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Anaheim Canyon, California

Anaheim Canyon, California - a stop along the Metrolink rail route.

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Many of you will be surprised to learn that Anaheim Hills has its own rail station, but it does! Unfortunately, it is not centrally located in Anaheim Hills. Instead it is located to the far western end of the Anaheim Canyon at the corner of Tustin Avenue and East La Palma Avenue. The parking lot behind the Carls Jr. serves as parking for both the office building and the rail station.

I know that some of you will challenge that this location is even in Anaheim Hills. It is certainly not within the area of the original Anaheim Hills Master Plan. But then again, neither are any of the businesses and commercial centers up and down this stretch of East La Palma Avenue that identify themselves as located in Anaheim Hills and prominently display "Anaheim Hills" on their signs!

This rail stop is only served by Metrolink commuter trains. It is a very unusual rail station in that it is one of the few to have no direct service to Los Angeles! To get to or from Los Angeles, you have to change trains at the Orange Metrolink station. You can also connect to Amtrak trains that serve the entire west coast from San Diego to Seattle, Washington by changing trains at the Amtrak/Metrolink station in Santa Ana.

Most trains that serve this station in the morning start in San Bernardino and head down to Irvine. In the afternoon, most of the trains start in Irvine and head back to San Bernardino. There is some limited service in the opposite direction, but there is no service outside of commuter hours. The trains are scheduled such that passengers can make connections at the Orange Metrolink station to get to and from Los Angeles.

A shuttle bus operates to carry passengers from the morning train to businesses in the area and then to bring them back to the station after work. OCTD bus stops are within walking distance of the station on East La Plama Avenue and Tustin Avenue that serve Anaheim Hills and the Orange Mall.

Did you know that passenger trains to and from Chicago
pass through Anaheim Hills every day?

The Amtrak Southwest Chief passes through Anaheim Hills heading east for Chicago every evening between 8:30 and 9:00 PM. A train heading west for Los Angeles out of Chicago passes through Anaheim Hills every morning between 7:00 and 8:00 AM.

These trains run along the tracks that are parallel to Orangethorpe Avenue and cross Yorba Linda Blvd., Imperial Highway, Lakeview and Tustin Avenue. The closest Amtrak Station to Anaheim Hills for this train is in Fullerton. Click here for more photos and more information.

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