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Winter Wonderland on the Coast Starlight - DESCRIPTION" "These are photographs of the first segment of the
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Winter Wonderland on the Coast Starlight

January 1997

These are photographs of the first segment of the 1997 Winter Wonderland Rail Adventure aboard the Amtrak Coast Starlight. In my quest to complete most major Amtrak routes west of Chicago by the end of 1996, I had made plans to bring my family along on the Winter Wonderland trip. After reaching and being stranded in Seattle, Washington by Amtrak, that family trip came to an early end. Everyone was back at school and work and I ended up taking this trip alone to stick to my plan to complete all of Amtrak's routes over 24 months. The journey was enjoyable, but not as much fun as going with the whole family.

Click here for a complete travelogue of this journey.
Click here for a slide show of this journey.

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