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Talgo - The photos below are of the construction of the four new sets of Talgo Trains for The Amtrak Cascades of the Pacific Northwest and the one new set for the proposed Los Angeles - Las Vegas Service.
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Talgo Trains
of The Amtrak Cascades and
Los Angeles - Las Vegas Service

This page features many photos of the Amtrak Talgos, both inside and outside, from both the Amtrak Cascades and the Amtrak Las Vegas Service! You will even find links to 360x360 virtual tours of both Talgo trainsets below!

CLICK HERE for photos of the new Talgo for the Amtrak Cascades visiting Los Angeles on their way from the Pueblo Test Track back to the Pacific Northwest. These photos were taken on November 21, 1998 by Sam Pottinger of Sam's Steel Rails West.

CLICK HERE for photos of the original Talgo Trains formerly in service. These are photos of both the exterior and interior of the Talgo Trains from the Mount Adams operating between Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon. The photos also show some scenery from Seattle to Portland and Amtrak's Metropolitan Lounge in Portland. A locomotive that is the same size and shape as the other Talgo passenger cars is also shown and was used on the trip that I took on Amtrak's Mount Adams from Seattle to Portland. However, this type of locomotive will not be used with the Talgo sets that Amtrak has purchased. Instead, the F59PHI Locomotives will be used. See below.

CLICK HERE for photos of the Amtrak F59PHIs that will be used to pull the Talgo Trains. In the above photos that show the new Talgos being assembled, you will notice that some Talgo Cars have sweeping crowns that rise above the level of the other Talgo passenger cars. In each trainset, that car will be placed between the F59PHI locomotive and the other passenger cars and this crown will be used as a visual transition between the shorter Talgo passenger cars and the taller F59PHI locomotive.

CLICK HERE for TALGO Technical Information and "A Proposal to endorse TALGO trains for California, Arizona and Nevada use by 2005" by the late Dr. Adrian Herzog, former Vice President for Research and Development, URPA.

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