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We use 7.5 United States Geological Survey Maps as our base and then superimpose our points of interest on the map pages. For those of you that have not used USGS 7.5 Maps, 1 mile equals about 2 inches.

[This is 1 mile on our guides]

This is one mile on other guides:

Now which guide would you rather have? Although some guides cover whole sections of theUS, our guides shows one area in super details, such as Cajon Pass, Tehachapi, Los Angeles, LA-San Diego, and a mini map/guide of UPS Afton Canyon, between LA and Las Vegas, NV. All guides are updated when necessary, and rail map updates are posted about every 60 days to let you know of any changes taking place (See rail map updates).

Clear easy to read printing, so when you're in the field, it's easy to follow along in the rail guides locations and direction pages. Maybe you have watched some of the great videos on these locations; We take you beyond, with sights that you will never see in any video, except ours. (See Cajon Pass Video Rail Guide). Our videos are not professional, but will show you a lot of sights not covered in other so called complete videos. You have to know a location like the palm of your hand to locate all the beautiful spots, such as the over looks you can visit in our guides. Photo pages help identify locations, so you can get a photographic look of the area visited. Our guides are 3-hole punched so you can slip them in a folder or loose leaf binder. Map pages fit together, for example if the Tehachapi Map pages are put together diagonally, they will reach approximately 6 feet! These guides are all you need when visiting these locations, supplying motel, camping and any other information you require.

 CAJON PASS: Our first guide: Updated recently with the BNSF merger. Some of the locations shown are Devore, Keenbrook Xovers, Keenbrook, Keenbrook Overlook, Blue Cut, Swarthout Road, Cajon, Sullivans Curve, Mormon Rocks, Alray, Gish, Deep Cut, Top Track Seperation Overlook, Summit Overlook, Summit, Martinez Spur, and more. Directions are listed to all these sights and in some instances camera and photo locations are given, along with other pertinent information to make your visit a delightful trip.
  • Superimposed sites & points of interest on geological survey map!
  • Photo identification pages!
  • Driving instructions to all locations
  • Photo information and time of day instruction
  • Radio frequency & partial roster of locomotives
  • Motel and camping information
  • Your one complete source when visiting these unique rail locations
 Tehachapi Guide: Tehachapi was a difficult guide to produce, since the railroad runs diagonally from northwest to southeast. Updated about 1 year ago, the guide covers points from San Cut, (about 13 miles from Bakersfield), to Mojave on the southern end, where the BSNF and UP, formerly SP divides. Some of the more interesting sights visited are San Cut, Bena, Ilmon, Caliente, Tunnel #1, Tunnel #2, Bealville, Clear Creek Area, where the big earthquake struck in 1952, Cliff, Woodford, The Loop, Marcel, Tunnels #14, 15, 16, 17, Cable, Tehachapi, Summit, Warren and Mojave.
Some history in the area is also given, along with damages in the Great Earthquake of 1952.
 Los Angeles Guide: Divided into 2 sections, the Los Angeles Area and the Harbor area. This has been the most difficult guide to publish since changes are taking place constantly, it's impossible to keep everything up to date. Information on the rail map update brings you up to the present on most items of interest.
The LA area covers the Laupt, Mission Tower, Metrolink, SP's Taylor Roundhouse, The Red Line, Amtrak Roundhouse, BNSF, and Up Yards etc.
The Harbor sections cover UPSP's Delores, The draw bridges to Terminal Island, Metrostevedore, Kaiser, etc.
Also, red, yellow, green codes are used to inform the user of the safety of each area.
 LA-San Diego Surf Line:This guide covers 135 miles and is divided in to 4 sections. For this reason we use USGS 1:100,000 maps, with 7.5 maps used to describe points of interest. Sections include LA, Orange, Surf, and San Diego areas. Extra emphasis is put on the Surf section, giving you a wide selection of motels, points of interest, and a variety of things to see and do in the area. Also, some of the sightseeing tours, and interesting points of interest in San Diego are described. This guide is currently not available.
 Afton Canyon: A mini guide of this beautiful canyon on the UP System halfway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas off of I-15. Visit this area in the Fall, Winter or Spring months. USGS maps of the actual canyon, and directions for the entire area from Yermo to Las Vegas, including Kelso, the Cima Grade and more. A 4 wheel drive vehicle is highly recommended for this trip, although Kelso and Cima can be reached by paved road. This canyon is located inside the Mojave Desert protected area.

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