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401 "I" Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
From the east: US50 west to I-50 north to
"J" St. exit. East on "J" St. two blocks to 5th St. Left on 5th
to station.
From the northeast: I-80 west to I-5 south to "J" St.
two blocks to 5th St. Left on 5th one block to station.
From the south: Hwy 99 north to Business I-80 west,
to I-50 north to "J" St. exit. East on "J" St. two blocks
to 5th St. Left on 5th one block to station.
LOCAL TRANSPORTATION Regional Transit (916) 321- 2877
Light rail station at 7th & K Sts. (4 blocks)
STAFFED STATIONS 5:00 am to midnight daily.
PARKING (PAID) $3.00/day with Amtrak ticket
Newsstand and Snack Bar
Computerized Information Kiosk
Taxi Yellow Cab (916) 444-2222
Courtesy Cab (916) 448-8237
Camellia City Cab (916) 381-6868
Hotels Holiday Inn (6 blocks walk) (916) 446-0100 No station
pick up
Hyatt Regency (8 blocks) 916-443-1234 No station
pick up
Vagabond Motel (1 block) (916) 446-1481
Clarion Inn (11 blocks) (916) 444-8000
La Quinta (1 mile) (1 mile) (916) 448-8100
Car Rentals Enterprise (1 mile) (916) 444-7600
Avis (12 blocks) (916) 444-2311
Budget (8 blocks) (916) 973-8411
Hertz (12 blocks) (916) 444-2414
TOURIST ATTRACTIONS: State Railroad Museum (2
blocks) (916) 448-4466
Old Town (3 blocks) Redeveloped area with shops and
Town Ford Automobile Museum (916) 442-6802
California State Capitol (9 blocks) (916) 324-0333
Crocker Art Museum (6 blocks) Oldest art Museum in
the West (916) 264-5423
Sacramento Visitors Bureau (916) 264-7777

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