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Something You Need To Do Today To Save Amtrak - Train travel, model railroading, railfan and railroad industry information including Amtrak train travelogues, railroad photographs, model train building tips and more.
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Something You Need To Do Today,
Tuesday, May 20, 1997,
To Save Amtrak

Today may be one of those very critical turning points in the history of Amtrak and may determine whether there will be an Amtrak beyond 1998. PLEASE call your Senator today at 212-224-3121 in support of Amtrak. Tell your Senator to vote against any amendment that modifies the language of the budget resolution. Read below for further details. Thank you!

Date: Tue, 20 May 1997 09:23:26 -0500
From: narp@worldweb.net (NARP)
Subject: Senate Floor Action

Senator Christopher Bond (R-MO) has emerged as the Senate's leading Amtrak
foe and most likely author of an anti-Amtrak amendment when the Senate
considers the budget resolution its Budget Committee approved yesterday

The Senate plans to begin considering the budget resolution at 2:15 pm
(Eastern Time) today, continuing through Wednesday and maybe Thursday.
Normally, amendments all are voted on at the end of the 60 hours, in this
case, late Wednesday or Thursday.  We will tell you if we learn anything

In any event, please urge your senator (202/224-3121) to vote and work
against any amendment that modifies or strikes the Amtrak language in the
budget resolution that the Senate Budget Committee approved.

To confuse things, today's Washington Post has a two-page "transportation
infrastructure Issue Forum" advertising supplement with articles by DOT
Secretary Slater, Sen. Bond ("Highways, Yes; Amtrak, No"), Sen. Roth (R-DE)
("Amtrak, Yes"), and others.

Bond attacks Clinton's moribund plan to fund Amtrak 100% out of the Highway
Trust Fund.  However, the ad's appearance just as the budget resolution
reaches the Senate floor may lead some senators to think Bond's arguments
are reasons to vote FOR Bond's amendment.  In fact, they are
irrelevant--the Budget Resolution does not contemplate ANY use of Highway
Trust Fund money for Amtrak.

--Ross B. Capon
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