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Amtrak Empire Builder Photographs - DESCRIPTION" "Photographs of my train travel on the Amtrak
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Amtrak Empire Builder Photographs

The Journey East - Film Roll #3

Photographs of my train travel on the Amtrak Empire Builder between Portland, Oregon and Chicago, Illinois including photos of the scenery, the accommodations, and the train itself.

Click on a thumbnail image below to display the full size photograph.

  • 01-02: Empire Builder in Havre, Montana.
  • 03-03: Sign explaining how Havre is believed to have been named.
  • 04-04: Town of Havre, Montana.
  • 05-05: Hills east of Malta, Montana.
  • 06-06: Glasgow, Montana
  • 07-08: Minot, North Dakota

  • 09-11: St. Cloud, Minnesota
  • 12-12: Granite Wall at Reformatory (to the left of tower)
  • 13-14: Minneapolis-St. Paul
  • 15-16: Amtrak Station at Minneapolis-St. Paul

  • 17-17: Amtrak Station at Minneapolis-St. Paul
  • 18-18: Bridge over Mississippi River
  • 19-19: Mississippi River frozen over
  • 20-21: Dam on Mississippi River
  • 22-22: Bridge over the Mississippi River
  • 23-23: Red Wing Amtrak Station
  • 24-24: St. James Hotel

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