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Amtrak Coast Starlight Photographs - DESCRIPTION" "Photographs of my train travel on the Amtrak
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Amtrak Coast Starlight Photographs

Film Roll #3

Photographs of my train travel on the Amtrak Coast Starlight between Los Angeles, California and Seattle, Washington including photos of the scenery, the accommodations, and the train itself.

Click on a thumbnail image below to display the full size photograph.

  • 01-04: Steaming cold desert in the restaurant at the top of the Seattle Space Needle
  • 05-08: Amusement park at the base of the Seattle Space Needle

  • 09-12: My daughter Sherica with her winnings from the grab machine
  • 13-13: Jodina and Stephanie in a sandwich shop at the amusement park
  • 14-16: Seattle Waterfront Streetcar and Occidental Park Station

  • 17-18: The kids following the wolf tracks through Jack London Square in Oakland, California. These tracks take you on a tour of Jack London Square and to some of the hang-outs of Jack London when he lived here. The wolf tracks terminate at the Jack London Museum and bookstore.
  • 19-20: North end of Jack London Square shows the Waterfront Plaza Hotel on the right.
  • 21-21: Jack London lived in this log house while searching for gold in the Yukon. The logs that made up the original log house were divided. Half were shipped to Jack London Square and half remained in Canada. The full log house was reconstructed in both locations using logs from trees growing near the original trees to make the log house. Thus, originals of Jack London's log house are in both Canada and in Jack London Square!
  • 22-22: Jack London Square Amtrak Station in Oakland, California
  • 23-23: Amtrak California Cars arriving into Jack London Square
  • 24-24: Amtrak train coming right down the middle of the street in Jack London Square mingling with the traffic!

  • 25-29: A "robot" at Pier 39 in San Francisco. This person would stand absolute still for several minutes at a time. When money was placed in his jar, he would move like a robot to the beat of the music and then pause again for many minutes. After a while, more "robots" appeared around the area. These people would stand so still for so long that you'd swear they were manakins!
  • 30-31: A Blue & Gold Ferry coming into Pier 39. I'm amazed how fast these boats maneuver about the pier without hitting anything!
  • 32-32: The kids at a model of the San Francisco Bay Area at Pier 39.

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