Railmap update: Fall "2000"


Its been a very dry year for S. Calif. Be extra careful in all areas. Everybody is praying for an early rain season.

Cajon Pass:

UP has added a new Crossover track just above BNSF M.P. 57.2x. This is the first major new track since the Curves at Cajon and Sullivan curve were realigned in 1972.


Also very dry, so be extra careful of fire danger. A new Train store has opened across from the old depot and is called Trains etc. Drop in and check out their merchandise and also pick up a copy of our Tehachapi guide to give a friend for Christmas.


The Roundhouse is now gone at Redondo Jct. Aug. 2 was its last day; The new flyover is really taking shape with the Approach on the Amtrak shop side almost 4%. For more info or 8x10 photos of the construction or the Roundhouse buy our LA guide which is updated to 9-00 with new photos etc. Steel Rails West has new digital copy equipment with unbelievable quality. Aerial shots available now are, the Roundhouse, LAUPT, Taylor shops, Aerial Flyover views as of 8-12-00 showing the complete construction area. The cost is just $8.95 plus $3 shipping.

LA-San Diego Area guide, is no longer available due to poor sales.

Additional items for sale: The Amtrak Starlight tee is now available in black. They're just $11.50 each in adult sizes.

Rolling Dreams, Portraits of the Northwest, a book by D.C. Jesse Burkhardt. A collection of a lot of neat pre merger shots of the Pacific Northwest. 85 Pages soft cover with a lot of color photos just $24 ea. unsigned or $29 signed plus $3 S&H.

1 G-scale Rio Grande Aristocraft FA a unit $150. One Aristocraft Piggyback with 2 trailers, art-46501 REA. just $45. Remember that actual postage will be added for shipment. Contact me by e-mail at samssw@gte.net