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Grisel & Raymond Burns

This is a story by Grisel & Raymond Burns about their trip on Amtrak.

My Trip On Amtrak

"Hi", my name is Grisel Burns. I'm here to tell you about a wonderful train ride that I had. We left on April 17, 1996 and when we arrived at the Los Angeles train station I was nervous and excited at the same time. My family and I got on the sleeping Super Liner 2 and the car attendand showed us where our room was and at that time we had the family room. We walked in and put our stuff down and took some pictures. Finally the train started to move and we were all excited because it was the first time being on a train, except my dad. Then there was a knock on the door and it was the car attendandt. He talked to us about the train and told us where everything was. So we walked around the train and it was beautiful. The people who worked there were so kind. Then finally we arrived at San Louis Obispo, CA. We were staying at The Apple Farm there and it was an excellent Inn. So clean and beautiful. The next morning we got on the single level Amtrak Amfleet car and we went to Santa Barbara.

When we arrived we went to out hotel to where we were staying. It was the El Prado. It was a nice hotel too. So we looked around and bought stuff here and there. The next morning we went to the Santa Barbara Mission. We stopped to eat some LARGE hamburgers that were really delicious. We finally had to go so we got back on the train and took the brand new California Cars all the way to the city of Fullerton, CA and let me tell you, if you want a vacation, take the train and just have a good time.


My Trip On Amtrak

My family and I went on Amtrak on Ap[ril 17th, 18th, and 19th, 1996. We got the family room in the sleeping car on the Super Liner 2. We looked around the train and it was cool The train started to move. It was a clean and nice train. It was perfect for a king and queen. The car attendant came and told us what all the buttons were for in the room. He told us where the shower was at. He said if we wanted to take a shower we can go ahead. After, we went to go have some muffins and some juice. When we passed Simi Valley, CA I saw a deer. Finally we reached San Louis Obispo, California and some men from the hotel were there to pick us up and take us to the hotel. It was called "The Apple Farm". We got room 325. It was a nice hotel. The next day they drove us to the train station. But this time we got on the single level Amtrak Amfleet car. I saw two whales and lots of dolphins [off the coast of the Pacific Ocean from the window of the train].

Finally we reached Santa Barbara. We took a shuttle bus to the hotel. It was called El Prado. There was a swimming pool there. We put our stuff away and then we went shopping. We went to the mall. We bought my two sisters some presents. I bought myself a Tweety bird shirt and cap. We went to a magic store and my sister bought some things there. Then we left and we walked a few blocks. Then we came to a toy store. My sister bought me a toy horse and she got herself some "Hello Kitty" stuff. Then we went back to the hotel. My sister and I went swimming. Then we watched television. The next morning we went to Mission Santa Barbara. It was a nice place. Then we went to eat some giant hamburgers. Then we went back to the hotel and we went swimming. Soon it was time to go to the train station. We got on the brand new California cars and this one had some big table. Then we were on our way back. We got off At Fullerton, CA. Then we drove home.


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