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There Are
A Million Reasons
To Use A Railfone.
All You Need Is One.
Calling Your Credit Cards.
With Amtrak, all you need is a credit card to stay in touch without stopping. We also accept most regional Bell and independent telephone company calling cards. Any charges simply appear on your monthly billing statement.
AT&T / American Express
Carte Blanche / Dinner's Club
Discover Card / Master Card
If your call is interrupted for any reason, wait for the green light; run your credit card through the slot; dial "0" and a Railfone Customer Care Representative will credit your call and set-up charge. With Amtrak on-board Railfone Service, there's no excuse for not calling. Just look for the nearest public phone sign on select trains in the Northeast Corridor, the Chicago Hub and the California Corridor. And stay in touch even going 90 m.p.h.
Railfone puts clear, uninterrupted telephone service at your fingertips. It's fast. It's convenient. It's private. And most of all, it's easy. You'll find a Fone Facts poster simple instructions next to every phone unit.
We've Got Your Number.
Talking a mile a minute doesn't have to be expensive. Not when you can call anywhere in the world at the affordable rates.
Step Into The Booth
And Follow These Steps.
  • Lift receiver
  • Insert credit card
  • Swipe downward with magnetic tape on right
  • Wait for dial tone
  • Dial your number
  • Talk all you want
Your Satisfaction Is On Line.
Every Railfone call is backed by the Amtrak service guarantee. If at any time you are dissatisfied with your call, we'll be on hand to give you a hand. Just dial either of the following numbers for assistance, and we'll be happy to credit your call.
  • On board: dial "0" for a Railfone Customer Care Representative
  • At destination: dial Amtrak at 1-800-TEL-RAIL (1-800-835-7245)
Call Aboard!
Railfone booths were designed with your needs in mind. Each one is equipped with a convenient compact work surface, an individual seat and absolute privacy. After all, our business is to make yours easier. So head for the nearest public phone sign and keep your contacts going no matter where you're going.
Railfone. It really helps people talking.
For more information,
dial toll-free 1-800-TEL-RAIL
or write us at:
GTE Railfone Customer Care Center
2809 Butterfield Road
Oakbrook, IL 60522-9000

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