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Silver Service

Safety of our customers is our first concern

The following information is provided to you by the Amtrak Atlantic Coast Employee Safety Improvement Teams. For your traveling safety and comfort always:
  • locate emergency exits & familiarize yourself with our Passenger Safety Instruction Card located in the magazine pouch behind every coach seat, and in each compartment.
  • board and depart the train at doors where a train crew member is located. We are here to assist you.
  • keep small children in hand when walking through the train and never leave children unattended.
  • wear shoes when walking about the train.
  • keep one hand free and use seat backs and handrails for support when walking about the train.
  • use a lid when carrying hot tea or coffee.
  • avoid standing in the vestibule while the train is in motion.
  • use caution when entering & exciting restrooms.
  • keep carry-on luggage out of the aisles and vestibules.
  • keep your valuables with you at all times.
Thank You for selecting Amtrak Silver Service for your traveling needs. We will always strive to ensure your safety and comfort while on board our trains.

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