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  1. All Aboard Scenic Panel Train Sets
    Unofficial Home Of The All Aboard Scenic Panel Train Sets

  2. www.trainweb.US/allaboardsets - Gilbert American Flyer All Aboard Scenic Panel Sets. In 1965 A.C.Gilbert introduced a new concept in model railroading, The American Flyer All Aboard Train Sets. When assembled you had a complete finished layout with scenery... Read More>>

  3. ☡ Abilene Society of Model Railroaders
    Model Railroad Club In Abilene Texas

  4. - Abilene Society of Model Railroaders Promoting model railroading and preserving Abilene's railroad heritage... Read More>>

  5. Ammonoosuc Valley Railway Association
    Operates HO and scale O gauge modular layouts at shows in Northern NH.

  6. - AVRA Ammonoosuc Valley Railway Association: Operating Model Railroad and Model Railroad Shows... Read More>>

  7. Baltimore Area American Flyer Club
    An American Flyer club focused on the mid-Atlantic region.

  8. - Baltimore Area American Flyer Club A non-profit model railroad club dedicated to American Flyer Trains. Our club is centered in the Baltimore/Washington metropolitan although our membership extends from Pennsylvania to Virginia... Read More>>

  9. ★★ Scenic Line Modelers, Inc

  10. - Scenic Line Modelers, Inc Denver & Rio Grande Western Prototypical HO/HOn3 Scale Mountain Model Railroad, Denver, Colorado... Read More>>

  11. ☆ Free-mo SLO

  12. www.trainweb.US/freemoslo - Free-mo SLO The San Luis Obispo California Free-mo group is comprised of several model railroaders who are building and contributing to a Free-mo modular HO scale layout... Read More>>

  13. ☆ Southern Kansas Free-mo

  14. www.trainweb.US/freemosoks - Southern Kansas Free-mo Several model railroaders that are contributing and building modules to the U.S. Free-mo Standards. This group is made of modelers with different backgrounds who share a common interest in building and operating prototypical models... Read More>>

  15. ☆ Indy FREEMO Modular Railroad Group

  16. www.trainweb.US/indyfreemo - Indy FREEMO Modular Railroad Club FREEMO is for modelers who enjoy creating protypical scenes and operational layouts. It is possible to have a much larger layout to run your trains on then you might have the time, space or money to build all by yourself. If you get tired of a scene, sell it or give it to someone else and build something new... Read More>>

  17. ★ James Valley Model Railroad Association

  18. - James Valley Model Railroad Association The purpose of the association is to increase the knowledge of the fundamental principles and techniques of model railroading, to increase the interest in model railroading in the community and surrounding areas and, to introduce the youth of Aberdeen and the surrounding communities to the history of railroads and promote the enjoyment of model railroading... Read More>>

  19. ★ Loose Ties Model Railroad Club

  20. - Loose Ties Model Railclub Club. The archive website of the club including all gauges mobile modular train displays, members info, club layout photos, members layout photos, archive-modules, and more... Description goes here... Read More>>

  21. ☆ Manhattan Area Rail Joiners Association

  22. www.trainweb.US/MARJ - Manhattan Area Rail Joiners Association A group of modelers who enjoy railroading in any scale. Our HO scale layout has traveled to St. Louis, Kansas City, Omaha, and Wichita for display and has won numerous awards... Read More>>

  23. ★ Miami Valley S Gaugers

  24. - Miami Valley S Gaugers An active S gauge modular club serving the Southwest Ohio area. The group currently has around 35 members, both AF collectors and operators, and S scale modelers. There are usually about 12 attending any given meeting... Read More>>

  25. ★ Narragansett Bay Railway and Navigation Company

  26. - Narragansett Bay Railway and Navigation Company Rhode Island's Premier On30 Modular Railroad. The Narragansett Bay Railway & Navigation Co. was founded in 2001 as an On30 modular railroad. As a narrow gauge short line, the NBR&N winds it's way thru... Read More>>

  27. ☆ AR-NMRA Module Special Interest Group

  28. www.trainweb.US/NMRAMODSIGAU - AR-NMRA Module Secial Interest Group The intent of the SIG is to provide an environment within which individual members would be inspired and challenged to continually improve their prototype knowledge and practical skills and apply new technology and ideas as they evolve... Read More>>

  29. ☆ North Texas Free-mo

  30. www.trainweb.US/northtexfreemo - North Texas Free-mo in conjunction with the Prototype Modelers set up on May 21-23 2010 at the Keller Lion's Club. The Free-Mo layout had 283 of main line trackage and stretched end-to-end... Read More>>

  31. ☆ North Texas T-Trak Modular Railroad Club

  32. www.trainweb.US/ntxttrak - North Texas T-Trak Modular Railroad Club Our N-scale based layout closely follows the national T-Trak modular system. If this system is new to you, we encourage you to visit both and the "Unofficial T-Trak Handbook" at to learn more. As you read about this innovative modular system, please keep in mind that we follow the 33mm or... Read More>>

  33. ★ Orange County Module Railroaders Inc.

  34. - Orange County Module Railroaders Inc. Southern California's Premier Modular Railroading Group. Instead of building a large, permanent layout, members build and maintain modules that can be assembled with modules built by other members into a large, operating display. Each person works from... Read More>>

  35. ☆ Ohio Valley Freemo

  36. www.trainweb.US/ohiovalleyfreemo - Ohio Valley Freemo Ohio Valley Free-mo is an HO scale model railroad group that was established in October of 2003 by people with an interest in the Free-mo method of module building and operations. The group is small with members in areas of southwestern Ohio and northern Kentucky... Read More>>

  37. ★ Oklahoma Free-mo

  38. - Title Free-mo continues to grow in the Southern Plains, including here in Oklahoma. New modules are under construction, and group members have been participating in recent joint setups with groups in Texas and Kansas. We are looking forward to setting up with large multi-group... Read More>>

  39. ★ Spokane, Portland & Seattle - The Oregon Trunk

  40. - Spokane, Portland & Seattle - The Oregon Trunk The 5th Subdivision in Free-Mo 1960-1969. The reason I created this page was to help me organize my thoughts as I begin to build the Spokane Portland & Seattle 5th subdivision in Free-Mo... Read More>>

  41. ★ ★ ★ Piedmont Railroaders

  42. - Piedmont Railroaders Founded In Warrenton, Virginia in February 1995 as an organization for railroad enthusiasts of all ages, and to provide a place where the members could share their individual interests in railroading. Promoting all aspects of the hobby from railfanning to history to prototype equipment restoration and preservation to model railroading, we endeavor to create a common bond among our member's varied interests. The Club supports various community activities by participating in public train shows, and town-sponsored railroad festivals. We are the creators of the Civil War Train Display built for the celebration of the Civil War Sesquicentennial and located in the town of... Read More>>

  43. ☆ SEK Free-mo

  44. www.trainweb.US/sek-mo - SEK Free-mo. Welcome to the South East Kansas Free-mo! SEK-mo is a modular group who are building modules to the U.S. Free-mo Standards. The Free-mo Concept was developed with the idea of building modules to operate prototypically, and not to run in a circle. Module owners now can... Read More>>

  45. ☆ St. Louis T-Trak

  46. www.trainweb.US/stlttrak - St. Louis T-Trak St. Louis T-Trak is a model railroad club that has modules built to the N-Scale T-Trak specification. We setup our modules multiple times a year in and around the St. Louis, Missouri area. Our main focus is to promote the hobby of model railroading... Read More>>

  47. ★ Sussex County Railroad Club

  48. - Sussex County Railroad Club. Since 1975, a group of railroad enthusiasts, both prototypical and model. Photos of club outings featured on the website. Informal monthly meetings feature slide or video presentations, snacks, general... Read More>>

  49. ★ The sHOw Modular Model Railroad Club

  50. - The sHOw Modular Model Railroad Club Formed in 1993, membership is composed of persons from Southern Kentucky and Northern Tennessee. Beginning in 2000, the club has won numerous prizes in the Great American Train Show at... Read More>>

  51. ☆ Tobacco Valley Railroad Modular Railroad Layout

  52. www.trainweb.US/tvrmodrr - Tobacco Valley Railroad Modular Railroad Layout TVR is a modular HO scale model railroad. We have built our layout with operations in mind. The TVR was founded over ten years ago under to auspices of the J & E Train Depot when that... Read More>>

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