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From the Cab
Stories from a locomotive engineer
by, doug riddell
Follow the career of Doug Riddell in From the Cab: Stories from A Locomotive Engineer, which celebrates his journeys both on the road and through out his personal life.
A 10-year veteran of broadcasting, Doug hung up his microphone to pursue a passion that began with his grandfathers's early years on Chesapeake & Ohio as conductor of the George Washington. The chronicles of Doug's own railroad career span from his first day on Seaboard Coast Line to his current position as an Amtrak engineer.
More than 25 years in railroading has provided Doug ample material to entertain and inform anyone interested in day-to-day life on America's railroads, including recollections of a crankcase explosion, the colorful consist of the original Auto Train, the bitter hardship of being furloughed, and the irresistible return to service. Doug provides insight into the dynamic, ever changing railroad industry, including the conflicts, as well as the basic solidarity, between labor and management. This evocative collection of stories also reveals firsthand and strains on a railroader's family, and the resulting support the courses between Doug and his family.
Always Doug's journeys lead him to essentials every reader can identify with: family and one true passion.


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