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San Juan Capistrano, California - San Juan Capistrano, California, photographs.
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San Juan Capistrano, California

Photos of San Juan Capistrano - a stop along the Amtrak train routes.

Click on a thumbnail image to display the full image.

Please note: The information below about the "Depot Restaurant Bar" is obsolete. That restaurant went out of business, but there is now a new restaurant in its place that still serves inside the old rail cars. I'll be posting an updated report first chance that I have.

Depot Restaurant Bar

The Depot Restaurant is right at the San Juan Capistrano station platform. It is so close to the platform that the shortest way to get from the train to the Amtrak ticket counter is to walk through the restaurant! Thus, the restaurant is closer to most of the platform than the ticket counter itself. Refurbished luxury passenger train cars at the station have been converted into a bar lounge for the Depot Restaurant. I like to arrive very early for my return train from here so I can relax in this lounge for a while sipping on a Bloody Mary.

Photos From The Station Platform

All of these photos were taken from the station platform! There is quite a bit to see in San Juan Capistrano, even without leaving the station platform.

Mission San Juan Capistrano

Petting Zoo

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