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3/15/97 2:18AM S.436 & NEXTEA - Train travel, model railroading, railfan and railroad industry information including Amtrak train travelogues, railroad photographs, model train building tips and more.
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3/15/97 2:18AM S.436 & NEXTEA

From:	utu1462@aol.com
Date:	3/15/97  2:18:12AM
Subject:	S.436 & NEXTEA

National Association of Railroad Passengers
News Release 97-02,  March 14, 1997


The National Association of Railroad Passengers issued the following
statement at the end of a busy week that saw: introduction of the
Roth-Moynihan bill to earmark one half cent of the federal gasoline tax for
intercity passenger rail; unveiling of the Clinton Administration's NEXTEA
bill with key passenger rail provisions; and three Congressional hearings on
Amtrak's future:

       "We are grateful to Senators Bill Roth (R-DE) and Daniel Patrick
Moynihan (D-NY) for their leadership in introducing S. 436, the Intercity
Passenger Rail Trust Fund Act of 1997, which aims to ensure that Amtrak has a
secure source of funding for capital improvements for five years.  One per
cent of the bill's funds are earmarked for states without Amtrak service.
 The bill would provide about $750 million a year, funded by one half-cent of
the 4.3 cents of federal gasoline tax now devoted to deficit reduction.
        "In addition, we appreciate these positive rail passenger elements in
the Clinton Administration's NEXTEA bill [NEXTEA = National Economic
Crossroads Transportation and Efficiency Act]:
(1) Dedicated 'contract authority' funding for Amtrak;
(2) The addition of intercity passenger rail to the list of  
     eligible uses for flexible transportation dollars (approved by  
     the Senate in 1991 and 1995); and
(3) Including intercity passenger rail as an eligible purpose of  
    the proposed, nationwide expansion of the experimental 10-
    state State Infrastructure Bank program.
        "However, we are concerned that the Administration's plan would
provide less intercity rail passenger capital funding than S. 436. The
Administration proposes $2.5 billion in assured capital over six years--a
rate less than what Amtrak got this year.  The Administration also proposes
an additional $874 million (total) during fiscal years 1999-2003, conditioned
on certification that Amtrak is reaching the targets set in its business
plan.  However, Amtrak cannot reach those targets unless the federal
government provides the operating and capital funding 
Page 2

assumed in Amtrak's plan and outlined in the Congressional Budget Resolution
passed in 1995.  We encourage the Administration to revise its proposed
funding levels to coincide with those assumed in Amtrak's plan.
  "[Over the first five years, the Administration proposes $2.1 billion in
assured and $709 million in conditional capital.  S. 436 provides about $3.8
billion over five years.  If extended to a sixth year, S. 436 would provide
$4.6 billion.]
 "Testimony of the American Trucking Associations yesterday before
the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee indicated support for the
time-limited half-cent concept.  On March 12, House Transportation and
Infrastructure Chairman Bud Shuster (R-PA) said that he would support the
half-cent--conditioned on enactment of Amtrak legislative reforms and on
movement of the entire 4.3 cents into the Highway Trust Fund. "We believe the
American people want a balanced transportation system, and do not want all of
their gasoline taxes devoted to highways. If gas tax revenues can only be
spent on highways, we'll just have more highways.  As Senate Environment and
Public Works Chairman John Chafee (R-RI) said in his February 26 statement,
'Gasoline taxes and other contributions should not drive national policy.
 Rather, our national transportation program should focus also on needs, as
do almost all other federal programs.'  Yesterday, Chafee said he supported
the Roth-Moynihan bill.
        "In May, 1995, the National Association of Railroad Passengers
commissioned questions for inclusion in one of the weekly nationwide
telephone polls conducted by Bruskin Goldring Research.  This poll   63%
support both for earmarking a full penny of the gasoline tax for intercity
passenger rail and for giving states the right to spend their flexible
federal transportation dollars on intercity passenger rail."  [Co-sponsors of
S. 436 thus far include: Biden (D-DE), DeWine (R-OH), Jeffords (R-VT), Kerry
(D-MA), Lautenberg (D-NJ), Leahy (D-VT), Lieberman (D-CT), Specter (R-PA) and
Wyden (D-OR).]

Dave Bowe
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