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Amfleet - Information about Amtrak Amfleet passenger railroad cars.
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Amfleet Equipment

New Amfleet cars mean expanded service for you.

By early 1978 Budd Corporation will have built 492 new Amfleet passenger cars. Almost 8 continuous miles of gleaming stainless steel equipment that will comprise nearly a quater of the entire Amtrak passenger fleet.


The 85-foot-long Amcoaches and Amcafe food service coaches are designed for maximum passenger comfort at high operating speeds. Each car incorporates all federal railroad safety standards and is backed by the lates in railroad technology.

New Amcoach seats are designed for flexibility of capacity and maximum relaxation. Each seat is wider than the normal first class aircraft seat...richly upholstered and fully-reclining with spacious center arm rests, with fold-down tables for seat-side dining. For extra light, just flip on the individual, adjustable reading lights above your seat.

All Amfleet cars include sound facilities for taped music, train announcements and crew communications. Thermal and acoustical insulation provide an exceptionally quiet interior and minimize the transfer of heat through the car body.

Spacious, color-coordinated, carpeted interiors and an air and coil spring suspension system offer maximum passenger comfort at high operating speeds. Each Amcoach and Amcafe food service coach features fluorescent lighting, electric heating and air conditioning, tinted windows.


Prompt, courteous service is available to passengers purchasing hot and cold food and beverages. Each Amcafe food service coach is equipped with a full complement of perparation equipment, including microwave and holding ovens, beverage dispensers, coffee makers, dry and refrigerator/freezer storage areas and work and serving counters.

Lavatory facilities are provided for passengers in each Amcoach and Amcafe.


Principle Car Statistics

Length over Couplers...............85'4"


Height-Rail to Roof Top.........12'8"

Top of Rail to Step Level........17"

Top of Rail to Vestibule Floor.51 1/2"

Approximate Car Weights (ready-to-run):

Amcoach..............................160,000 ibs.

Amcafe.................................110,000 ibs.


The 492 cars purchased by Amtrak, the National Railroad Passenger Corporation, are for use in mainline serivce in the United States. The cars, interior and exterior, are similar in design and appearence to the Metroliner coaches and snak/bar coaches presently in operation in the Northeast Corridor.

The new cars are designed for high-speed, locomotive-hauled service at speeds up to 120 MPH. The 492 cars consist of 406 Amcoaches and 86 Amcafe cars.

Amfleet trains are operated with energy-saving electric locomotives between Washington, D.C. and New Haven, Conn., and specially designed diesel-electric locomotives between New Haven, Conn., Boston, Mass.

Amtrak's new Amfleet equipment will replace virtually all daylight equipment in the Eastern corridor by January 1, 1977...Amcafe cars as well Amcoaches.


Family Plan
Group Fares
Bicentennial Fares
"Week of Wheels"
Roamin' Holidays

Tickets and tours available through Amtrak Travel Agents...look in the Yellow Pages (under Railroads)
The following uses RAILsearch.com to search just rail related websites:
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