out. Tours of Amtrak passenger cars and busses were held. The first passenger train into the station broke a banner. Senator Costa announced that a sixth round trip San Joaquin train will be added this fall. This will be a second Bakersfield to Sacramento train.

The photographs show the new station before and after its opening. Also there are photos of the old station before and after its closing. They span the time frame from July 1 to July 4, 2000.

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