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Amtrak Riverside Reservation Center - Train travel, model railroading, railfan and railroad industry information including Amtrak train travelogues, railroad photographs, model train building tips and more.
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Amtrak Riverside Reservation Center
NARP Region 12 Meeting - March 20, 1999

Photos from the NARP (National Association of Rail Passengers) Region 12 Meeting held in Riverside, California on Saturday, March 20, 1999. A number of attendees arrived by the Saturday Metrolink train from Los Angeles to Riverside by way of San Bernardino. The highlight of the meeting was a tour of the Amtrak Riverside 1-800-USA-RAIL Reservation Center. That was followed by a meeting at The Old Spaghetti Factory in Riverside and then departure back to Los Angeles from the Riverside Metrolink Station.

Since no trains leave from Fullerton, California early enough on Saturday to connect with the Metrolink train from Los Angeles, Ray Burns and I had to drive to Riverside. After the meeting, we visited the Mission Inn and took a few photographs at the Inn.

This page is a "sneak preview". If you were at the meeting and would like to submit a write-up about the Amtrak Riverside Reservation Center or about the NARP meeting, I will be more than happy to post it here and will provide credit. A description of the trip out or back on Metrolink would also be welcome since Ray and I were not able to make that trip. Just send e-mail to steve@trainweb.com.

I will be leaving on Sunday evening, March 21, 1999, on a rail trip and won't be returning until Monday morning, March 29, 1999. If I haven't received any e-mail about the above event by then, I'll post additional information about the Amtrak Reservation Center and the names of some of the people in the photos below. I didn't get a chance to take notes during the tour, so if any of you had a chance to jot down some of the information provided by Amtrak or at the NARP meeting, I'd greatly appreciate receiving a copy along with permission to post that information here!

Click on any photo below to view a larger image:

Video Clips:

The following were suppose to be still photos, but having the camera in the wrong mode, they ended up as video clips. These may or may not be worth your while to download:

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