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Amtrak California Rail Experience


C limb aboard and discover the many exciting features and amenities on Amtrak California's modern California Cars. Operating on the Capitols, San Joaquins and San Deigans, the California Cars are among the finest rail passenger cars ever built in the United States.

You can't miss the wide, panoramic windows. Every seat is positioned for an unobstructed view of California's countryside.

All California Cars are fully air conditioned and offer you a smoother, more comfortable way to go. Your contoured, reclining seat has plenty of leg room plus a folding foot rest. Overhead are reading lights-simply press the button to turn them on and off. In the armrest, you'll find audio outlets for listening to music on our three channel system. Use your own headest or purchase one from the Cafe attendent.

On both the upper and lower levels, many seats are arranged face-to-face with tables in between. These tables are especially popular with families who like to play cards or games, and business travelers who use the tables as a mobile workplace. Business travelers are pleased that many tables come equipped with 110v electrical outlets for use with lab top computers. If you're not in a face-to-face seating arrangement, a pull-down tray is located on the seat in front of you. Sturdy and practical, it's perfect for working or snacking.

Wide aisles allow you to stand up, stretch and move around more easily-even go for a walk! Above the seats are closed storage bins for small carry-on luggage. Larger pieces can be stowed in racks on the upper level opposite the stairways.

On the outside of each car, a lighted display panel identifies your train's number and final destination. Inside the car, at each end, on both levels, you'll find lighted display panels that provide upcoming station, destination and service messages. Trains with California Dining Cars feature automated voice announcements the alert you to the next stop, Amtrak California Shuttle Connections and other important information.

Want to go on a bicycle ride when you reach your destination? It's easy, because you can take your bike with you on the train. There's a convenit 3-bike storage rack in one of the vestibules on the lower level of each California Coach and Cab Car. Place your bike in the rack while you are enroute to your destination. Or, if your train has a baggage car, you can send your bicycle as checked baggage.

The lower level seats 12 passengers and is designed to accommodate travelers with disabilities. Onboard hydraulic wheelchair lifts make it easy to move between train and platform level. There are reserved wheelchair positions available at tables. One of the two restrooms on the lower level has enough floor space for a person in a wheelchair to maneuver easily.

F ew railroad dining cars can match the comfortable, relaxing atmosphere of the California Dining Car. And new and improved menu items, featuring fresh ingredients and regional favorites, add special appeal. You can select from a wide variety of hot entrees, fresh salads, special sandwiches, snacks, fanciful desserts and a full range of beverages including freshly ground coffee. Up to the minute modern food preparation galleys, where your entree is prepared to order, include espresso machines and convection ovens.

There are three distinctive dining areas. The casually elegant Diner, on the upper level, provides banquette seating for 21 passengers. Attractive table lamps, wide aisles and separate tables create a quiet, charming atmosphere.

At-table meal service, complete with china and silverware, is offered on most San Joaquin trains. The dining car attendent will seat you and present the menu-a delightful rotating menu of hot entrees that reflects the chef's choice of what is positively market fresh. For breakfast, you might choose from a Spanish or cheese omelette, French toast or Belgain waffle. At lunch and dinner, the choices might be vegetable lasagna, spicy beef enchilada, savory chicken teriyaki, barbecue meatloaf or rotisserie chicken, complemented by potatoes or rice, a dinner salad and roll. Should you prefer a cold entree, a Caesar salad, garnished with chicken or shrimp, is always on the menu. A specialty dessert, coffee or tea round out the meal. Special drinks and wines are available.

The informal Cafe, also located on the upper level, offers an extensive choice of menu items, snacks and drinks. Comfortable seating for 18 is provided at half-round tables facing panoramic windows, as well as standing room at convenient counters. Passengers can order food at the service counter to eat in the Dining Car or take back to their seats. A Bistro on the lower level offers tables and banquette seating for up to 10 passengers, and may be used in conjunction with either the Diner or the Cafe. The Bistro has a wide center aisles, seating positions for wheelchairs, and a wheelchair accessible restroom for all passengers.

Bon appetit!

All Aboard!


Take a look at our streamlined locomotive. It's built to power the train at speeds up to 110 miles per hour, although maximum speeds are usually 80-to-90 mph. The diesel-electric locomotives are the quietest and the cleanest operating in the U.S. and meet today's tough pollution standards. They have fully compatible for service with California Cars, and share the same color scheme: dark blue, black, and silver mist with poppy yellow striping. Nine locomotives were built for California service. A total of 66 California Cars include 32 Passenger Cars named for rivers of California;14 Cab Cars named for mountains;14 Dining Cars named for valleys;and six Baggage Cars named for bays.

All Aboard!

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