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Amtrak Coast Starlight Photographs - DESCRIPTION" "Photographs of my train travel on the Amtrak
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Amtrak Coast Starlight Photographs

The Journey North - Film Roll #1

Photographs of my train travel on the Amtrak Coast Starlight between Los Angeles, California and Seattle, Washington including photos of the scenery, the accommodations, and the train itself.

Click on a thumbnail image below to display the full size photograph.

  • 01-01: Stephanie, a friend of my children.
  • 02-02: Jodina, my older daughter, playing Monopoly in the "extra" Dining Car. The usual Pacific Parlor Car was replaced on this train by an "extra" Dining Car temporarily. I'm really divided about whether I like the Parlor Car better or an extra Dining Car better. The Dining Car can accommodate a lot more people than the Pacific Parlor Car and I saw a lot more people using it than I've ever seen in the Pacific Parlor Car. I think it would be a great move on Amtrak's part to add an "extra" Dining Car to every train, but not for dining. This car would just be an alternate lounge car with drinks and snacks, like the Pacific Parlor Car.
  • 03-03: Sherica, my younger daughter.
  • 04-04: The causeway that leads to a rocky island near Mussel Shoals just south of Santa Barbara. Oil production began here in 1964.
  • 05-05: Off shore oil drilling platforms just south of Santa Barbara.
  • 06-07: We got a chance to stretch our legs in Santa Barbara.

  • 08-13: The largest Moreton Bay Fig tree in America, native to Australia, was planted here in 1877 and today its branches spread 160 feet! The Coast Starlight usually stops in Santa Barbara long enough for you to walk over to this tree for a closer look and some photos.
  • 14-14: Back to the "extra" Dining Car and time for a game of Trivial Pursuit!

  • 15-17: Vandenburg Air Force Base Strategic Air Command's Western Missile Test Range north of Santa Barbara
  • 18-18: Horseshoe Curve with another Coast Starlight going the other way and the California Men's Colony, a state penitentiary, in the background.
  • 19-21: Salinas, California, the closest Amtrak stop to Monterey.
  • 22-22: Hills outside of Salinas, California.

  • 23-24: Amtrak Station in San Jose, California with Amtrak Capitol train on the right. The Amtrak Capitol trains consist of the new bi-level Amtrak California Cars.
  • 25-25: Amtrak Coast Starlight in the night.
  • 26-26: Amtrak California Cars on the Capitol route in the dusk.
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