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The Vintage Steak House
at the Amtrak / Metrolink station platform
in San Juan Capistrano, California

Station Platform Photo Courtesy of Carl Morrison of

Retired? Self-Employed? Flexible Day? The Vintage Steak House Happy Hour from 3 PM to 7 PM Monday through Friday and ALL DAY SUNDAY is a great place for train enthusiasts to hang out! The bar lounge is in the freight house section of the old San Juan Capistrano Depot. Part of the restaurant with a view of the platform and tracks is in the old freight house while the rest of the restaurant is in old vintage railcars! A perferct rail themed restaurant and lounge for your relaxation and train watching! Free WiFi! Use password "premiumsteaks".

How To Get There:

A southbound Amtrak Pacific Surfliner from Los Angeles arrives into San Juan Capistrano at 3:18 PM. A northbound Amtrak train from San Diego arrives into San Juan Capistrano at 2:47 PM. Northbound Amtrak Pacific Surfliner trains depart from San Juan Capistrano at 4:22 PM, 5:26 PM and 7:25 PM. Southbound Amtrak trains depart from San Juan Capistrano at 5:23 PM and 6:25 PM. There are also several Metrolink trains in and out of San Juan Capistrano from Los Angeles.

Only in the bar lounge all appetizers are half price during Happy Hour!
What do they have?

  • Potato Shells: Pototo shells filled with three cheese blend, apple wood smoked bacon and chives (Normal price: $9.95 Happy Hour: $4.98)

  • Pernod Scampi: Prawns sauteed with Pernod, basil, garlic, diced tomatoes and Sauvignon Blanc (Normal price: $12.95 Happy Hour $6.48)

  • Vintage Burger: Mesquite grilled lean ground beef topped with your choice of cheese and finished with a fresh baked bun with all the trimmings. Served with house french fires (Normal price: $10.95 Happy Hour $5.48)

  • Montecristo: Triple layer ham, swiss cheese and turkey lightly battered then deep fried and dusted with powdered sugar. A vintage classic (Normal Price: $11.95 Happy Hour: $5.98)

  • Honey Hot Wings: Wild clover honey glazed hot wings (Normal price: $8.95 Happy Hour: $4.48)

  • House Smoked Trout: Our famous slow smoked trout served with a dill aioli, capers and diced red oninons (Normal price: $10.95 Happy Hour: $5.48)

  • Vintage Sliders: Classic sliders with your choice of cheese and served with French fries (Normal price: $9.95 Happy Hour: $4.98)

  • Mesquite Grilled Housemade Sausage Platter: The Chef's daily creation of housemade sausage served with french fries and mustards (Normal price: $12.95 Happy Hour: $6.48)

  • Steam Clams and Mussels: Manilla clams and PEI mussels steamed with shallots, Sauvignon Blanc and fresh herbs (Normal price $13.95 Happy Hour: $6.98)

  • Pull Pork Sliders: House made BBQ sauce marinated slow cooked pork shredded sliders on buns with hoorseradish cheddar (Normal price $9.95 Happy Hour: $4.98)

  • Homemade Sausage Pizza (10 inches): California thin crust pizza topped with marinara, asiago, Parmesan cheese, then finished with roasted sweet pepers and homemade sausage. (Normal price: $9.95 Happy Hour: $4.98)

  • Roasted Garlic Pizza (10 inches): Californai thin crust pizza topped with virgin olive oil, crushed garlic, Guyere cheese, diced smoked ham and finished with caramelized onions. (Normal price: $9.95 Happy Hour: $4.98)

  • Caesar Salad: Crisp romaine luttuce tossed in a traditional Caesar dressing with garlic croutons and Parmesan cheese. (Normal price: $7.95 Happy Hour $3.98)

  • Mixed Organic Baby Greens: Fresh baby greens with wedges of fresh roma tomatoes tossed in a Cabernet vinaigrette dressing, then topped with walnuts. (Normal price $6.95 Happy Hour $3.48)

  • Hearts of Romaine: Hearts of romaine with roasted walnuts and crumbled Point Reys Blue cheese paired with quartered tomatoes. (Normal price: $8.95 Happy Hour $4.48).

ALSO DURING HAPPY HOUR: $4.95 Well Martinis and Well Drinks, $5 per glass house wine, and $3.75 daily beer special

I'd like to get The Vintage Steak House Happy Hour to become a regular spot for train enthusiasts to just drop in and get together anytime, at least between 3 PM and 7 PM Monday through Friday. There are two webcams on the roof of The Vintage Steak House where you can view the live rail action on your computer right now a in San Juan Capistrano. CLICK HERE for the South Image and CLICK HERE for the North Image.

You can see all the rail action when sitting in the main dining room in the old freight house. The bar/lounge only has one small window facing the tracks, but you can see out the big dining room windows also from the table seating in the bar/lounge. If this becomes a popular place for train enthusiasts to drop in, I'll see about puting live monitors with images from the roof railcams as well as an ATCS monitor to track the location of all trains along the route and when to expect the next train into the station.

If you drop in and see me there, be sure to say "Hello!" I'll be the one usually sitting at the end of the bar wearing a fedora hat and working on my computer. Click Here to visit the website of The Vintage Steak House!

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