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Quality Wooden Whistle: Keep the kids entertained with these ALL wooden railroad whistles; 4 tone pine, just $3.95 with another purchase.

Two Tone Pine Whistle: A quality two tone pine whistle just $2.95 with another purchase.

One Tone Key Chain Cedar Whistle: Smell that good aroma of Cedar and a key chain too! just $2.49 with another purchase.

One Tone Cedar Whistle: Slightly longer than above whistle with the sweet smell of Cedar. just $2 with another purchase.

Bag of 4 above TOOTS! What a deal; All four Whistles for just $9.95

Call for quantities on Whistles, Tee Shirts, Hats, Jackets,

Sweat Shirts, etc. retail and resale.

Red Engineers Bandana: Just the article to go with our engineers hats in the cap page. Just $2.50 each with other products ordered. Order BA1.

Books of Interest

"Tehachapi" by Smollinger: Want more information on the history and life in days past of this interesting region. Highly recommended, just $42. Order BT1.

"Cajon Pictorial Album" by Chard Walker: A follow-up to his book "Cajon, Rail Passage to the Pacific". All kinds of interesting information on this historic pass, that our map and guide doesn't cover, plus loads of photographs of the past. Just $52. Order BC1.

Other Videos

"Tehachapi", by Pentrex: More in detail action of this great region presented by one of the great video producers. Just $27 each. Order VT1.

"Surf Line Cab Ride" by Video Rails: Ride A P-32 GE along the Surf Line and experience first hand how the engineer feels behind the controls of a San Diegan. Just $19. Order SLR1.

"Cajon Pass Cab Ride" by Video Rails: Ride in the cab, as we pass Blue Cut, Sullivans Curve, etc. on the Cajon Pass. Just $19. Order CR1.


California Railfan Timetable #9: The newest edition of this greatly improved timetable by Altamont Press. With new and improved maps of metropolitan areas, etc. this book is a must for anybody railfanning in California. Just $14. Order CRT8.

SP Western Region Timetable #2: Before any of the mergers started, this timetable covers all of the Western United States, dated Sunday October 25, 1987. A special offer for those of you who order other products. Just $3 each with other products. Order #SPT1.

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